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Marksman Guide


Belonging to the Bowman branch, an Archer who advances into a Crossbowman will then advance into a Sniper and then finally a Marksman. Marksmen primarily use crossbows and therefore arrows (note: actual arrows not needed). Their aesthetics are mainly golden, ice and lightning-oriented, and as with Bowmasters, the other Archer branch, they have a sizable focus on criticals, mobility and some evasion. They have a lot of other neat and unique gimmicks with their skills, such as increasing their damage with distance, dealing more damage to larger groups of enemies, and instant-killing enemies, but you'll need to read more about their skills to find out about them.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful at both bossing and mobbing.
  • A few party skills in stock, including the Bowman-exclusive Sharp Eyes.
  • Excellent mobility with Double Jump and Hookshot.
  • Many skills enhancing survivability, a few of which are incredibly effective.
  • A large variety of attacking and utility skills.


  • Low HP (more or less mitigated by your survivability-enhancing skills).
  • Damage can be wildly unstable even with substantial mastery due to ridiculously high maximum critical damage (additional minimum critical damage from outside sources can lessen the gap on top of increasing your damage output).
  • Rangefinder may be difficult to judge or control, especially without knockback resistance (100% up-time knockback resistance is achievable through various sources).
  • Most crossbows cover up your beautiful face (can be solved with cash shop weapons).

Ability Build

Your primary stat is Dexterity (DEX) and your secondary stat is Strength (STR). Dexterity is four times as effective as Strength, and while Strength was needed to equip items in the past, it no longer is, so you should just dump all your points into Dexterity. Pressing the Auto-Assign button should do the job for you after you become an Archer.

There is no longer a cap on base stats anymore, so add all your AP into Dexterity!

Skill Build

You gain 3 SP every level after level 10, but you also gain 5 bonus SP at First Job Advancement and 4 bonus SP in each subsequent Job Advancement. Please be reminded that a skill build is not, and never will be absolute. Many things will depend on how you play your character, and how you would like to play it. Treat the following builds as a guideline only, though it will try to be as flexible as it can.

First Job: Archer

LevelsSP Distribution
10Arrow Blow +1 (1/20), Double Jump +4 (4/10)
11-12Double Jump +3 (10/10)
13-17Archery Mastey +3 (15/15)
18-23Arrow Blow +3 (19/20)
24Arrow Blow +1 (20/20), Critical Shot +2 (2/20)
25-30Critical Shot +3 (20/20)

The skill build up and until level 12 should be more or less indisputable. You add a point into your main attack and then boost up your mobility with Double Jump. You can, however, max Arrow Blow and Critical Shot before Archery Mastery, if you don't need the extra range or speed. Depending on where you're training, you might really not need range or a small speed increase (in comparison to Double Jump) all that much over killing your enemies quicker. You could even max Arrow Blow, Archery Mastery and then Critical Shot. You should still probably max Arrow Blow before Critical Shot, though.


  • Arrow Blow (20/20)
  • Critical Shot (20/20)
  • Archery Mastery (15/15)
  • Double Jump (10/10)

Second Job: Crossbowman

LevelsSP Distribution
30Iron Arrow +1 (1/20), Soul Arrow: Crossbow +1 (1/20), Crossbow Mastery +2 (2/10)
31Crossbow Mastery +3 (5/10)
32Crossbow Booster +3 (3/10)
33Crossbow Mastery +3 (8/10)
34Crossbow Mastery +2 (10/10), Iron Arrow +1 (2/20)
35-40Iron Arrow +3 (20/20)
41-46Soul Arrow: Crossbow +3 (19/20)
47Soul Arrow: Crossbow +1 (20/20), Crossbow Booster +2 (5/10)
48Crossbow Booster +3 (8/10)
49Crossbow Booster +1 (9/10), Physical Training +2 (2/5)
50Physical Training +3 (5/5)
51-56Final Attack: Crossbow +3 (18/20)
57Final Attack: Crossbow +2 (20/20), Net Toss +1 (1/10)
58-60Net Toss +3 (10/10)

We put a point in Iron Arrow since it's your main attack, a point in Soul Arrow for an instant 11 attack for a decent amount of time, and we begin to max Crossbow Mastery for more stable damage (which also translates to most efficient damage increase). Crossbow Booster can be nice to have, but it's only 12 more shots per minute when you already shoot 71 times, and that's only if you're shooting non-stop for the entire minute. Obviously, that's not happening in Second Job training. Still, it syncs quite well with the level 1 Soul Arrow so it shouldn't be that bad to cast it. Which is also why we get it to level 9 the moment we max Soul Arrow. Physical Training's bonuses will most likely make no difference at this stage anyway, and whatever small difference it makes is probably not as good as a longer-lasting buff. By the way, feel free to leave Iron Arrow at 19 and max Crossbow Booster. It's technically the better choice. You probably shouldn't use Net Toss since it'll just be a waste of time, so even Final Attack is more useful than it.


  • Iron Arrow (20/20)
  • Net Toss (10/10)
  • Rangefinder (1/1)
  • Crossbow Mastery (10/10)
  • Final Attack: Crossbow (20/20)
  • Physical Training (5/5)
  • Crossbow Booster (10/10)
  • Soul Arrow: Crossbow (20/20)

Third Job: Sniper

LevelsSP Distribution
60Freezer +1 (1/10), Hookshot +1 (1/10), Marksmanship +1 (1/20), Dragon's Breath +1 (1/10)
61-63Dragon's Breath +3 (10/10)
64-69Marksmanship +3 (19/20)
70Marksmanship +1 (20/20), Aggressive Resistance +2 (2/10)
71-72Aggressive Resistance +3 (8/10)
73Aggressive Resistance +2 (10/10), Freezer +1 (2/10)
74-75Freezer +3 (8/10)
76Freezer +2 (10/10), Mortal Blow +1 (1/10)
77-79Mortal Blow +3 (10/10)
80-82Reckless Hunt: Crossbow +3 (9/10)
83Reckless Hunt: Crossbow +1 (10/10), Hookshot +2 (3/10)
84-85Hookshot +3 (9/10)
86Hookshot +1 (10/10), Evasion Boost +2 (2/10)
87-88Evasion Boost +3 (8/10)
89Evasion Boost +2 (10/10), Explosive Bolt +1 (1/20)
90-93Explosive Bolt +3 (13/20)
94Explosive Bolt +1 (14/20) Pain Killer +2 (2/20)
95-100Pain Killer +3 (20/20)

We add a point into Freezer for free damage and freezing for a decent amount of duration, Hookshot for crazy mobility and invincibility frames, Marksmanship for a better increase in damage than additional points in Dragon's Breath, and Dragon's Breath for your main attack. Dragon's Breath is indeed better than Explosive Bolt for it deals more damage against 3+ mobs, has a significantly lower delay, has significantly longer range, pierces through mobs (which is probably preferred over splashing in most training spots), pushes enemies away, only has a maximum level of 10, and unlike Explosive Bolt, it doesn't cancel if it misses the initial mob. Though Explosive Bolt does have the ability to shoot at an angle and Dragon's Breath sometimes glitches and pushes mobs too far away.

Explosive Bolt can be a one-point wonder for single targets and/or for splash range, and will continue to be used for that purpose after it has been raised to level 14 (it's also marginally better than Dragon's Breath at double targets starting from level 3, and substantially by the time it's level 14). You can have Evasion Boost as a one-point wonder, but it won't make much of a difference. That's on top of the fact that Hookshot would be preventing you from taking many hits already. Even Pain Killer can be a one-point wonder, if you need it, but it's more likely you won't need it in Third Job. Aggressive Resistance is one of the tankiest skills in the entire game, and although you could max it before Dragon's Breath and/or Marksmanship, weigh your choices. You can max Hookshot earlier if you wish (up to before Freezer), but I don't imagine you needing too much HP with Aggressive Resistance and Hookshot. If you ever reset your points, you may consider maxing Explosive Bolt over Dragon's Breath for its splash range, as Piercing Arrow replaces Dragon's Breath save for the pushing effect.


  • Explosive Bolt (14/20)
  • Dragon's Breath (10/10)
  • Freezer (10/10)
  • Hookshot (10/10)
  • Mortal Blow (10/10)
  • Aggressive Resistance (10/10)
  • Evasion Boost (10/10)
  • Marksmanship (20/20)
  • Pain Killer (20/20)
  • Reckless Hunt: Crossbow (10/10)

Fourth Job: Marksman

LevelsSP Distribution
100Arrow Illusion +1 (1/30), Crossbow Expert +1 (1/30), Bolt Surplus +1 (1/10), Piercing Arrow +1 (1/30)
101-109Piercing Arrow +3 (28/30)
110Piercing Arrow +2 (30/30), Bolt Surplus +1 (2/10)
111-112Bolt Surplus +3 (8/10)
113Bolt Surplus +2 (10/10), Crossbow Expert +1 (2/30)
114-122Crossbow Expert +3 (29/30)
123Crossbow Expert +1 (30/30), Sharp Eyes +2 (2/30)
124-132Sharp Eyes +3 (29/30)
133Sharp Eyes +1 (30/30), Illusion Step +2 (2/30)
134-139Illusion Step +3 (20/30)
140Illusion Step +2 (22/30), Snipe +1 (1/30)
141-142Illusion Step +3 (28/30)
143Illusion Step +2 (30/30), Arrow Illusion +3 (4/30)
144-151Arrow Illusion +3 (28/30)
152Arrow Illusion +2 (30/30), Snipe +1 (2/30)
153-161Snipe +3 (29/30)
162Snipe +1 (30/30), Vital Hunter +2 (2/20)
163-168Vital Hunter +3 (20/20)
169-171Last Man Standing +3 (9/10)
172Last Man Standing +1 (10/10), Maple Warrior +2 (2/30)
173-181Maple Warrior +3 (29/30)
182Maple Warrior +1 (30/30), Hero's Will +2 (2/5)
183Hero's Will +3 (5/5)
184-200Save SP +3 (51/51)

We add a point into Arrow Illusion to gather powerful mobs (e.g. the ones in Monster Park), Crossbow Expert for the instant boost in mastery, Bolt Surplus for the instant extra hit for Piercing Arrow, and Piercing Arrow for your main attack. You max Piercing Arrow, then Bolt Surplus, then Crossbow Expert and finally Sharp Eyes in descending order of efficiency in increasing damage. Illusion Step is maxed next for its dodge rate, and then Arrow Illusion for its duration. You can switch these two around if you want. When you hit level 140, you add a point into Snipe so you can OHKO the final tower in Dimension Invasion, if you plan to do it. Snipe is then maxed around in time for its Cooldown Cutter hyper skill, which you will probably obtain at level 155 or 160. Vital Hunter, Last Man Standing and Maple Warrior are then maxed to finalise your damage increase. You can also choose to max any of these three skills over either or both of Arrow Illusion and Illusion Step, but weigh your choices. Hero's Will is maxed last, but you can always add a point to it whenever you want if you need it.


  • Piercing Arrow (30/30)
  • Snipe (30/30)
  • Arrow Illusion (30/30)
  • Crossbow Expert (30/30)
  • Bolt Surplus (10/10)
  • Last Man Standing
  • Vital Hunter (20/20)
  • Sharp Eyes (30/30)
  • Illusion Step (30/30)
  • Hero's Will (5/5)
  • Maple Warrior (30/30)

Hyper Skills

LevelsSP Distribution
140Hyper Dexterity +1 (1/1)
140Hyper Dexterity +1 (1/1)
149Piercing Arrow - Extra Strike +1 (1/1)
150Bullseye Shot +1 (1/1), Hyper Strength +1 (1/1)
160Snipe - Cooldown Cutter +1 (1/1)
165Hyper Defense +1 (1/1)
170High Speed Shot +1 (1/1)
174Hyper Magic Defense +1 (1/1)
180Piercing Arrow - Reinforce +1 (1/1)
195Snipe - Reinforce +1 (1/1)
198Hyper Critical +1 (1/1)
200Epic Adventure +1 (1/1), Hyper Health +1 (1/1), Piercing Arrow - Spread (1/1)

The hyper skill build really depends a lot on your personal stats. If you already have 100% critical rate without Hyper Critical, then you won't need to add a point into it, though honestly you might as well if it's a better source than your other one(s). If you deal over 200 million damage with Snipe, then you may replace a Piercing Arrow hyper, like Piercing Arrow - Spread with it. If you don't have 160% movement speed or 123% jump, you might want to replace Hyper Defense and/or Hyper Magic Defense with them. If you like higher MP, then you might replace Hyper Defense or Hyper Magic Defense with it. If you really want to get Snipe - Cooldown Cutter as soon as possible, you might save up the SP or reset it when you reach level 155.

Hyper SP Levels

  • Level 140: Advanced SP +1, Passive SP +1
  • Level 150: Active SP +1, Passive SP +1
  • Level 160: Advanced SP +1, Passive SP +1
  • Level 170: Active SP +1, Passive SP +1
  • Level 180: Advanced SP +1
  • Level 190: Advanced SP +1, Passive SP +1
  • Level 200: Active SP +1, Advanced SP +1, Passive SP +1


@Fcroaonlk and @Ngame989 are both retired authors of the guide.

I'd also like to thank everyone else who've directly or indirectly contributed to the guide and/or my knowledge.