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Comprehensive Bowmaster and Marksman Gui

This guide is now up to date for...


Welcome to the most up to date and comprehensive BM and MM guide. This guide will include everything from SP builds, skill tips, most effective upgrades, and anything else that I think you should know (open to suggestions). If you see anything that needs corrected or have suggestions to add, I highly encourage you to post in the comments or PM me.

Please note that the vast majority of the information is intended for post-hyper skills update. Several new features, besides the hyper skills themselves, have been added including level 2 link skills and a very strong upgrade to Ultimate Inferno.

Archived Change Log

3/26 The guide has been stickied! Thank you to everyone who helped make this guide a great resource for all our fellow BM/MMs!
Yes I am aware that skill tags are broken. This is a basil issue and not something that I can fix.
Now that this is an official guide, there will be lots of formatting changes as I get to explore the new formatting features. You can expect a number of inserted images along with more subtle changes that should make everything easier to read.
I created a new section for Damage Calculator stuff.
Some minor spelling/grammatical errors were corrected.
3/12 Included link to Beta version of range/damage calculator.
I collapsed the skill build section to hopefully fit everything within Basil's space requirements.
3/11 Created a section of inspirational and generally cool archer videos. Please add comments with suggested videos for this section!
This update was a huge series of edits, too many to list individually. Notably, the character card section was rewritten for greater clarity. Several mentions were made for Kanna's Kishin Shoukan as it's spawn boost affects 3rd job prioritization of AR/AE and Pierce - Extra Target. Some mathematical notes were moved into [quotes].
3/8 Fixed a typo in Misconceptions: Hurricane, where Hurricane damage was incorrectly calculated using 250% instead of 260%.
3/6 Added a section with links to other useful/popular archer threads.
2/26 Added a section for boss video guides. Please note that the Root Abyss video still needs editing.
Silly typos in 1st job build...
2/21 AB is now correctly defined as Arrow Blow.
Fixed a copy+paste error in Crossbowman SP explanation where I called Frostprey Phoenix.
Changed title for 100% stance section to better reflect the ability of MMs to get 100% stance as well.
2/18 Added a second 3rd job build for Sniper's that is better optimized for non-NLC training where Dragon's Breath should be prioritized first over Arrow Eruption.
Added Kanna and Hayato to Link Skills and Character Card sections, though I will clean it up later for clarity.
Adjusted the Haunted House Sniper build for using DB at Aliens etc.
2/6 Clarified some language as suggested by bluebomber24
1/30 SE first has been added to Misconceptions section. Math will follow at a later date.
Added SH levels to Training Guide. The exact level requirements may not be correct due to my inability to verify it online...
Fixed BM and MM builds since we now receive 4 sp at 4th job advancement instead of 3.
Correct AoE brain fart in Abbreviations.
1/25 Finally figured out how to cheat the Table of Contents into creating links! Rejoice!
A preliminary skill build for 2nd through 4th job.
Hyper skill descriptions and build.
Modifications to existing sections to include MM specific details.
Mini guide to hp boost potions.
Typo in Ranger SP build
Swapped horizontal and vertical descriptors for Inferno/AR
1/14 Finally got around to correcting the MB maxing at 10 error.
Also mentioned that Hurricane-Range does not extend the attack range for AFA making it rather undesirable.
I also found out I can use header tags here so the formatting should be significantly improved.
1/13 I know it's been a while since I've updated, but I have classes at a university, a wonderful girlfriend, and intramural bowling which all take priority over you now.
I made/edited a nice little image showing SP acquisition for Hyper skills.
I have begun the theoretical equips section with some rough numbers. Unfortunately, I'm really not satisfied with the results since the comparison between 6%dex shoes/top/bot are so close compared to a clean Empress overall and shoes. The results largely depend on your base dex (level). I'm strongly inclined to create a customizable excel sheet to yield more accurate results and allow readers to run the numbers themselves. Once again this guide is getting more complex than I had originally envisioned...
1/1 Happy New Year everyone!
I have begun the section on improving/maximizing HP feel free to comment with advice from your personal experiences. I added a section to Misconceptions about when UI beats Hurricane. Training guide has a received a minor update courtesy of ryuushinou. A minor fix to post hyper skill builds corrected a typo.
12/29 Made some minor corrections to 3rd job SP build courtesy of ryuushinou catching my typos. Added a section for misconceptions including AFA with split hurricane and critical hits (multiplicative). A training guide is now present which I blatantly stole then "updated" by adding Aliens. I will eventually include information on Showa bosses there as well as actual training advice. A few more abbreviations were defined. A space has been reserved for maximizing HP.
12/28 I made some clarifications to 100% stance. Partial sections for abbreviations and Quick Slot customization have been added. I will continue updating the abbreviations list as I think of them or add to the guide. When I return from vacation I will include screenshots on how to change the default quick slots displayed. Bully title was added as a possibility for %crit in 100% crit section. The post-hyper skill build for 4th job has been filled out. Hyper SP allocations will follow in the next update alongside traditional SP build.
12/26 Completely redid the 3rd job build to max MB and do so early. Added the section on 100% stance. Revamped several descriptions in the character card segment. Rewrote the purpose/foreword to the guide to reflect a more up to date statement of intent.
12/24 I can't believe I'm doing a Christmas Eve update. Merry Christmas my fellow Bow Masters!
Fixed AR requirement for 5 MB. Added an abbreviated post-hyper build reflecting the changes to UI (will be expanded and explained better). Blatantly copied+pasted 100% pdr and 100% crit stuff from comments (you will be credited later) and an explanation will be written.
12/22 Completed link skill section and added overview of character cards
12/21 Second draft. This mostly consists of a few tweeks to the skill build order and minor corrections.
A section on Link Skills has been added. Note that information on level 2 link stats may be inaccurate. I'm still searching for an accurate (and detailed) source.
Next up to be added is suggestions on characters cards.
12/17 This is the first draft of the BM skill section only.

Table of Contents

[s=]AP Allocation[/s]
[s=]SP Builds[/s]
  • [s=]Archer[/s]
  • [s=]Hunter[/s]
  • [s=]Ranger[/s]
  • [s=]Bowmaster[/s]
  • [s=]Crossbow Man[/s]
  • [s=]Sniper[/s]
  • [s=]Marksman[/s]
[s=]Hyper Skills[/s]
  • [s=]Passive Hypers[/s]
  • [s=]BM Hypers[/s]
* [s=]Passive[/s]
* [s=]Actives[/s]
  • [s=]MM Hypers[/s]
* [s=]Passive[/s]
* [s=]Actives[/s]
[s=]Link Skills[/s]
[s=]Character Cards[/s]
[s=]Inner Ability[/s]
[s=]Training Guide[/s]
[s=]Bossing Guide[/s]
[s=]Item Recommendations and Theoretical Stuff[/s]
  • [s=]100% Critical Rate[/s]
  • [s=]100% Stance[/s]
  • [s=]How to maximize your HP[/s]
  • [s=]Equips[/s]
  • [s=]Damage Calculators[/s]
[s=]Quick Slots Customized[/s]
[s=]Common Misconceptions[/s]
[s=]Other Cool Archer Related Threads[/s]
[s=]Credits and Acknowledgments[/s]
[s=]End of Guide[/s]

AP Allocation:

Since the Justice Update, Nexon has removed all* secondary stat requirements on equipment. This means that AP has become incredibly simple. Just put everything in DEX.

After you reach 999 base DEx, there's a decision to make. The remaining 16 AP can be put into either HP or STR. Realistically, either choice is fairly inconsequential. 1 AP in HP = 16hp or 1 STR provides a minor range boost.

Keep in mind that any AP put in HP cannot be reset using AP reset scrolls from events. The points must be reset individually (each point!) with AP resets purchased from the Cash Shop.

  • Excepting the [url=]Crimson Arclancer[/url] and other GMS exclusives

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SP Builds:

Archer (1st Job):

[skill=Archer=Archery-Mastery] Archery Mastery
[skill=Archer=Arrow-Blow] Arrow Blow
[skill=Archer=Critical-Shot] Critical Shot
[skill=Archer=Double-Shot] Double Shot

10 - Arrow Blow (1), Archery Mastery (3)
11~14 Archery Mastery(15 Max)
15~19 - Arrow Blow (15 Max), Critical Shot (1)
20~26 - Critical Shot (20 Max), Double Shot (2)
27~30 - Double Shot (14)

All maxed except DS
Explanation: The single biggest component to leveling quickly through first job is movement speed. You will be one shotting all the monsters your level anyway, so just get there faster with Archer Mastery for movement speed. Next come damage skills. Note that Double Shot, as of Ascension patch, is vastly inferior to Arrow Blow so don't use it.

Hunter (2nd Job):

[skill=Hunter=Arrow-Bomb] Arrow Bomb
[skill=Hunter=Bow-Booster] Bow Booster
[skill=Hunter=Bow-Mastery] Bow Mastery
[skill=Hunter=Double-Jump] Double Jump
[skill=Hunter=Final-Attack] Final Attack
[skill=Hunter=Physical-Training] Physical Training
[skill=Hunter=Silver-Hawk] Silver Hawk
[skill=Hunter=Soul-Arrow] Soul Arrow

30 - Arrow Bomb (1), Double Jump (3)
31 - Double Jump (5 Max), Bow Mastery (1)
32 - Bow Mastery (4)
33 - Bow Mastery (5), Booster (2)
34 - Booster (5)
35 - Booster (6), Bow Mastery (7)
36 - Bow Mastery (10 Max)
37 - Physical Training (3)
38 - Physical Training (5 Max), Arrow Bomb (2)
39~44 - Arrow Bomb (20 Max)
45~51 - Final Attack (20 Max), Soul Arrow (1)
52 - Soul Arrow (4)
53 - Booster (9)
54 - Booster (10 Max), Soul Arrow (6)
55 - Soul Arrow (9)
56 - Soul Arrow (10 Max), Silver Hawk (2)
57~60 - Silver Hawk (14)

Explanation: 1 Arrow bomb because it instantly replaces Arrow Blow then immediately max Double Jump for improved mobility. Then enough mastery to get 6 booster for faster attack and a decent length buff. I then simply suggest the most effective damage boosters starting with Bow Mastery, then Physical Training, etc. Feel free to mix and match Soul Arrow and Booster to try and match the timers, I simply never bothered since it's so fast to level. You may also decide to get Soul Arrow much sooner if you don't like having to carry around arrows.

Just make sure to max everything except Silver Hawk since it's instantly replaced by Phoenix.

Ranger (3rd Job):

[skill=Ranger=Arrow-Rain] Arrow Rain
[skill=Ranger=Concentrate] Concentrate
[skill=Ranger=Drain-Arrow] Drain Arrow
[skill=Ranger=Evasion-Boost] Evasion Boost
[skill=Ranger=Mortal-Blow] Mortal Blow
[skill=Ranger=Phoenix] Phoenix
[skill=Ranger=Puppet] Puppet
[skill=Ranger=Roasting-Shot] Inferno
As a form of civil disobedience, I will be referring to this skill as Inferno. BM's are not fry cooks!
[skill=Ranger=Strafe] Strafe

60 - Inferno (3), Drain Arrow (1)
61~65 - Inferno (18)
66 - Inferno (20 Max), Mortal Blow (1)
67~69 - Mortal Blow (10 Max)
70~76 - Concentrate (20 Max), Evasion Boost (1)
77~79 - Evasion Boost (10 Max)
80~86 - Arrow Rain (20 Max), Phoenix (1)
87~89 - Phoenix (10 Max)
90~92 - Drain Arrow (10 Max)
93~96 - Puppet (10 Max), Strafe (2)
97~100 - Strafe (14)

Explanation1 Drain Arrow is suggested for convenience even though it won't really heal much. It does save the occasional pot making it handy.

You have now reached your first real decision. Either choose Arrow Rain or Inferno. The main choice here is if you want more horizontal (Inferno) or vertical (Arrow Rain) range. Which you want mostly depends on where you are training. For chimney maps in NLC, AR is more useful due to hitting multiple platforms. Note that AR requires MB (5) as a prerequisite. If you train basically anywhere else without platforms, go with Inferno.

Inferno hit box

Arrow Rain hit box

Special note: If you use a Kanna's [skill=Kanna-3=Kishin-Shoukan] to boost spawn count, the extra mob count with AR becomes much more effective as a damage boost even in non-platform maps.

Concentrate for attack then Evasion Boost for avoid and critical hits. Phoenix next for nice mobbing. Note that after hyper skills Phoenix attacks 2x faster and could probably be moved up the order as it will do considerably more (2x more) damage.

Finish Drain Arrow so you don't need HP pots and same for Puppet.

Max everything except Strafe because it will be immediately replaced by Hurricane (1).

Bowmaster (4th Job):

[skill=Bow-Master=Advanced-Final-Attack] Advanced Final Attack
[skill=Bow-Master=Broiler-Shot] Ultimate Inferno
Note that Ultimate Inferno changes to 170+5*level with 4 hits after hyper skill update. This makes it FAR superior to current stats.
[skill=Bow-Master=Elite-Puppet] Elite Puppet
[skill=Bow-Master=Hurricane] Hurricane
[skill=Marksman=Illusion-Step] Illusion Step
[skill=Bow-Master=Marksmanship] Marksmanship
[skill=Bow-Master=Sharp-Eyes] Sharp Eyes
[skill=Bow-Master=Bow-Expert] Bow Expert
[skill=Bow-Master=Spirit-Link-Phoenix] Spirit Link Phoenix
[skill=Bow-Master=Maple-Warrior] Maple Warrior
[skill=Bow-Master=Hero's-Will] Hero's Will

100 - Hurricane (1), Advanced Final Attack (1), Bow Expert (1), Spirit Link (1)
101 - Ultimate Inferno (1), Elite Puppet (1), Bow Expert(2)
102~109 - Bow Expert (26)
110 - Marksmanship (1), Bow Expert (28)
111 - Bow Expert (30 Max), Ultimate Inferno (2)
112~114 - Ultimate Inferno (10 Max), Sharp Eyes (1)
115~123 - Sharp Eyes (28)
124 - Sharp Eyes (30 Max), Advanced Final Attack (2)
125~134 - Advanced Final Attack (30 Max), Spirit Link (3)
135~143 - Spirit Link (30 Max)
144~153 - Hurricane (30 Max), Marksmanship (2)
154~156 - Marksmanship (10 Max), Illusion Step (1)
157~166 - Illusion Step (30 Max), Elite Puppet (2)
167~171 - Elite Puppet (15 Max), Maple Warrior (2)
172~181 - Maple Warrior (30 Max), Hero's Will (2)
182 - Hero's Will (5 Max)
183+ funzies

Lvl100 and 101 consist of the one point wonders (minus MMS). 1 pt Hurricane because it immediately replaces Strafe and is just plain fun to use. 1pt AFA and BE for substantial damage increase. 1pt SL for 10% hp. Finally 1 sp UI now adds 180% damage on hit plus 4% DoT (one tick) compared to Inferno making it one hell of a one point wonder. (This does not include Reinforce.)

Each subsequent point translates to ~2.8% x mob count damage output.
By my estimates,
BE -> ~4% damage for 1sp then ~2.3% for each additional sp (assuming approximately 100att)
SL -> 1% damage per sp
SE -> as high as 1.7% depending on %crit
MMS -> .5% on 25% def mobs

Assuming a 5% crit ring and Phantom link brings the base crit to 65% (71% with lvl1 SE) and SE damage/sp jumps beating SL handily even without considering the boost to party damage.

See 'SE first' under [s=]Common Misconceptions[/s] for more information about it's placement in the build.

MW is last primarily because of the expense of MW20/30 books. This funding is better directed to equipment in most scenarios. Novans and Sengoku heroes have much cheaper NW/MW books and should take care of this for you in party situations.

Build 2: I want to boss ASAP!
Basically do the same thing as the above build, except leave Ultimate Inferno until last and move Hero's Will up to 1 point whenever you start doing HT or CZAK. You may also wish to move Elite Puppet up the order for the %damage reduction. As long as E Puppet is summoned, you will survive 1/1 with a % of your hp remaining which can quite literally make the difference between life and death.

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Crossbow Man (2nd Job):

[skill=Crossbow-Man=Crossbow-Booster] Crossbow Booster
[skill=Crossbow-Man=Crossbow-Mastery] Crossbow Mastery
[skill=Crossbow-Man=Double-Jump] Double Jump
[skill=Crossbow-Man=Final-Attack] Final Attack
[skill=Crossbow-Man=Golden-Eagle] Golden Eagle
[skill=Crossbow-Man=Iron-Arrow] Iron Arrow
[skill=Crossbow-Man=Physical-Training] Physical Training
[skill=Crossbow-Man=Soul-Arrow] Soul Arrow

30 - Iron Arrow (1), Double Jump (3)
31 - Double Jump (5 Max), Crossbow Mastery (1)
32 - Crossbow Mastery (4)
33 - Crossbow Mastery (5), Booster (2)
34 - Booster (5)
35 - Booster (6), Crossbow Mastery (7)
36 - Crossbow Mastery (10 Max)
37 - Physical Training (3)
38 - Physical Training (5 Max), Iron Arrow (2)
39~44 - Iron Arrow (20 Max)
45~51 - Final Attack (20 Max), Soul Arrow (1)
52 - Soul Arrow (4)
53 - Booster (9)
54 - Booster (10 Max), Soul Arrow (6)
55 - Soul Arrow (9)
56 - Soul Arrow (10 Max), Golden Eagle (2)
57~60 - Golden Eagle (14)

Explanation: 1 Iron Arrow because it instantly replaces Arrow Blow then immediately max Double Jump for improved mobility. Then enough mastery to get 6 booster for faster attack speed and a decent length buff. I then simply suggest the most effective damage boosters starting with Crossbow Mastery, then Physical Training, etc. Feel free to mix and match Soul Arrow and Booster to try and match the timers, I simply never bothered since it's so fast to level. You may also decide to get Soul Arrow much sooner if you don't like having to carry around arrows.

Just make sure to max everything except Golden Eagle since it's instantly replaced by Frostprey.

Sniper (3rd Job ):

[skill=Sniper=Arrow-Eruption] Arrow Eruption
[skill=Sniper=Concentrate] Concentrate
[skill=Sniper=Dragon's-Breath] Dragon's Breath
[skill=Sniper=Evasion-Boost] Evasion Boost
[skill=Sniper=Frostprey] Frostprey
[skill=Sniper=Mortal-Blow] Mortal Blow
[skill=Sniper=Puppet] Puppet
[skill=Sniper=Snapfreeze-Shot] Snapfreeze Shot (formerly known as Blizzard)
[skill=Sniper=Strafe] Strafe

Haunted House Build (AE first)
60 - Dragon's Breath (1), Mortal Blow (3)
61 - Mortal Blow (5), Arrow Eruption (1)
62~68 - Arrow Eruption (20 Max), Mortal Blow (7)
69 - Mortal Blow (10 Max)
70~76 - Concentrate (20 Max), Evasion Boost (1)
77~79 - Evasion Boost (10 Max)
80~82 - Dragon's Breath (10 Max)
83~86 - Frostprey (10 Max), Snapfreeze Shot (2)
87~90 - Snapfreeze Shot (14)
91~94 - Puppet (10 Max), Strafe (2)
95~100 - Strafe (20 Max)

Explanation: There are 2 basic choices available to Snipers for which skills to leave unmaxed: Mortal Blow or Snapfreeze Shot. MB must reach lvl5 as a prerequisite for AE. All other skills are absolutely essential for 4th job and should not be left unfinished.

For this particular build, MB is maxed over Snapfreeze Shot because it is quite useful for training at monsters above your level due to the current accuracy formula. Monsters above your level will have a guaranteed miss rate which increases the likelihood of MB activating. Snapfreeze is chosen to be left unmaxed because AE has a greater number of it hits and because the freezing status infliction does not affect "boss" monsters. This means that it has no usefulness on LHC and SH mobs because of their "boss" tag. Since these are you primary training grounds for 4th job, Snapfreeze becomes effectively useless for MM. Of course, MB doesn't work on LHC/SH mobs either so it's a personal choice.

Special Note: Since LHC lost it's party play bonus, MB has a far greater impact in 4th job training until ~165 when training transitions to party play at SH/HoH. I highly recommend this build and maxing MB.

Anywhere Else Build
60~62 - Dragon's Breath (10 Max)
63~66 - Mortal Blow (10 Max), Concentrate(2)
67~72 - Concentrate (20 Max)
73~79 - Arrow Eruption (20 Max), Evasion Boost (1)
80~82 - Evasion Boost (10)
83~86 - Frostprey (10 Max), Snapfreeze Shot (2)
87~90 - Snapfreeze Shot (14)
91~94 - Puppet (10 Max), Strafe (2)
95~100 - Strafe (20 Max)

Explanation: Dragon's Breath is actually the strongest mobbing skill for Snipers and doubles as a rush. For flat or widely spaced platforms, DB is your best skill.
You can swap Concentrate ahead of MB if you frequently one shot mobs.
AE can be delayed in favor of passive skills (EB, Frostprey, etc) if infrequently used.
The rest follows the same as Haunted House build.

Marksman (4th Job):

[skill=Marksman=Elite-Puppet] Elite Puppet
[skill=Marksman=Hero's-Will] Hero's Will
[skill=Marksman=Illusion-Step] Illusion Step
[skill=Marksman=Maple-Warrior] Maple Warrior
[skill=Marksman=Marksman-Boost] Marksman Boost
[skill=Marksman=Marksmanship] Marksmanship
[skill=Marksman=Piercing-Arrow] Piercing Arrow
[skill=Marksman=Sharp-Eyes] Sharp Eyes
[skill=Marksman=Snipe] Snipe
[skill=Marksman=Spirit-Link-Frostprey] Spirit Link Frostprey
[skill=Marksman=Ultimate-Strafe] Ultimate Strafe

100 - Pierce (1), Spirit Link (1), Elite Puppet (1), Snipe (1)
101 - Ultimate Strafe (1), Marksman Boost (2)
102~112 - Marksman Boost (30 Max), Pierce (3)
113~122 - Pierce (30 Max)
123~133 - Sharp Eyes (30 Max)
134~144 - Spirit Link (30 Max), Snipe (2)
145~155 - Snipe (30 Max), Illusion Step (2)
156~166 - Illusion Step (30 Max), Elite Puppet (3)
167~171 - Elite Puppet (15 Max)
172 - Maple Warrior (2), Marksmanship (1)
173~177 Marksmanship (10 Max)
178~188 - Maple Warrior (30 Max), Hero's Will (2)
189 - Hero's Will (5 Max)
190+ - funzies

MMB first because it's good for every situation.

The loss of party play at LHC means that there is effectively very little reason to upgrade Ultimate Strafe. There are three main reasons:
  1. Most normal mobs should be killed in 1-2 shots with lvl1 US.
  2. You will primarily be using Pierce to attack since it mobs/pierces
  3. Snipe can be used for the occasional single target mobs

Pierce is prioritized because it is amazing at Evolving World (Link 3) which is the optimal training spot.

SE and SL are close in terms of damage, depending on your exact equipment. Assuming a 5% crit ring and Phantom link brings the base crit to 65% (71% with lvl1 SE), SE damage/sp jumps beating SL handily even without considering the boost to party damage.

IS and EP come last since they offer minimal damage improvements. However, they are incredibly useful for their survivability improvements which is essential to surviving in Stronghold.

MMS has been moved much farther back in the order since it is only significant at party play mobs with their 25% defense or high level bosses and Snipe already has substantial PDR. It is only upgraded for SH (SDH).

MW is last primarily because of the expense of MW20/30 books. This funding is better directed to equipment in many scenarios. Novans and Sengoku heros have much cheaper NW/MW books and should take care of this for you.

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Hyper Skills

You will get a total of 6 S SP, 5 P SP, 3 A SP.

If you want to reset your Hyper SP, you'll have to pay a certain fee. This fee starts at 100k and caps at 10m for your fifth time and over.


The following are common to all classes. You will be able to choose any 6 (at lvl200).
Hyper Physical Guard: Passively increase your physical defense by 500. [required level: 165]
Hyper Magical Guard: Passively increase your magical defense by 500. [required level: 174]
Hyper Movement: Passively increase your speed by 10. [required level: 152]
Hyper Jump: Passively increase your jump by 10. [required level: 146]
Hyper Accuracy: Passively increase your accuracy by 20%. [required level: 158]
Hyper Critical Rate: Passively increase your critical rate by 10%. [required level: 198]
Hyper Dexterity: Passively increase your DEX by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Intelligence: Passively increase your INT by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Luck: Passively increase your LUK by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Strength: Passively increase your STR by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Max Heart Point: Passively increase your HP by 15%. [required level: 192]
Max Magic Point: Passively increase your MP by 15%. [required level: 186]
Hyper Max Demon Force: Passively increase your DF by 50. [required level: 180]

Hyper Critical Rate, Dexterity, and HP should be the obvious essentials (in that order).
Hyper Strength is the only other choice for increased damage, although it won't make a significant difference unless you have a lot of %all stat.
Movement and Jump are also nice if you don't already have them maxed.
Remaining points should go into Physical/Magic Guard.

My personal choice: Critical Rate, Dexterity, HP, Strength, Speed, Magic Guard
As many Archers already cap their movement Speed, Defense Guard would be the next obvious choice.
This applies equally for all Archer branches.

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BM Hypers

Bowmaster Passives:

Phoenix - Extra Strike: Phoenix's attack count is increased by 1. [required level: 143]
Phoenix - Persist: Phoenix's duration is increased by 20 seconds. [required level: 162]
Phoenix - Reinforce: Phoenix's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 183]
Ultimate Inferno - Cripple: Ultimate Flame Shot's damage over time is increased by 20%.[required level: 149]
Ultimate Inferno - Reinforce: Ultimate Flame Shot's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 168]
Ultimate Inferno - Aftermath: Ultimate Flame Shot's damage over time's duration is increased by 5 seconds. [required level: 189]
Hurricane - Splitter: Hurricane's damage is halved, attack count is increased by 1. [required level: 155]
Hurricane - Range: Hurricane's range is increased by 50. [required level: 177]
Hurricane - Agility: Enables movement while using Hurricane. [required level: 195]

Since Unleashed has raised the damage cap to 50m, Splitter is now useless and should be ignored.
It may be noted that splitting Hurricane into 2 hits will lead to more consistent knockback on high level monsters. This is conceivably useful at high level moving bosses like BGA/B and Grandpa. Unfortunately, Splitter is not available until lvl155 at which point UI-Cripple and later Phoenix-Extra Strike are far more beneficial for training purposes unless you exclusively train at Showa bosses and have enough damage to meet the kb requirements with Split.

For everyone else (by level):
Phoenix - Extra Strike
Ultimate Inferno - Reinforce
Phoenix - Reinforce
Hurricane - Agility

Your last SP is entirely personal choice here. You might like either Hurricane - Range or Ultimate Inferno - Cripple (minimal damage increase).

Keep in mind that Hurricane-Range only increases the range for Hurricane, not AFA or Phoenix so you will still need to be close for maximum damage. This is especially important with the changes that significantly boost the damage coming from your Phoenix.
DoT Persist is useless because you will be renewing DoT with each UI cast anyway.

Bowmaster Actives:

You get all of these as soon as available.
Concentration: To prepare for battle, your proficiency over the bow is increased, giving you 50 attack, 100% stance, and 20% boss damage for 30 seconds. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. [required level: 150]

Note the 100% stance from concentrate which can be alternated with Knight's Watch (Mikhail link skill) for quite a long time of stance. See the breakdown in Character Card section.

[url=]Gritty Gust[/url]
Gritty Gust: A shockwave of wind is emitted, tearing apart up to 8 surrounding enemies dealing 500% damage 8 times with 200% damage over time every second for 10 seconds. There is a cooldown of 15 seconds.[required level: 170]

Gritty Gust is very powerful and easily worth interrupting Hurricane spam so cast it as quickly as possible and always watch the cooldown. Let me be clear, GG does more %/s than Hurricane, so use it.

[url=]Epic Adventure[/url]
Epic Adventure: A buff that gives the legendary Adventurers of the Maple World 10% increased damage and the ability to pass the damage cap by 50,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. [required level: 200]

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MM Hypers

Marksman Passives:

Freezer - Extra Strike: Freezer's attack count is increased by 1. [required level: 143]
Freezer - Persist: Freezer's duration is increased by 20 seconds. [required level: 162]
Freezer - Reinforce: Freezer's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 183]
Piercing - Extra Strike: Piercing's attack count is increased by 1. [required level: 149]
Piercing - Reinforce: Piercing's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 168]
Piercing - Spread: Piercing's number of monster hit is increased by 2. [required level: 189]
Sniping - Cooldown Cutter: Sniping's cooldown is decreased by 100%. [required level: 155]
Sniping - Extra Strike: Sniping's attack count is increased by 1. [required level: 177]
Sniping - Reinforce: Sniping's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 195]

SP recommendations (assumed lvl200 with focus on 1v1):
Freezer - Reinforce
Freezer - Bonus Attack
Snipe - Reinforce
Snipe - Bonus Attack
Snipe - Cooldown Cutter

SP recommendations (lvl195- with focus on training):
Snipe - Cooldown Cutter
Freezer- Bonus Attack
Piercing - Reinforce
Piercing - Bonus Attack
Freezer - Reinforce

The primary decision here is between Snipe - Extra Strike and Piercing - Spread. My recommendation is Snipe - Extra Strike because there are few situations with mob counts greater than 8, which is the only situation where Extra Target is used. With effective use of Dragon's Breath at SH, there may in fact be mobs of 10 (keep in mind DB can't even rush more than 6), but they would persist for periods of time short enough to be of limited use.

If you have a spawn mule (aka Kanna using Kishin Shoukan) to improve spawn count, mobs of 8+ are far more likely making this a difficult decision.

Marksman Actives:

[url=]Bullseye Shot[/url]
Bullseye Shot: With miraculous concentration, find your enemies' weaknesses, increasing your critical chance by 20%, maximum critical damage by 20%, and amount of monsters' defense ignored by 20% for 30 seconds. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. [required level: 150]

Free %crit and %max crit that stacks with SE? Yes please!
Another 20% PDR to go with Snipe's 40%? Sign me up!

[url=]High Speed Shot[/url]
High Speed Shot: With true focus, shoot down up to 12 enemies within a certain distance dealing 4000% damage. There is a cooldown of 30 seconds.[required level: 170]

This ultimate (what other word can describe it's awesomeness?) is incredibly powerful. For those that complained about a single arrow hitting multiple times when Pierce changed, you're going to love this since it's a single powerful shot. The only unfortunate detail is the animation shows a bow... /facepalm
Unleashed also removed the 100m over max damage limit making this skill very ineffective for funded MMs who can rather easily hit the 50m cap with it.

[url=]Epic Adventure[/url]
Epic Adventure: A buff that gives the legendary Adventurers of the Maple World 10% increased damage and the ability to pass the damage cap by 50,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. [required level: 200]

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Link Skills

Each new class Nexon has introduced starting with the Legends updates has included a "link" skill native to that class which can also be shared with any other character of the players choosing. These skills may be shared beginning at lvl70. In a future update, these skills will be expanded to include a "level 2" which is unlocked at lvl120. The level 2 skills have a 50% boost over their first level.

There are no limits on the number of skills that can be linked so this section will merely discuss the benefits of each link and prioritize them (in order).

Mercedes: 10/15/20% exp when killing monsters
The benefits here are rather obvious. You level faster!
Kanna: 5/10% total damage
10% free damage for everything! What's not to love? (Stacks additively with [skill=Bow Master=Spirit-Link-Phoenix])
Demon Avenger: 5/10/15% total damage
Same as Kanna. It's unknown if they stack.
Phantom: 10/15/20% crit
Free % crit! Thanks to our lovely [skill=Bow Master=Sharp Eyes] this skill is an absolute must. With level 1 link, BM/MMs will reach 80% crit (1.8x max, 1.5x min). Combine this with Hyper-Critical and an MM (S rank) card for an easy 93% crit absolutely free!
Luminous: 10/15/20% physical/magical defense reduction
This stacks (additively) with [skill=Bow Master=Marksmanship]. Depending on where you train, this translates to a nice damage boost and a huge one for high defense bosses.
Xenon: 5/10/15% all stats
Xenon's link is a must for every class and provides an incredible damage boost.
Demon Slayer: 10/15/20% additional boss damage
Get this as soon as you seriously start bossing.
Hayato: +10 all stats, +5 att/matt
Mediocre, but free damage is never a bad thing.
Mihile: 100% stance for 90/110/130sec (180 sec cool down)
The immense benefit of this skill is not immediately obvious; however, it's one of the best link skills available for either bossing or training. See the Stance section for more detail.
Angelic Buster : Next 10 seconds attacks deal an extra 60/90/120% damage. Cooldown 90 seconds.
This provides an obviously huge boost of damage for an unfortunately short period of time. Combine it with cool down reduction for maximum benefit.
Cannon Shooter: 5% hp/mp +15all stats, 10% hp/mp +25all stats, 15% hp/mp +35all stats
All stats is no longer as powerful since the elimination of secondary set requirements, but the %hp is a great addition for those that need a boost while bossing or simply to stay alive while training at SH. An extra bit of dex never hurts either.
Kaiser: 10/15/20% hp
Useful for bossing and general death avoidance.

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Character Cards

A complete explanation of Character Cards and their properties can be found [url=]here[/url]

Recommended Cards: This applies for most Archer classes/situations.

3 Decks
For Damage-
Deck 1: Archers
Archer Set 1/2/3/4% additional FA damage containing Mercedes+Marksmen+WH or BM

Mercedes offers %cd reduction which is relatively unhelpful for BMs, but quite nice for MMs (with unmaxed snipe) and Mercedes. This card only really becomes important for maximizing stance time with Knight's Watch (Mihile link skill) and for extra damage from Terms and Conditions. Please note that the description for this card is incorrect. The cdr is NOT limited to 5 seconds. Rather the cooldown for skills cannot be reduced to less than 5 seconds. This means that it is very useful for reducing the cooldown on Knight's Watch and AB's link, while useless to a MM with maxed snipe.
MM is %crit which obviously offers a significant damage boost.
Both BM and WH cards are pretty useless. BM offers %acc while WH gives %chance to OHKO. Since OHKO doesn't function on bosses or in party play areas both are relatively unhelpful and merely included to achieve the unique bonus from the Archer deck

Deck 2: Pirates
Pirate Set - 2/4/6/8% PDR containing AB+Xenon+Mech.
AB offers up to +80dex for a nice damage boost.
Xenon gives +dex/str. It isn't affected by potential %stat, but it's still a fair damage boost.
Mech gives %buff duration. This basically improves you damage by reducing your time spent buffing and extends the duration of link skills, particularly Knight's Watch.

Deck 3: Miscellaneous
Kanna + Hayato + DA

Hayato* 2/4/6/8% min crit damage
Hurray! This card is fantastic for every archer thanks to our already high %crit.
Kanna* 1/2/3/4% boss damage
Kanna is pretty much self explanatory. The only unfortunate thing is that she's a mage and as such doesn't fit into any useful card set. I would strongly consider substituting her for DrK since the %hp to damage from the full Warrior Set contributes very little.
Demon Avenger 1/2/3/5% boss damage
  • Note that Kanna and Hayato fit into their own category "Sengoku" Heroes and have a silver card background. Since there are only two, there is not special set effect.

Kaiser is a viable substitute for Kanna when not bossing. His +str provides a minor damage boost and completes the Warrior Set for bonus %baseHP to damage. The damage increase is very small and certainly not viable for bossing scenarios compared to Kanna.

For survivability -
Warrior Set containing DS+DrK+Aran
Demon Slayer's %status resist is perfect for avoiding seduce which is the most dangerous part of most bosses.
Dark Knight for the extra %hp.
Aran offers a passive drain that really reduces pot usage. Unfortunately, summon attacks do not count to activate this skill so you will can only drain when using active attacks like Hurricane.

With the release of Cannon Shooter and Kaiser link skills, I do not think BM/MMs are in anyway lacking in terms of hp. However, if you are bossing without IS and EP, this is a viable way to improve your survivability temporarily, albeit at the expense of your damage.

For BM/MMs with very high PDR and 100% crit:
Unless you go for the Archer Set (probably for SS effect), the individual archer cards aren't helping you out. You should have 100% PDR as well so Pirate Set is useless. This is one of the few cases where I'd recommend the Thief Set.

Mechanic+DS+DA (Resistance Set)
Kanna+Hayato+Mercedes (Miscellaneous)
DB+Phantom+Xenon (Thief Set)

  1. buff duration+status resistance+boss damage with 10all stats set effect
  2. boss damage+min crit+cdr with no set effect
  3. %avoid+meso drop+all stats with max crit set effect

You can also swap Aran for Mercedes or a BaM. Mercedes %cdr is handy for extending Knight's Watch up time and BaM's %damage reduction (doesn't work with 1/1s) might better than drain in some situations. Any thief may be substituted for Phantom if you happen to need speed/jump.

Other useful cards:
Cannon Shooter may be occasionally useful if you plan on dying a lot while experimenting at bosses since it reduces the exp lost on death.
Jett/Corsair's %summon duration is very convenient as it increases Phoenix/Frostprey and Elite Puppet durations.
Battle Mage has %damage reduction which is nice and possibly better than Aran's card for bossing. Unfortunately, this card does not work when being hit with 1/1 attacks.
Kaiser is another option for those that don't need any help with surviving and instead want more damage. His +str isn't a big difference, but it's still more damage.
Dual Blades give a small %avoid addition. Since our base avoid is low relative to Thieves this isn't a great way to improve survival unless you already have a large chunk of avoid.
Paladin has a modest damage bonus. The full explanation of this can be found in the linked thread at SouthPerry.

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Inner Ability

The Inner Ability is a character specific set of bonuses that act like potential, but have a somewhat different selection of bonuses. Each character's Ability is completely independent of others and cannot be transferred by any means. You can find your character's Ability in the Stat menu below Ability Points.

Changing your Inner Ability
There are 3 lines of 'potential' for a character's ability. Each line is unlocked at a certain level via a quest (appears in the light-bulb UI). I highly recommend that you wait until unlocking the 3rd line as circulators change all lines simultaneously.

The Inner Ability is changed using an item called a Circulator. Circulators may be obtained through leveling your character's Honor (see Stat menu) or by killing bosses and looting them. There is also a Cash Shop version called the Miracle Circulator for 1.9k NX.

What's so miraculous about the Miracle Circulator?
Well the normal Circulator is only capable of reaching the Unique potential tier. Some Ability potentials (like Attack Speed) are only available in the Legendary tier. In addition, Miracle Circulators will not lower your Ability tier while normal Circulators can.

As with item potentials, there are many undesirable Abilities so I highly suggest building up a large supply (100+) before re-circulating over a useful Ability line.

The best Abilities
WARNING: +att and +stat Abilities are not affected by %att/stat item potentials. This makes them significantly worse than

Abilities are listed from best to worse.

For BMs:
  1. %boss/normal monster damage (stacks with %td/boss from item potentials)
  2. %crit
  3. Attack Speed (mobbing only)
  4. +attack
  5. +dex

For MMs (bossing):
  1. %boss
  2. Attack Speed
  3. %crit
  4. +attack
  5. +dex

For MMs (mobbing):
  1. %normal monster damage
  2. %crit
  3. +attack
  4. +dex

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##Training Guide
As a Bowmaster, you can basically train at the same places as everyone else. The only real exception is the Showa bosses (Anego/Female Boss, Bodyguard A, Bodyguard B, Grandpa/The Boss).
1-15 Job Quests
15-30 Stone Golems -> Dark Stone Golem -> Mixed Stone Golems -> Ice Mixed Golems -> Fire Mixed Golems
31-35 Mushking Empire
35-45 CD/Mannequin/Scarecrows
45-60 Scarecrows/Drakes/V-Hoodoos/Jesters/Robos
60-70 Jesters/Plateons/Robos
70-80 Jesters/Magatia/Aliens/Nett's PQ
80-90 Jesters/Magatia/Aliens/Nett's PQ/Magatia PQ
90-100 CWK mobs/Ludi/Aliens/Nett's PQ/Magatia PQ
100-110 Evo World/CWK mobs/Ludi/Captains/Nett's PQ/Magatia PQ
110-120 Evo World/CWK mobs/Ludi/Magatia PQ
120-164 Evo World/Fantasy Theme World (Malaysia+Singapore)/Leafre/Magatia PQ/Showa bosses
165-180 SH (SDH)/Showa bosses
180-189 SH (HoH)
190-199 SH (HoH)/Twilight Perion
200~209 Twilight Perion/VPQ/Twisted Aqua Road/Spirit Valley (Monster Park)
210+ Twilight Perion

See [s=]Bossing Guide[/s] for information on Showa bosses for training purposes. Training there is primarily for BMs.

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##Bossing Guide
I have now begun creating video guides for bosses. Please keep in mind that I have never done recordings/video editing before. Feel free to offer constructive criticism on what you would like to see.

This is my first attempt and it is largely experimental. I still need to do some editing to make it more polished.
[url=]Root Abyss bosses[/url]

Other great bossing videos
[url=]Normal Magnus[/url]
[url=]Dojo Summon Timings[/url]

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Item Recommendations and Theoretical Stuff

This section of the guide will be written assuming that you are level 200, have way too much time on your hands and are devoting it to finding every way possible to improve your damage. Everyone already knows the obvious ways of throwing money at the problem through cubes, scrolls, etc. This will instead focus on some less well known and hopefully more efficient (and cheaper) ways.

How to get 100% crit:

45% Base
20% SE
15% Phantom (when lvl2 are released)
10% Hyper Skill
3% MM Card
4% Neb on secondary weapon
5/10% crit ring
3% crit Bully title

For MM only: You have 100% crit automatically with Snipe so 195+ you shouldn't worry about this except when mobbing with Pierce. Bullseye also adds an additional 20% crit chance when active.

How to get 100% stance (100% of the time):

Knight's Watch lvl2 = 100% stance for 110sec (180sec cd)
Concentration = 100% stance for 30sec (90sec cd)
Since in Hyper skills are not affected by %cdr or %bd, we have a considerably tougher time extending these skills to 100% of the time.
Let's assume you have a lvl100+ Mercedes for the S rank card with 4% cdr.
Knight's Watch cd goes to 173 seconds.
Knight's Watch then needs to have a duration of 143 seconds (alternating Concentration)
You need 30% buff duration.
You can get 5/10/15/20% bd (depending on card rank) from the Mechanic card. The extra can only come from Inner Abilities unlocked at Azwan.

Note that a MM would require (110/173) 64% bd for 100% stance using Knight's Watch alone making it only releastically obtainable with 50% bd from IA and 15% from the Mechanic card.

180-180*.04 = 173
173-30 = 143
143/110 = 30%

110/173 = 64%

How to maximize your HP:

Skills: The following skills are the best ways to improve your HP
SL (40% hp) and EP (15% damage reduction)
(decent) Hyper Body (40/60% hp)
(decent) Advanced Bless (+475/700 hp)

Kaiser link skill 10/15%
Cannon Shooter link skill 5/10%

CZAK/CHTP (10% hp)
[url=]Dominator Pendant[/url] (10% hp)
[url=]Rising Sun Pendant[/url] (+180 hp)
[url=[/url]Rex's Earrings[/url] (10%hp)
Note that Hurricane's rapid attack speed means the durability on these will be depleted rather quickly.
3 piece Empress set (15% hp)
[url=]Evolving Ring 1/2[/url] (+150hp)

Max Willpower (+2000 hp)
Various HP boost potions (up to +5k HP)

The basics of the Alchemy Profession can be found here
Of particular note, is the Health Boost Potion. The recipe and ingredients for this are relatively common, as opposed to the improved versions, and can be used for anything from normal training to difficult boss fights. The potion itself adds 2000 HP and is affected by all %hp boosts meaning BM/MMs get an extra 40% (800hp) for free when used in conjunction with Spirit Link.

Health Boost Potion (Health Boost Potion Recipe) x3
  • Mandarin Seed Oil x3 (requires 9 mandarin seeds)
  • Intermediate Item Crystal x8
  • Intermediate Empty Bottle x1
  • Magic Powder (Brown) x3

Step 1) Obtain Health Boost Potion Recipe
Step 2) DO NOT USE HEALTH BOOST POTION RECIPE! The recipe only lasts 24 hours.
Step 3) Simply buy Mandarin seeds from the Ardentmill supply merchant or collect from brown veins. Brown veins will appear in maps that spawn monsters whose level ends in 3 (example: lvl23).
Step 4) Use Herbalism to make Madarin Seed Oil. If the process fails, you will receive a brown magic powder.
Step 5) Purchase any remaining Magic Powder you need from FM or repeat Steps 3 and 4.
Step 6) Make Nimble rings with Adamantium via Blacksmith. The ores are available from the NPC. Transfer them to a character with Herbalism and disassemble them for Intermediate Crystals. You can also purchase Intermediate Crystals in the FM.
Step 7) Purchase Intermediate Bottle from Profession shop.
Step 8) Use the Health Boost Potion Recipe.
Step 9) Use Alchemy to make your potions.

For 100 hours of 2000 HP boosts (50 Pots) you would need to farm 153 Madarin Seeds, 136 Intermediate Crystals, 17 Intermediate Empty Bottles, and 51 Magic Powder (Brown). It is easier then it sounds but requires you to be patient while you stockpile your ingredients. Unless you make multiple Alchemist characters or buy from FM you can not acquire all of the ingredients in 1 day.

[insert recipe drops/ingrediant lists for other useful hp boost potions]

Note that while HP washing is still possible, it's really not necessary and certainly not worth the money for AP resets.
The only thing I'll mention is that you get +16hp and -12mp for each AP washed.

This also means that if you chose to use your extra 14 AP after reaching 999 base Dex, you will gain 224 hp (not counting contribution from %hp).

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Theoretical Equipment

In progress:
Top/bot vs Empress Overall with lots of math
Nova/Tyrant Equips vs Empress
Dojo glove (each rank) vs Empress glove

Damage Calculator

[url=]BM Calculator[/url]
[url=]MM Calculator[/url]
Credit goes to ryuushinou for the template I borrowed (read:stole) from her Mercedes version.
Please direct all Damage Calculator comments to [url=]this thread[/url].

Weapon multipliers are 1.30 and 1.35 for bows and xbows respectively.

This is the formula for calculating your non critical damage against any monster.

For this section we basically have two sub sections. One assuming you basically have little to no funding and one assuming you have infinite funding (or are working to the best possible theoretical equips). Please note that I make a large number of assumptions about your equips/funding, especially in the low funding category. Use the formula yourself for most accurate results.

For the unfunded/low funded:
The basic question here is when do you use 4/6% dex lvl40 top/bottoms and sneakers, obtained from Alchemy fusing, or upgrade to a clean empress set?

Your presumed equips:
[url=]Clean Empress hat[/url]
[url=]Clean Empress Bow[/url]
[url=]Empress Gloves[/url] which I will assume you scrolled with simple 60% Glove Attack Scroll giving you an average of 8 additional attack for 13att total.
[url=]A clean pendant from the Silent Crusade quest line[/url]

I will also assume you have a 4% dex belt and 6% dex earrings. These cost relatively little and should be widely available.

For this argument, I'll look at lvl140 which gives you 705 base Dex and (assuming you follow my guide) 60 attack from AFA+BE. The will also be some %totalDamage from Phoenix, but this will only scale the result depending on you skill points.

This gives you a total of 202 attack, 69 Str, 869 Dex(789 from +Dex)

Let's assume you manage to fuse 6%dex top/bottom/shoes
[url=]Clean top[/url]
[url=]Clean pants[/url]

You are now at 1038 Dex.

If instead you use:
[url=]Clean Empress Overall[/url]
[url=]Clean Empress Shoes[/url]

However, this gives you 5 pieces of Empress equipment which has a set bonus of: 15att, 20 Str, 20 Dex, and +2 all skill levels

You are instead at 220 att, 134 Str, 941 Dex.

Now let's compare the 18att, 65 Str vs 97 Dex using the damage formula from the top of the section.
6%top/bot/shoes = 8526
Empress = 8575

The Empress Overall/Shoes are only slightly better than 6%top/bottom/shoes!
Of course, this does take into account the +2 skill levels which can only widen the gap.
This an extremely oversimplified comparison only meant to illustrate the advantages of transitioning to the Empress set (5 piece) at lvl140.

But what if you're not level 140?
[insert graph showing intercept between the two scenarios]
6%top/bot/shoes actually beats the Empress Set!
6%top/bot./shoes = 10465
Empress = 10397

For infinite funding
If you've got any equips like [url=]my pride and joy[/url] then this is the section for you!

I haven't ran the numbers, because I haven't had time to build a decent range calculator (I have started the coding tho). I believe the most you can get is 15%min/max crit damage on a single line. With 100% crit, that translates to 22.5% (45/2) more damage. Presumably you've perfected it, so 32 att, 16str, 16dex as well.

#1 gloves give 40% boss and blow that out of the water without even considering other stats. But not many people get #1 for obvious reasons...

#2-10 gloves give 25% boss, 15% td, 15% all, 15att, 25 all stats. This obviously still wins for boss scenarios since 35%boss > 22.5% td, and 15% td > 17att (32-15). The 15% all stats is just gravy and more than covers any 4% all stat nebs.

#11-50 gloves give 15% boss, 12% td, 12% all, 10 att, 20 all stats. You have a net 4.5% td (15+12 - 22.5), 4str/dex, and 8% all stat (12%all - 4% all neb) at the expense of 22 att. Which one wins would of course depend on your current equips, but for anyone with the kind of funding to buy an Empress glove like this, 22att would probably amount to something like ~10% damage making them even.

With the 30%boss and 30 attack from 6 set bonus, obviously the Empress glove is going to beat even the #1 glove, but at that point, why wouldn't you be using Tyrant equips, top/bottom, and Loveless bow which utterly destroy Empress with enhancements?

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Quick Slots Customization

Most BM's may not be familiar with this particular feature because it hasn't really been necessary until this update. With up to 7 cool down skills, our damage becomes heavily reliant on using these abilities as often as possible. To that end, it is essential that the Quick Slot bar be used to show exactly when these cds end and the skills are available for use.
[url=]Official guide for binding quick slots[/url]

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Common Misconceptions

Split Hurricane means 2 AFA!
No it doesn't. Split hurricane changes only hurricane by transforming it from 1 attack:one damage to 1 attack: two damage lines. It makes no changes whatsoever to the way AFA works.

More crits means more damage!
Since the Big Bang update, critical hits are multiplicative. This means that hurricane changing from 1 hits to two (at 50% damage) is not affected by critical except to average your damage more consistently, if you do not have 100% crit rate.
Critical Shot: 45% Rate
Critical Damage: 1.2x~1.5x: Average: 1.35x
100 * 1.35 * 0.45 + 100 * 0.55 = 115.75
(50 * 1.35 * 0.45 + 50 * 0.55) * 2 = 115.75

The damage is obviously identical.

Bowmasters use nothing but Hurricane!
While dubiously true before hyper skills, this is certainly no longer the case. WoF by itself ends the myth by improving our 1 target damage. It's worth interrupting Hurricane whenever the cd ends.
More importantly, the buffs to Ultimate Inferno are huge. UI now beats hurricane on mobs of 2+.
Ultimate Inferno (with reinforce)
Fast 4 = 220% x 4 x 1.2 + 140% / 720 ms = 1.661 %/ms
Faster 3 = 1196% / 660 ms = 1.812 %/ms
Fastest 2 = 1196% / 600 ms = 1.993 %/ms
Hurricane (spamming) + AFA = (260% + 0.7*210%) / 120 ms = 3.3916 % /ms

Even Fast 4 UI has 3.322 %/ms on two mobs narrowly losing to Hurricane. The damage difference is about 2%, but this comparison does not include the delays from re-summoning Phoenix and Elite Puppet, rebuffing, or knock back from monster attacks. We can effectively say that Ultimate Inferno will be better on 2+ mobs for any realistic scenario This is a huge difference from pre-hypers where UI was only used on mobs of 4+ assuming UI was maxed at all.

Why does Soul Arrow lower my range?
The short answer is that Soul Arrow does not utilize the attack from arrows in inventory. While previously BM/MM attack range would include the attack from arrows even when using Soul Arrow, but the actual damage calculated by the server would not include. Regardless, BM/MM ranges now represent actual attack damage range when using Soul Arrow and do not include attack from arrows effectively ending this myth permanently.

This guide is stupid! Why don't you get SE first?
SE is certainly an option to upgrade sooner, but the reality is that it will lower your damage output rather considerably and will actually hurt your party's damage overall even if it makes them feel better by showing bigger numbers.

Does attack speed affect Hurricane?!?
The short answer is no. Your weapon speed will not affect the attack rate of Hurricane because it is set as 120ms always. It does; however, affect the "pick up" speed. There is a different delay every time you initiate Hurricane. This delay is affected by weapon speeds. All in all, the pick up delay is relatively insignificant especially with Knight's Watch and Concentrate's stance and moving Hurricane. There's little reason to restart Hurricane except when using GG.

How long should I charge Pierce?
Unless you hit cap or 1 hit a mob with partially charged Pierce, you should always fully charge Pierce. Make sure to take advantage of things like ladders when charging.

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Other Cool Archer Related Threads

[url=]Archer Damage Range Thread[/url]
[url=]Daily BM Thread[/url]
[url=]Daily MM Thread[/url]

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While this guide does endeavor to remain as simple as possible for new Bow Masters there is a significant learning curve including an array of abbreviations. This will serve as a reference guide to hopefully prevent confusion.

AB - Arrow Blow also Angelic Buster
AFA - Advanced Final Attack
AoE - Area of Effect
AR - Arrow Rain
BGA/B - Bodyguard A/B
BE - Bow Expert
BD - Buff Duration
BM - Bow Master
Crit - Critical hit
CD - Cool Down
CDR - Cool Down Reduction
DoT - Damage Over Time
EP - Elite Puppet
GG - Gritty Gust (aka Wind of Frey)
KB - Knockback
IS - Illusion Step
MB - Mortal Blow
MM - Marksman
MMB - Marksman Boost
MMS - Marksmanship
MW - Maple Warrior
PDR - Physical Defense Reduction
SE - Sharp Eyes
SL - Spirit Link
SP - Skill Point
UI - Ultimate Inferno

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Credits and Acknowledgments

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

Believe it or not, I did not pull all this information off of the top of my own head. Here are some of the people who helped me compile all this!

Joe Tang for his [url=[Ascension]%20Archer%20Skill%20Builds] Ascension skill builds[/url] and explanation on multiplicative critical hits.

Fiel for [url=[BB]%20All%20Known%20Formulas]Formula Stuff[/url]

LazyBui for [url=]Attack Speed information[/url]

Ngame989 for his [url=] Ascension MM skill build[/url]

IAmFear for his [url=]Professions Guide[/url] and the relevant information on hp boost potions.

Max and his blog for all the translated information on hyper skills from KMS and images of hyper skills.

Training Guide mostly stolen from #TrainingSpots">here

To every single archer who posted on this thread either correcting my mistakes or adding their advice, thank you.
I'd especially like to thank bluebomber24, twopointonefour, ryuushinou, and issacrandom for their invaluable personal experience. They went above and beyond the call of duty to help make this guide perfect. I could not have done it without you.

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