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Mercedes - Queen of the elves

Warning: This guide is no longer being updated. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Useful references.

  • Creator.
  • Forum.
  • [url=]YouTube Channel.[/url]

1. Introduction.

1.1. Who am I?

I welcome you to my Mercedes guide in the hopes that you will find whatever you need in here. To give you a general idea of who I am, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Suzan. Better known as Sue, Suzy or by my Evan's IGN Goates. I have played Maplestory for over 7 years but have sadly quit due to moving abroad and attending university. Even though that's the case, I have not given up on BasilMarket and writing guides for you guys. Hopefully this guide will answer any questions you might have regarding the class.

1.2. Who is Mercedes?

Mercedes is the Archer variation of the hero classes like Aran, Evan, Luminous and Phantom. She is the third hero that was released in the game. Like all other heroes, she has a unique storyline based on the climax of the fight against the Black Mage centuries ago. Mercedes herself is an elf and queen. To protect her people she decided to join the battle against the Black Mage.

As a unique trait, Mercedes uses the weapon known as Dual Bowguns.

1.3. The story.

The storyline starts off with Mercedes waking up in a burning field. She sees her friends Freud and Afrien, both defeated and worn down from the battle. Afrien tells Mercedes about how his master protected the Onyx dragon from the Black Mage's curse. He also tells Mercedes that all of the other heroes were scattered and that he and her were lucky to be close to each other like this. Afrien tells her that it might be wise to return to her people as the curse had struck her as well. The curse would not only affect Mercedes, but also her people.

Mercedes goes back to Elluel to protect her people from the Black mage's curse. When she returns she finds that only her Elders remain unfrozen by the curse. She performs emergency precautions to prevent the curse from spreading to the rest of Victoria. The Elders and Mercedes decide that they will sleep for a hundred years, and wake up in a peaceful world.

A century later she reawakens from her frozen slumber and is left weaker as result. Worried about oversleeping and passing the hundred years she investigates and starts training once again. Mercedes must now restore her hometown and fight alongside the current heroes of the Maple world.

2. Mercedes creation.

2.1. Let's create a Mercedes.

Sadly, we're not going to make a car, if only. During the creation of a Mercedes, you will have the choice of 2 genders contrary to popular belief. You are in no way able to adjust and customize your character when creating it. The only thing you will be able to change are the shape of the eyes. Of course afterwards, you are free to do whatever you want.

2.2. Pros and cons

You start off at level 10.
Mercedes is not only a ranged class, but also a melee class due to her having several attacks that can attack the enemy up close.
Mercedes uses no arrows at all. Not even before level 30. Instead she uses her own type of arrows known as Magic arrows. These arrows can have potential on them.
10% extra EXP gain upon killing monsters thanks to the linked skill.
Just like the other two classes, you will be getting a questline. However you don't have to complete all of the quests to correctly play your Mercedes.
The mobility is great.

The weapons are exclusive to Mercedes, meaning you can't use it on any other classes.
Mercedes has low HP and Def.
A lot of people feel that it's a girly class. Which is sexist and stupid, ya darned biggots.

2.3. AP allocation.

Stop it right there son! You don't have to be confused anymore! Secondary stat requirements were taken out in the Tempest patch. Isn't that just wonderful? All you'll have to focus on is DEX from now on. However what happens when you reach level 200? You'll find yourself with left over AP. There's two things you can do with that:

  • Add into HP, because bosses only have to slap you to take you down.
  • Add into STR, because it still adds to your range, just less than DEX.

Personally I preferred putting it into HP, considering Mercedes doesn't have much.

4. Skill guide.

Like I already mentioned, Mercedes have a great variation in their skills and not only use ranged attacks, but also melee attacks. Down below you will be able to see through all the available skills Mercedes receives.

4.1. Elf's basics.

[url=]Maplearchive extractions[/url]

4.2. First job advancement.

4.2.1. Skills and descriptions.

[url=]Maplearchive extractions[/url]

4.2.2. Skill builds.

Build 1:
10: 1 Swift Dual Shot [1], 4 Glide Blast [4]
11 - 12: 3 Glide Blast [10] [Max]
13 - 17: 3 Potential Power [15] [Max]
18 - 23: 3 Sharp Aiming [18]
24: 2 Sharp Aiming [20] [Max], 1 Swift Dual Shot [2]
25 - 30: 3 Swift Dual Shot [20] [Max]

Build 2:
10: 1 Swift Dual Shot [1], 4 Glide Blast [4]
11 - 12: 3 Glide Blast [10] [Max]
13 - 18: 3 Swift Dual Shot [18]
19: 2 Swift Dual Shot [20] [Max], 1 Sharp Aiming [1]
20 - 25: 3 Sharp Aiming [18]
26: 2 Sharp Aiming [20] [Max], 1 Potential power [1]
27 - 30: 3 Potential power [20] [Max]

Final results:
Glide Blast: MAX.
Potential power: MAX.
Sharp Aiming: MAX
Swift Dual Shot: MAX

You start out with 1 SP into Swift Dual Shot. For first job, it's going to be your main attacking skill. The Mercedes beginner maps are fairly large. Maxing out Glide Blast will reduce the time taken to reach monsters. You may decide to Max out Swift Dual Shot before Potential power to kill monsters quicker. Don't worry about mistakes, all skills will be maxed out by the time you reach level 30 and all previous mistakes will be forgotten.

4.3. Second job advancement.

4.3.1. Skills and descriptions.

[url=]Maplearchive extractions[/url]

4.3.2. Skill builds.

Build 1:
30: 1 Piercing Storm [1]
31: 1 Rising Rush [1], 1 Parting Shot [1], 1 Physical Training [1]
32 - 34: 3 Physical Training [10] [Max]
35 - 39: 3 Spirit Surge [15] [Max]
40: 3 Parting shot [4]
41: 1 Parting shot [5] [Max], 2 Dual Bowgun Mastery [2]
42 - 47: 3 Dual Bowgun Mastery [20] [Max]
47 - 51: 3 Rising Rush [13]
52: 2 Rising Rush [15] [Max], 1 Final Attack [1]
53 - 58: 3 Final Attack [19]
59: 1 Final Attack [20] [Max], 2 Piercing Storm [3]
60 - 63: 3 Piercing Storm [15]
64: 1 Piercing Storm [16] , 2 Dual Bowgun Booster [2]
65 - 70: 3 Dual Bowgun Booster [20] [Max]

Final results:
Physical training: MAX.
Rising Rush: MAX.
Parting Shot: MAX.
Spirit Surge: MAX.
Dual Bowgun Booster: MAX.
Dual Bowguns Expert: MAX.
Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: MAX.
Piercing Storm: 16

As Piercing Storm might be good in second job, in third job it becomes useless. You will be receiving far better skills that replace Piercing Storm. Yet all other skills will still be beneficial when you've reached third job.

Rising Rush before final attack will help you get a higher damage output.

4.4. Third job advancement.

4.4.1. Skills and descriptions.

[url=]Maplearchive extractions[/url]

4.4.2. Skill builds.

Written by: @alexie828:
Build 1:
70: 1 Stunning Strikes [1]
71: 1 Gust Dive [1], 1 Aerial Barrage [1], 1 Leaf Tornado [1]
72 - 77: 3 Ignis Roar [18]
78: 2 Ignis Roar [20] [Max], 1 Unicorn Spike [1]
79 - 82: 3 Aerial Barrage [13]
83: 2 Aerial Barrage [15] [Max], 1 Stunning Strikes [2]
84 - 89: 3 Stunning Strikes [20] [Max]
90 - 95: 3 Water Shield [18]
96: 2 Water Shield [20] [Max], 1 Leaf Tornado [2]
97 - 102: 3 Leaf Tornado [20] [Max]
103 - 108: 3 Elemental Knight [18]
109: 2 Elemental Knight [20] [Max], 1 Unicorn Spike/Gust Dive [2]
110 - 115: 3 Unicorn Spike/Gust Dive[20] [Max]
116 - 120 3 Unicorn Spike/Gust Dive [16]

Final results:
Ignis Roar: MAX.
Aerial Barrage: MAX.
Stunning Strikes: MAX.
Water shield: MAX.
Leaf Tornado: MAX.
Elemental Knight: MAX.
Gust Dive: 16/MAX.
Unicorn Strike: 16/MAX.

1 point into Stunning Strike, as it is an improvement from Piercing Storm even at level 1. Maxing Ignis Roar is an absolute next, as the damage and avoidability increases that it gives are a major asset while training. Aerial Barrage is a great option to max next, as training areas at those levels are usually high in mobs, and having a powerful(albeit slower than Stunning Strikes) 8-mob attack will definitely come in handy; the nice bonus Aerial Barrage adds to Rising Rush is great too. Stunning Strikes is maxed next as an all around fast and tidy attack. Water Shield is maxed before level 100 to improve defense before the monsters really start to hit hard. Next comes Leap Tornado, which will come in handy in high mob training spots that are common at those levels. After that, Elemental Knight can be added, as those little nymphs really pack a punch. The downside is the randomization of the summons and the cooldown. Finally, in all honesty, Gust Dive and Unicorn Spike are both skills that can either be maxed or not, as neither one affects training a whole lot. Level 16 Gust Dive serves its purpose, and maxing it will only tack on 12% to the damage. Level 16 Unicorn Spike still hits a great amount of damage, and maxing it will only tack on 8% to the damage, although since every hit of Unicorn Spike is critical, this 8% could make a huge difference, which is why it is preferable to have it maxed over Gust Dive. Unicorn Spike has a small cooldown and because of its slow speed, it is not a regular use in training, but the damage bonus it gives is useful for bossing parties.

4.5. Fourth job advancement.

4.5.1. Skills and descriptions.

[url=]Maplearchive extractions[/url]

4.5.2. Skill builds.

120: 1 Ishtar's Ring [1], 1 Rolling Moonsault [1], 1 Spikes Royale [1]
121 - 130: 3 Ancient warding [30] [Max]
131 - 140: 3 Dual Bowguns Expert [30] [Max]
141 - 146: 3 Rolling Moonsault [19]
147: 1 Rolling Moonsault [20] [Max], 2 Advanced Final Attack [2]
148 - 156: 3 Advanced Final Attack [29]
157: 1 Advanced Final Attack [30] [Max], 1 Lightning Edge [1], 1 Ishtar's Ring [2]
158 - 160: 3 Ishtar's Ring [11]
161 - 166: 3 Defense Break [18]
167: 2 Defense Break [20] [Max], 1 Ishtar's Ring [12]
168 - 173: 3 Ishtar's Ring [30] [Max]
174 - 179: 3 Maple Warrior [18]
180: 1 Maple Warrior [19], 2 Spikes Royale [3]
181 - 185: 3 Spikes Royale [18]
186. 2 Spikes Royale [20] [Max], 1 Hero's Will [1]
187 - 189 3 Maple Warrior [28]
190: 1 Maple Warrior [29], 2 Lightning Edge [3]
191 - 199: 3 Lightning Edge [30] [Max]
200: 3 Hero's Will [4]

Now the important difference between this one and the previous build is that right now, we are maxing out Ancient warding first. As a Mercedes, you are still pretty much a low health archer. Ancient warding not only increases your damage, but gives you an extra 1500 HP at the maximum level. I have heard several people who already achieved getting to level 120 on a Mercedes in KMS say, that the extra HP is really crucial to survival.

4.6. Hyper skills.

4.6.1. What are Hyper Skills.

With the introduction of the Tempest patch (which is expected to come around in December for GMS), we will be receiving new skills. These skills are called Hyper skills. They are located in your skills tab, displayed through a separate button.

4.6.2. How do these skill points work?

Like I said before, they're in a separate tab from your regular skills, and you will not have to give up Skill points from your current growths to add to them.

There are three different types of Hyper skills. You will be receiving separate skill points for these skills.

1. Stat enhancing passive skills (13 total).
6 Skill points.

2. Skill enhancing passive skills (9 total).
5 Skill points.

3. Attacks and buffs (3 total).
3 Skill points.

Every skill will be maxed after adding 1 skill point. This means that for enhancing skills, you will have to make choices. While for attacks and buffs, you will be able to max out all skills.

Starting at level 140, you will be receiving skill points every 10 levels.

Level 140:
Stat enhancing SP: +1
Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 150:
Stat enhancing SP: +1
Attack/buff SP: +1

Level 160:
Stat enhancing SP: +1
Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 170:
Stat enhancing SP: +1
Attack/buff SP: +1

Level 180:
Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 190:
Stat enhancing SP: +1
Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 200:
Stat enhancing SP: +1
Skill enhancing SP: +1
Attack/buff SP: +1

Don't worry if you mess up your Hyper Skills. By paying 100k for your first reset (which goes up to 10M for your fifth+), you can do your build all over again.

4.6.3. Hyper Skills: Stat enhancing skills.

Hyper Physical Guard: Passively increase your physical defense by 500. [required level: 165]
Hyper Magical Guard: Passively increase your magical defense by 500. [required level: 174]
Hyper Movement: Passively increase your speed by 10. [required level: 152]
Hyper Jump: Passively increase your jump by 10. [required level: 146]
Hyper Accuracy: Passively increase your accuracy by 20%. [required level: 158]
Hyper Critical Rate: Passively increase your critical rate by 10%. [required level: 198]
Hyper Dexterity: Passively increase your DEX by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Intelligence: Passively increase your INT by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Luck: Passively increase your LUK by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Strength: Passively increase your STR by 50. [required level: 140]
Hyper Max Heart Point: Passively increase your HP by 15%. [required level: 192]
Hyper Max Magic Point: Passively increase your MP by 15%. [required level: 186]
Hyper Max Demon Force: Passively increase your DF by 50. [required level: 180]

Stat enhancing skill recommendations



4.6.4. Hyper Skills: Skill enhancing skills.

Ishtar's Ring - Reinforce: Ishtar's Ring's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 143]
Ishtar's Ring - Add Range: Ishtar's Ring's range is increased by 50. [required level: 162]
Ishtar's Ring - Linked Reinforce: Strike Dualshot's damage is increased by 30%. [required level: 183]
Water Shield - Reinforce: Water Shield's damage reduction is increased by 10%. [required level: 149]
Water Shield - Immunity Enhance 1: Water Shield's resistance to states is increased by 10%. [required level: 168]
Water Shield - Immunity Enhance 2: Water Shield's elemental resistance is increased by 10%. [required level: 189]
Legendary Spear - Reinforce: Legendary Spear's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 155]
Legendary Spear - Reduce Armor: Legendary Spear's decreased defenses effect is increased by 20%. [required level: 177]
Legendary Spear - Linked Reinforce: Leap Tornado's damage is increased by 30%. [required level: 195]

Skill enhancing skill recommendations



4.6.6. Hyper skills: Attacking/active skills.

Elvish Blessing: The Great Spirit's blessing increases your attack by 80 and gives you 100% stance for 30 seconds. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. [required level: 150]

Wrath of Enlil: Enlil's rage is used to attack up to 10 enemies in front of you for 300% damage 10 times. There is a cooldown of 8 seconds. Maximum damage for this skill is 3,000,000. [required level: 170]

Heroes' Oath: The oath of the Maple heroes gives them and other Hero classes in their party 10% increased damage and the ability to pass the damage cap by up to 50,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. [required level: 200]

Attacking/active skill recommendations



5. Mercedes storyline and quests.

Similar to the Evan and Aran, you will be getting your own unique Mercedes storyline and quest line. Unlike most of the Evan and Aran quests, these Mercedes quests are not needed to correctly create a Mercedes. You will not be getting skill points or skills by completing these quests.Though, by completing some of the quests you will be receiving items which you can use as a Mercedes.

5.1. Quests.

5.1.1. Main quest video guide.

[url=]Part 1 - Introduction.[/url]
[url=]Part 2 - Let's head to Ellinia.[/url]
[url=]Part 3 - Second job advancement.[/url]
[url=]Part 4 - The challenge and flame of revival.[/url]
[url=]Part 5 - The Maple Alliance.[/url]

5.1.2. Mounts.

Like practically all other classes, Mercedes will be getting a mount. Unlike the Aran and Evan, she will only be getting two different occasions in which she will receive/change her mount. This will be at level 50 and level 120/200. Her mount will be a Unicorn or Pegasus. Depends on what you wish to call it. Unlike most other classes, at level 120/200 your Unicorn will simply grow. At level 50 you will receive a quest. The best part of this is that you only have to pay 10 million mesos once.

5.1 Level 50 mount.

At level 50, you will receive a quest from the Unicorn/Pegasus in Elluel. It will tell you that the power of the Black Mage is making it weak and hungry. You will basically have to go to the potion shop in Elluel, buy a potion for 10 million mesos and give it to the Unicorn/Pegasus. Congrats, you now have a mount!

5.2 Level 120/200 mount.

The mount simply grows at level 200 for now.

5.3 Pet mount.

What many people confuse to be the mount for Mercedes, is the mount you can receive from buying all three Unicorn/Pegasus pets. When you purchase all three pets in the Cash Shop, a quest will come up for the shy unicorn mount. This is not the official Mercedes mount but simply a Cash Shop add on.

5.2. Elluel and NPCs.

5.2.1. Elluel's location and history.

5.2.2. Important figures.

In Elluel, you as queen or king are guided by the three Elders. These Elders are Philius, Danika and Astilda. Philius being the Elder of Magic, Danika the Elder of War and Astilda the Elder of Life. They will be guiding you through the first stages of the story, and will later on reappear. Please do note that I have no clue whether or not Philius is male or female. Even Nexon doesn't seem to know as Philius is referred to both genders in quests.

Unlike in other towns in Victoria, Elluel will not have a regular taxi. The NPC "Mysterious Portal" will be serving as a completely no charge taxi which carries you to Henesys, Perion, Ellinia and Kerning city. The first time you will use it, it sends you to a specific place required for a quest. Do not confuse this mirror with a Mercedes version of the dimensional mirror.

Something new to the game, only available in Elluel is the music box. Like its name should already make clear, you will be able to change your current background music to another song. This song will be reverted back to its original once you leave the map, change channels or enter the Cash Shop.

[url=]Fairy Tale Differs[/url]
[url=]Ellin Forest[/url]
[url=]Temple of Time[/url]
[url=]When the morning comes[/url]
[url=]Queen's garden[/url]
[url=]Flying in a blue dream[/url]
[url=]Moonlight shadow[/url]
[url=]Minar's dream[/url]
[url=]Rising star[/url]

A very important figure we all know and perhaps even love, is Athena Pierce. In the Legend update her entire sprite was recreated. She now looks much younger than before. Apparently Athena is the younger sister of Danika, who's also known as the Elder of War. Athena was the only elf who managed to not get struck by the curse of the Black Mage, thanks to Mercedes sending her away with an item named the Misteltein. Athena as a child, had the tendency to follow Mercedes around. She idolized Mercedes in basic terms. When Mercedes looks for help in the outside world, she meets with an older version of Athena, who is now the greatest archer in the Maple world, guiding young adventurers to become archers themselves.

Finally we meet with the Great Spirit. The great spirit is somewhat of a loner as she can only be summoned by you, the sovereign of the Elves. Only once you will have to meet her personally in your chamber. This will be for the second job advancement. After this, she will be contacting you whenever you are ready to advance.

6. Mercedes related items.

Mercedes use a newly introduced weapon called Dual Bowguns. These are basically two crossbows, used as dual guns. People tend to call these dual crossbows, but you get the idea. You will also receive Magic Arrows. These Magic Arrows can receive potential and will be placed on your shield slot. With Magic Arrows, you will never have to use regular Arrows.

6.1. Dual Bowguns.

6.2. Magic Arrows.

6.3. The Elven throne.

The Mercedes chair is called the [url=]Elven throne[/url]. You will be receiving this chair at level 43. It's untradeable and heals 100 HP and 50 MP every 10 seconds.

6.4. Medals.

There is a total of 5 medals for the Mercedes class. Each medal having different stats and level requirements. These medals are untradeable, one of a kind and cannot be sold to a merchant. You are also unable to scroll them.

A Hero, No More
Required Level: 10
HP: +50
MP: +50

Elf of Elluel
Required Level: 30
HP: +100
MP: +100

Elven Noble
Required Level: 70
STR: +1
DEX: +1
INT: +1
LUK: +1
HP: +150
MP: +150

Elven Hero
Required Level: 120
STR: +2
DEX: +2
INT: +2
LUK: +2
HP: +200
MP: +200

Ruler of Elves
Required Level: 200
HP: +50
Weapon Attack: +3
Accuracy: +5

7. Leveling/training guide.

7.1 The fastest way to level up.

7.2 Recommended monsters and maps.

Suggestions are welcome.

Level 10 - 30

1x - 18: Blue Ribbon Pigs.
18 - 20: Amdusias quest.
20 - 30: Mixed golems (Mini dungeon).
25-30: Rotting Skeletons in Haunted Mansion

Level 30 - 70

30 - 35: Rotting Skeletons.
32 - 37: Helmet Pepe.
30 - 45: CDs in Kerning Square.
40 - 48: Truckers in CBD
50 - 56: White Fangs.
56 - 62: Robos.
50 - 65: Scarecrows in Haunted Mansion
62 - 70: Mateons OR Barnard/Zeta Grays.
50 - 80: Jesters

Level 70-110

70 - 78: Scorpions/Sand Rats.
50 - 80: Jesters.
78 - 83: Iron Mutae/Triple Rumo.
83 - 90: Roids.
85-88: Mithril Mutae.
86-92: Roids/Neo Huroids
80 - 100: Selkie Jr. and Slimy(MP3)
90 - 100: Homunculus.
94-100: Galloperas
95 - 110: Captains and Krus

Level 120 - 200

110 - 114: Ghost pirates.
114 - 120: Dual ghost pirates.
114 - 125: Gigantic Spirit Viking.
120 - 130: Papulatus twice a day.
125 - 130: Blue Dragon Turtle.
125 - 130: Red Dragon Turtle.
125 - 130: Lycanthrope.
125 - 135: Rexton.
125 - 135: Brexton.
137 - 150: Dark Cornians.
140-200: Skelegons/Skelesaurus (The mini dungeon)
110 - 200: Temple of Time (Just go to the highest available map).
110 - 200: Lion heart castle.
160 - 200: Stronghold.

7.3 Party questing and extra goodies.

Level requirements for the Party quests are WRONG at the moment. I will be updating this soon.

Level 20 - 70

  • Moon bunny. (Henesys)
  • First time together. (Kerning)
  • Dimensional Crack. (Ludibrium)
  • The Ice knight's curse.

Obviously Ludibrium party quest gives great EXP. But before you rush into LPQ at level 20, I highly suggest doing Kerning party quest 10 times. Once you're level 30 and job advanced, you'll be free to LPQ. Seeing as 20 to 30 is a lot faster, you might as well choose the worse PQ for that. You can finish KPQ in about 3 minutes if you have a decent enough party. Ice knight party quest becomes available at level 30. It's not as good as LPQ but it's decent enough. You might have troubles finishing, as it's rather hard at the lower levels. My greatest advice for party quests would be to do the recommend one every day (3 times of course). Also, I personally wouldn't bother doing PQ's till level 25-30. There's better training alternatives for this.

Level 70 - 125

  • [url=]Forest of the poison haze. (Ellin forest)[/url]
  • Remnant of the Goddess. (Orbis)
  • Romeo and Juliet. (Magatia)
  • Lord Pirate. (Herb town)

Now you might be wondering, why till level 125? The first 5 levels are a bit tedious unless you have a good LHC party or a good party at other party quests. My personal experience is that in the higher level PQ's, you actually really only see higher leveled people. Unless you can find a party around level 120-140, you should stick around the other PQ's for a bit.

A personal experience is that when you do Magatia PQ, at the roods room you should choose to stay there till 5 minutes are left on the clock. Make sure that both rooms there are done and that you can easily go to the next stage by giving the file to either one of the NPCs. It's a great spot to grind and a nice change in the constant PQing. You can do the same thing in the last part of Pirate PQ. Simply collect all keys and leave at 15 seconds. Don't worry, you will be given new time when you reach the boss.

120 - 200

  • Escape. (Lion heart castle)
  • Resurrection of the Hoblin King. (El nath)
  • Kenta in danger. (Aquarium)
  • Dragon's nest. (Leafre)

I don't quite know which one to really recommend here. I'd personally stick to doing Escape, hobling and Kenta PQ seeing as the items you can get from it are great. Dragon's nest, I've never been quite fond of due to the massive death rate it has.

7.3 Extras.

Monster park:
Monster park is really something you can do at any level. The minimum level is 13 and the maximum is 200. Seeing as you are a Mercedes you won't be bothering with levels 10 to 30 in Monster park. To enter the park, you will be needing a ticket. There's three types of tickets. The Zebra stripe ticket, the Leopard stripe ticket and the Tiger stripe ticket. While killing monsters, pieces of these tickets can drop. Upon collecting 10 of them, you can exchange these pieces for a full ticket. This you can do at the NPC called Mary. She will be located in the Monster park map after you use the Monster Park Shuttle. She also sells you complete entrance tickets. You are able to purchase 3 of these tickets each day. What makes Monster Park interesting is the fact that you have a mini version of LHC based upon your level. For each party member you have, you get an additional 50% experience. Each time you enter the monster park, you receive about 20 minutes to get through about 5 to 6 rounds. In each round you will have to beat monsters to proceed to the next round.

Zebra stripe tickets:
50,000 Mesos.

Leopard stripe tickets:
100,000 Mesos.

Tiger stripe tickets:
200,000 Mesos.

I'm personally not fond of Monster Park. Mostly because sometimes it's impossible to find a party and when you do find one, they tend to be slightly mentally disabled. I think all other training locations are better in a way of being less tedious, but this is always a nice alternative.

9. Inspirational videos.

9.1 General.

KMS: Trailer
KMS: [url=]Mercedes tutorial[/url]
BGM: [url=]Wind and flower[/url]
KMS: [url=]Second job advancement[/url]

9.2 Skills.

KMS: [url=]First job skills[/url]

9.3 Training.

KMS: [url=]2nd Job: Mushroom Castle[/url]
KMS: [url=]3rd Job: Pirates[/url]
KMS: [url=]4th Job: Brextons[/url]
KMS: [url=]Level 104 at Monster Park[/url]
KMS: [url=]3rd Job: Magatia[/url]
KMS: [url=]Level 172: Oblivion 4[/url]

9.4 Bossing.

KMS: [url=]Level 146 Papulatus solo[/url]
KMS: [url=]3 Mercedes VS Horntail[/url]
KMS: [url=]Level 177 Von Leon solo[/url]
KMS: [url=]Level 196 Zakum solo[/url]

8. Frequently asked questions.

Q. Is Mercedes gender locked?
A. No, you can make female and male Mercedes characters. When looking at both genders apart from each other, the male character can be easily mistaken for female. Here a closer look to what they exactly look like: Click. Seeing as the storyline describes Mercedes as the Queen of the elves this might also cause confusion. All in all I am happy to inform you that there is no gender lock.

Q. Are we able to change hairstyles, eyes, skin colours etc etc?
A. Yes, they can. Source provided by @Xonchibi .

Q. Is Ring of Ishtar stronger than a Bowmaster's Hurricane?
A. No, people make the mistake that Ring of Ishtar hits 220% twice. In reality Ring of Ishtar hits only 110% twice, making it equal to the Bowmaster's Hurricane. In future patches, Ring of Ishtar will be weaker compared to Hurricane as Hurricane will be buffed to 250% damage.

Q. Do Mercedes get Sharp Eyes?
A. No, the Mercedes class will not get Sharp Eyes. Mercedes will be getting a passive 40% critical rate from Sharp Aiming and another 15% from Spirit Surge. Whether or not this will stack with Sharp Eyes, I am not aware of.

Q. Where should I put my ability points into?
A. It's exactly the same as any other archer class. Four points in DEX and one point in STR. Simply use auto-assign. When to cap STR, is entirely up to your funding and wishes. Basically you just use auto-assign till a certain level when you truly wish to cap STR.

Q. Will we be needing arrows?
A. No.

Q. What are linked skills?
A. When you get one of the new classes in the Legend patch to level 70, you can link their "Link skill" to another character. This way these characters will be able to benefit from the skill. You can only link the skill to one character at the time. You are allowed to change the link once a day. Next to that there is no limit to changing it.

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Who I am

May I introduce myself? My name is Suzan. Better known as Sue and even better known as that girl with the glasses, balloons and idiotic pink bow. I'm an aspiring designer and text writer currently residing in the Netherlands. Now that you know who's behind this little source of information, you may want to read about the class, Mercedes.


November 20th 2011: The submission.
December 1st 2011: Stickied.
December 3rd 2011: Completely revised.
February 9th 2012: Added new training, new quest guide part.

The sources.

Being redone.


All information has been written by me (unless otherwise stated), based upon the sources given above or personal experience. If you have any questions and wish to buddy me in Scania, my IGN is Goates (Currently playing an Evan).

People who've helped

A special thanks goes out to the following people for helping out with the guide and suggesting and correcting parts of it.


Useful threads

Here you can find several useful threads on BasilMarket that will give you answers or information about the Mercedes class.

[url=]The ask a Mercedes thread.[/url]
[url=]The Mercedes Range thread.[/url]
[url=]The Mercedes Achievement thread.[/url]

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[ch=introduction]1. Introducing Mercedes.[/ch]

[ch=storyline]2. The storyline.[/ch]
[cho=abridged]2.1. Abridged.[/cho]
[cho=unabridged]2.2. Unabridged.[/cho]

[ch=mercedescreation]3. Let's create a Mercedes.[/ch]
[cho=whycreation]3.1. Why would you create one in first place?[/cho]
[cho=apcreation]3.2. AP allocation.[/cho]

[ch=skillguide]4. Skill guide.[/ch]
[cho=elfbasics]4.1. Elf's basics.[/cho]
[ch=firstjob]4.2. First job advancement.[/ch]
[cho=skilldes1]4.2.1. Skills and descriptions.[/cho]
[cho=skillbuild1]4.2.2. Skill builds.[/cho]
[ch=secondjob]4.3. Second job advancement.[/ch]
[cho=skilldes2]4.3.1. Skills and descriptions.[/cho]
[cho=skillbuild2]4.3.2. Skill builds.[/cho]
[ch=thirdjob]4.4. Third job advancement.[/ch]
[cho=skilldes3]4.4.1. Skills and descriptions.[/cho]
[cho=skillbuild3]4.4.2. Skill builds.[/cho]
[ch=fourthjob]4.5. Fourth job advancement.[/ch]
[cho=skilldes4]4.5.1. Skills and descriptions.[/cho]
[cho=skillbuild4]4.5.2. Skill builds.[/cho]
[ch=hyperskills]4.6. Hyper skills.[/ch]
[cho=hyperskillswhat]4.6.1. What are Hyper Skills.[/cho]
[cho=hyperskillssp]4.6.2. How do these skill points work?[/cho]
[ch=statenhancing]4.6.3. Hyper Skills: Stat enhancing skills.[/ch]
[ch=skillenhancing]4.6.4. Hyper Skills: Skill enhancing skills.[/ch]
[ch=activeskills]4.6.6. Hyper skills: Attacking/active skills.[/ch]

[ch=storylinequests]5. Mercedes storyline and quests.[/ch]
[ch=quests]5.1. Quests.[/ch]
[cho=videoguide]5.1.1. Main quest video guide.[/cho]
[cho=mounts]5.1.2. Mounts.[/cho]
[ch=elluelnpc]5.2. Elluel and NPCs.[/ch]
[cho=elluel]5.2.1. Elluel's location and history.[/cho]
[cho=npc]5.2.2. Important figures.[/cho]

[ch=items]6. Mercedes related items.[/ch]
[cho=bowguns]6.1. Dual Bowguns.[/cho]
[cho=arrows]6.2. Magic Arrows.[/cho]
[cho=chair]6.3. The Elven throne.[/cho]
[cho=medals]6.4. Medals.[/cho]

[ch=levelingguide]7. Leveling/training guide.[/ch]
[cho=fastestlevel]7.1 The fastest way to level up.[/cho]
[cho=monstersandmaps]7.2 Recommended monsters and maps.[/cho]
[cho=partyquests]7.3 Party questing and extra goodies.[/cho]
[cho=bossingleeching]7.4 Bossing and leeching.[/cho]

[ch=faq]8. Frequently asked questions.[/ch]

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Useful references.1. Introduction.1.1. Who am I?1.2. Who is Mercedes?1.3. The story.2. Mercedes creation.2.1. Let's create a Mercedes.2.2. Pros and cons2.3. AP allocation.4. Skill guide.4.1. Elf's basics.4.2. First job advancement.4.2.1. Skills and descriptions.4.2.2. Skill builds.4.3. Second job advancement.4.3.1. Skills and descriptions.4.3.2. Skill builds.4.4. Third job advancement.4.4.1. Skills and descriptions.4.4.2. Skill builds.4.5. Fourth job advancement.4.5.1. Skills and descriptions.4.5.2. Skill builds.4.6. Hyper skills.4.6.1. What are Hyper Skills.4.6.2. How do these skill points work?Stat enhancing skill recommendationsExplanationResultsSkill enhancing skill recommendationsExplanationResultsAttacking/active skill recommendationsExplanationResults5. Mercedes storyline and quests.5.1. Quests.5.1.1. Main quest video guide.5.1.2. Mounts.5.1 Level 50 mount.5.2 Level 120/200 mount.5.3 Pet mount.5.2. Elluel and NPCs.5.2.1. Elluel's location and history.5.2.2. Important figures.6. Mercedes related items.6.1. Dual Bowguns.6.2. Magic Arrows.6.3. The Elven throne.6.4. Medals.7. Leveling/training guide.7.1 The fastest way to level up.7.2 Recommended monsters and maps.7.3 Party questing and extra goodies.7.3 Extras.9. Inspirational videos.9.1 General.9.2 Skills.9.3 Training.9.4 Bossing.8. Frequently asked questions.Who I amUpdatesThe sources.Disclaimer.People who've helpedUseful threads MapleStory Classes Bowman, Magician, Pirate, Thief, Warrior General Basics, Character Cards, Experience to next level, Fashion, Formulas Guides Bowman, General, Mage, Other, Pirate Items Beginner, Bowman, Common, Item Sets, Mage Monsters Bosses, Elemental Weaknesses, First Job, Fourth Job, Second Job Skills Beginner, Bowman, Mage, Pirate, Thief Fun Anime Anime Recommendations, Useful Programs Games Adventure, Android, Fighting, FPS, iOS Manga Manga Recommendations, Useful Programs Music Chill, EDM, Hip Hop, J-Pop, Vocaloid Trap TV Shows Supernatural, The Walking Dead Creativity Art and Drawing Programs and Tools, Tips, Tricks and Links Movie Editing Programs and Tools, Tips, Tricks and Links Music Making and Playing Metal, Piano, Tips, Tricks and Links Tech Computers Adobe After Effects Games MapleStory


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