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Wild Hunter Bonding of Bowman and Beast

Wild Hunter: Bonding of Bowman and Beast - Guide Information

Revision 10 (Spring into Summer) - June 9-10, 2015

  • Updated for the Resistance revamp
  • I recommend avoiding Evolving World: Link 3; PQ or MPE to 140.
  • Class cons aren't really relevant anymore. Mobbing has become one of WH's strengths.
  • A few sections have been marked outdated. I'll try to update them in the coming weeks.
  • Moved guide over to a custom flavor of Markdown so I can update it more easily. There may be some formatting errors; please tell me if you come across one.

Revision 9 (Grand Athenaeum) - March 26-30, 2014

  • Updated all sections of the guide to take into account new skill changes.
For returning Wild Hunters: max everything in first job, max everything but Jaguar Rawr in second job, max everything but Enduring Fire in third job, max everything in fourth job.
  • Reformatted training section, revised some level ranges, and added some areas.
  • Revised the notable equipment section since it was out of date.

Revision 8 (Dawnveil) - October 16, 2013

  • Updated all sections of the guide to take into account new skill changes.

Revision 7 - September 18, 2013

  • Added a section containing information about Wild Hunter skills.
  • Added a section summarizing all of the self-buffed Wild Hunter stat boosts.
  • Added Bugeyed Frog Hat to list of notable equipment.

Revision 6 - September 17, 2013

  • Guide stickied! Thanks Mr. B! Expect formatting changes to improve readability in the coming weeks.
  • Added a comprehensive guide to Dimension Invasion to commemorate this event.
  • Revised hyper skills so that they're in line with GMS names and level changes.
  • Added Terminus Bolter to Notable Equipment section.

Revision 5 - September 3, 2013

  • Massively streamlined the third job build section.
  • Slight modifications to training sections taking into account EXP reduction for hunting higher level monsters.
  • Corrected a typo related to Extend Magazine.

Revision 4 (GMS Unleashed) - July 5, 2013

  • Collapsed the training sections into a single section and made adjustments taking into consideration the recent EXP nerfs.
  • Removed references to LHC and revised the fourth job skill build accordingly.

Revision 3 (KMS Changes) - May 27, 2013


  • Soul Arrow is now on the list of maxed skills in second job.
  • Fixed the starting level of the fourth job build.


  • Added a section about notable equipment.
  • Improved the Training Locations section.
  • Added a section about Evolving World.
  • Slightly revised the cons list.
  • Added another miscellaneous section about upcoming Wild Hunter changes in KMS 1.2.194. It includes a summary of the changes as well as updated skill tables and new builds.

Revision 2 (Hyper Skills) - December 19, 2012

  • Added a section about hyper skills.

Revision 1 (Tempest) - November 28-29, 2012

  • Revised the AP allocation section.
  • Revised second job build.
  • Totally rewrote third job build.
  • Revised fourth job build.
  • Added a miscellaneous section on jumpcasting.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors.

There may be some errors in the third job section since it was so dramatically overhauled. Please leave a comment if you find any.

Initial Release - November 16, 2012

First version of the guide. Expect some inaccuracies.

Class Information

Why make a Wild Hunter?

  • Great party buffs (Call of the Wild, Sharp Eyes).
  • Rare class.
  • Weapons are fairly cheap.
  • Mastery books are extremely cheap.
  • Great 1v1 potential.
  • Mounted combat! Jaguars look cool.
  • [link=misc.mechanics]Unique Playstyle[/link].
  • Great mobility.
  • Great survivability.
  • Extremely high base weapon attack.

Wild Hunter on Paper

OUTDATED: I need to recalculate these numbers.

This is a summary of all stat boosts that Wild Hunter receives from self buffs. Skills with cooldown are not included, so these numbers are actually higher in practice.

+120% HP
+150 Avoid
+20% Avoid
+40% Dodge
  • 20% Damage taken
+10% Elemental resist
+20% Status resist

85% Mastery
90% Final Attack at 210% damage

+65% Crit rate
+23% Min crit damage
+30% Max crit damage

+2 Attack Speed
+70 ATT
+40% ATT

+100 STR
+130 DEX

+20% Damage
+40% Jaguar Damage
+30% DEF Ignored
+15% All stats

+70 Speed

+20% MP
+55% Stance
+20% Accuracy
+400 Accuracy
+50 Range

Optional Hyper Skills
+1 Attack Speed
+10% ATT
+20% HP

Starting Out

Unlike newer classes, Wild Hunter does not have a dedicated character creation button. Select Resistance at the class selection screen. You must complete the beginner quests until level 10. After that, you can advance to one of the resistance classes. This is a Wild Hunter guide, so you know which one you should pick.

Once you have advanced to a Wild Hunter, you need to catch a jaguar. In the Resistance Headquarters, talk to Black Jack and enter the jaguar habitat. In your skill window under the beginner tab, you will find a skill called "Capture." You must weaken a jaguar to 50% or less HP, then use this skill to catch it. Once you have done this you can mount the jaguar using your Jaguar Rider skill. There are five types of jaguar that you can obtain from the jaguar habitat:

  • Normal jaguar are the most common. They come in five colors: black, blue, red, purple, and orange. The only difference between these are their color.
  • Jaira is a rare jaguar that spawns once every 12 hours. It is black with glowing eyes. Jaira gives +5% critical rate. When Jaira spawns in the map, a message will appear in your chat box saying something to the effect of "Jaira has appeared from between the boulders."
  • Snow White is the rarest jaguar. It spawns once every 60 hours. It is white and has glowing eyes and markings. Snow White gives +10% buff duration.
  • Armored Crimson is a red, armored Jaguar that offers a passive -10% damage taken. As such, it is only useful for high end bossing.
  • Onyx Jaguar only comes from events. He gives +10% buff duration, so he's functionally no different from Snow White.

Fortunately, there are not a lot of Wild Hunter players so finding a rare jaguar shouldn't be too hard. You can always return to the habitat to look for a new jaguar at any time. There's no limit on how many times you may enter or capture a jaguar, but you only need to catch each kind once. After that, you can speak to Belle to select which previously captured Jaguar you want to use.

One important thing is that you can capture each kind of jaguar once. When captured, it will go into storage for you to recall at any time. When you reach third job, there's a skill that increases various stats based on how many jaguar you have captured. The effect maxes out once you have caught 6. More on this later.

AP Allocation

As of the Tempest patch, you no longer need to worry about STR requirements on equipment. Just dump every available point into DEX. Clicking the Auto-Assign button does this automatically.

Skill Information


Crystal Throw
Description: A basic ranged attack that deals flat damage.
Notes: Can't be used while mounted. Replaced by Double Shot immediately upon advancement.

Potion Mastery
Description: Makes all fixed-amount potions restore more health and mana.

Description: You become invisible for a short period of time and gain the ability to walk through monsters without taking touch damage.
Notes: Can't be used while mounted.

Spirit of Freedom
Description: Makes you invincible for 5 seconds after reviving.
Notes: This provides some much needed safe time to remount or rebuff after dying at Magnus or other bosses with death counters.

Description: Captures a monster for you to summon later.
Notes: For a monster to be eligible for capture, your level must be equal or greater to its level, and you must reduce its HP to 50% or lower. You can capture up to 5 monsters. Capturing another will erase the oldest monsters on the list. You can view your list of captured monsters by hovering over this skill in the beginner skills tab of your skill window.

Call of the Hunter
Description: Summons a previously captured monster. The monster will roam around and attack monsters, drawing their attention.
Notes: Some monsters will attempt to interact with other players, like Gatekeeper and Thanatos, making this a fun skill to play with. A lot of players don't know about this skill and may accuse you of hacking.

Secret Assembly
Description: Teleports you to Resistance HQ from almost anywhere. 1800 second cooldown.

First Job

Double Shot
Description: Fires two arrows at a single target.

Double Jump
Description: Allows you to jump again in air. If you're mounted, you can jump again twice.

Jaguar Rider
Description: Mounts your currently selected jaguar.

Summon Jaguar
Description: Summons your currently selected jaguar to follow you and attack nearby enemies.

Description: Makes your jaguar attack multiple enemies and restore a bit of HP.

Wild Lure
Description: Provokes enemies to attack your jaguar instead of you.

Resistance Auto Crank
Description: Increases all sorts of stats, including range, weapon attack, jump, and speed.

Nature's Wrath
Description: Increases critical rate.

Jaguar Management
Description: Allows you to choose your currently active jaguar from the ones you've caught.

Second Job

Triple Shot
Description: Fires three arrows at a single target.

Dash 'n Slash
Description: Makes your jaguar charge forward and push enemies back.
Notes: Automatically obtained; can be used mounted or unmounted.

Crossbow Mastery
Description: Increases weapon mastery.

Soul Arrow
Description: Increases weapon attack and allows you to attack without consuming arrows.

Call of the Wild
Description: Grants you damage absorption, avoidability, and max MP. You and your party will also receive a percentage based increase to attack.

Final Attack
Description: Adds a chance to attack an additional time with each shot.

Physical Training
Description: Passively increases STR and DEX.

Jaguar Mastery
Description: Increases max HP and gives you stance.

Crossbow Booster
Description: Increases attack speed.

Third Job

Enduring Fire
Description: Fires five arrows at a single target.

Sonic Roar
Description: Makes your jaguar roar to hit multiple surrounding enemies.

White Heat Rush
Description: Makes your jaguar jump upwards in the direction you're facing.
Notes: You can use this to travel vertically very quickly. Prefer it to climbing ladders and ropes where possible.

Hunting Assistant Unit
Description: Summons a turret to rapidly attack enemies.

Feline Berserk
Description: Increases attack, speed, and attack speed. Passively adds HP.

Description: Passively adds dexterity and dodge chance. All attacks following a successful dodge will be critical for one second.

Jaguar Link
Description: Adds critical rate, minimum critical damage, maximum critical damage, and attack power. The amount added depends on skill level and how many jaguars you have caught up to a maximum of 6.

Description: Gives you a buff that lets you walk backwards instead of turning around.
Notes: Very important for maximizing damage dealt while evading attacks.

Fourth Job

Wild Arrow Blast
Description: Fires a torrent of arrows at a single target while the skill key is held down.
Notes: This is your ultimate single target attack. This skill fires 8.33 arrows per second. Each arrow can trigger Final Attack. When mounted, this skill becomes an incredible AoE due to the way the jaguar cannon works.

Jaguar Soul
Description: Attacks the strongest nearby enemy for massive damage.

Drill Salvo
Description: Summons a drill salvo that deals damage in an area for a few seconds.
Notes: Deals massive damage when combined with HAU and mounted WAB.

Crossbow Expert
Description: Increases weapon mastery, weapon attack, and minimum critical damage.

Sharp Eyes
Description: Increases critical rate and critical damage for your entire party.

Maple Warrior
Description: Increases all stats by a percentage.

Hero's Will
Description: Cures abnormal status conditions.

Wild Instinct
Description: Passively increases your defense while also allowing you to ignore a percent of enemy defense.

Advanced Final Attack
Description: Increases the effect of Final Attack and adds weapon attack.

Natural Force
Description: Increases elemental resistance and abnormal status resistance.

Extended Magazine
Description: Increases damage by a percent and adds a small amount to all stats.

Hyper Skills

Silent Rampage
Unlocked at level 150. Increases your damage substantially and causes final attack to activate at a 100% rate. There is a 150 second cooldown.

Exploding Arrows
Unlocked at level 170. Fires arrows all around you, hitting up to 15 enemies around your character. This is essentially an ultimate with a 12 second cooldown.

For Liberty
Unlocked at level 200. For 60 seconds, your damage is increased by 10% and your damage cap is increased by 5,000,000. There is a 120 second cooldown.

Feline Berserk - Reinforce
Grants 10% more ATT while under the effects of Feline Berserk. Good for training or bossing.

Feline Berserk - Vitality
Further increases your HP while Feline Berserk is active. Good for bossing.

Feline Berserk - Rapid Attack
This skill is key because most crossbows are Normal (6) speed. The speed cap is 2. With this, you will be able to reach Fast (3). This has a dramatic effect on how fast Sonic Roar is. Best for training, since attack speed doesn't affect the fire rate of Wild Arrow Blast.

Summon Jaguar - Enhance
Increases the damage of Another Bite.

Summon Jaguar - Reinforce
Increases the damage of jaguar skills.

Summon Jaguar - Cooldown Cutter
Decreases cooldown on jaguar skills.

Wild Arrow Blast - Reinforce
Increases Wild Arrow Blast's damage by 20%.

Wild Arrow Blast - Guardbreak
Increases the amount of DEF Ignore by 20% when using Wild Arrow Blast.

Wild Arrow Blast - Boss Rush
Increases Wild Arrow Blast's damage versus bosses by 20%.

Skill Guides

First Job

Mobility Build (Funded)
+1 Double Shot
+1 Resistance Auto Crank
MAX Double Jump/Graviboots
MAX Resistance Auto Crank
MAX Nature's Wrath
MAX Double Shot

Damage Build (Unfunded)
+1 Resistance Auto Crank
MAX Double Shot
MAX Double Jump/Graviboots
MAX Resistance Auto Crank
MAX Nature's Wrath

Second Job

+1 Triple Shot
+2 Soul Arrow
+5 Crossbow Mastery
+3 Crossbow Booster
MAX Crossbow Mastery
MAX Physical Training
MAX Soul Arrow
MAX Call of the Wild
MAX Crossbow Booster
MAX Final Attack
19 Triple Shot

Third Job

+1 Feline Berserk
+1 White Heat Rush
+1 Enduring Fire
+1 Jaguar Link
+1 Flurry
+1 Backstep
MAX Feline Berserk
MAX Jaguar Link
19 Enduring Fire
MAX Flurry
MAX Hunting Assistant Unit
MAX Backstep
MAX White Heat Rush

Fourth Job

+1 Wild Arrow Blast
+1 Crossbow Expert
+1 Advanced Final Attack
MAX Extended Magazine
MAX Crossbow Expert
MAX Sharp Eyes
MAX Wild Instinct
MAX Advanced Final Attack
MAX Maple Warrior
MAX Drill Salvo
MAX Natural Force
MAX Hero's Will

If you're at this point, then grats; you're now a master WH.

Hyper Skills

There are three hyper skill tabs: S, P, and A.

  • S - Stat enhancing passive skills. These provide a passive boost to various stats in your stat window.
  • P - Skill enhancing passive skills. These provide a passive enhancement to certain third and fourth job skills.
  • A - Attack/buff active skills.

Every ten levels, starting at level 140, you will gain some of these points:

140: +1 S, +1 P
150: +1 S, +1 A
160: +1 S, +1 P
170: +1 S, +1 A
180: +1 P
190: +1 S, +1 P
200: +1 S, +1 P, +1 A

Total you will receive 3 A points, 6 S points, and 5 P points.

S Hyper Skills

Hyper Strength Passively increases your STR by 50. Requires level 140.
Hyper Dexterity Passively increases your DEX by 50. Requires level 140.
Hyper Intelligence Passively increases your INT by 50. Requires level 140.
Hyper Luck Passively increases your LUK by 50. Requires level 140.
Hyper Critical Passively increases your critical rate by 10%. Requires level 198.
Hyper Accuracy Passively increases your accuracy by 20%. Requires level 158.
Hyper Health Passively increases your HP by 15%. Requires level 192.
Hyper Mana Passively increases your MP by 15%. Requires level 186.
Hyper Fury Passively increases your DF by 50. Requires level 180.
Hyper Defense Passively increases your physical defense by 500. Requires level 165.
Hyper Magic Defense Passively increases your magical defense by 500. Requires level 174.
Hyper Speed Passively increases your speed stat by 10. Requires level 152.
Hyper Jump Passively increases your jump stat by 10. Requires level 146.

P Hyper Skills

Feline Berserk - Reinforce Feline Berserk's damage boost is increased by 10%.
Feline Berserk - Vitality Feline Berserk's HP boost is increased by 20%.
Feline Berserk - Rapid Attack Attack speed is increased by one level while in Feline Berserk.
Sonic Roar - Reinforce Sonic Roar's damage is increased by 20%.
Sonic Roar - Spread Sonic Roar can hit two more monsters.
Sonic Roar - Extra Strike Sonic Roar hits an additional time.
Summon Jaguar - Enhance Increases the damage of Another Bite.
Summon Jaguar - Reinforce Increases the damage of jaguar skills.
Summon Jaguar - Cooldown Cutter Reduces the cooldown of jaguar skills.
Wild Arrow Blast - Reinforce Wild Arrow Blast deals 20% more damage.
Wild Arrow Blast - Guardbreak Wild Arrow Blast ignores 20% of the target's defense.
Wild Arrow Blast - Boss Rush Wild Arrow Blast deals 20% more damage to bosses.

A Hyper Skills

Silent Rampage Increases damage and raises final attack rate to 100% for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 150 seconds. Requires level 150.
Exploding Arrows Deals 380% damage 11 times to 15 monsters. Cooldown: 12 seconds. Requires level 170.
Will of Liberty The damage of all Resistance members in your party is increased by 10%, and the damage cap is raised by 50,000 for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Requires level 200.

You have enough points to max all three of these, so put a point in each as soon as possible.

##Training Build

This build focuses on increasing damage as much as possible while focusing on training efficiency.

SHyper DexterityHyper StrengthHyper Defense / Hyper Magic DefenseHyper ManaHyper HealthHyper Critical

PFeline Berserk - ReinforceFeline Berserk - Rapid AttackSonic Roar - ReinforceSonic Roar - SpreadSonic Roar - Extra Strike

##Bossing Build

This build focuses on increasing your bossing potential through survivability and 1v1 damage.

SHyper DexterityHyper StrengthHyper Defense / Hyper Magic DefenseHyper ManaHyper HealthHyper Critical

PFeline Berserk - ReinforceFeline Berserk - VitalityWild Arrow Blast - Boss RushWild Arrow Blast - GuardbreakWild Arrow Blast - Reinforce

Capping Build

If you already hit the damage cap, then additional damage won't help you at all. This build focuses on increasing survivability and training efficiency instead.

SHyper DexterityHyper DefenseHyper Magic DefenseHyper ManaHyper HealthHyper Critical

PFeline Berserk - VitalityFeline Berserk - Rapid AttackSonic Roar - SpreadSonic Roar - Extra StrikeWild Arrow Blast - Guardbreak

##Training Locations

Party quests are not listed here because of their wide level ranges. They give good EXP, so don't forget about them!
Level RangeLocation
10-30Resistance Questline; Streetlight, Boulder Munchers
30-37Mushroom Kingdom Theme Dungeon
35-40Copper Drakes
35-45Kerning City Shopping Mall
40-50Gold Richie's Beach
50-60Chryse Theme Dungeon, Xerxes solo
60-75Iron Mutae
70-75Sakura Castle
70-90Roid, Neo Huroid
70-140Monster Park Extreme
95-105Ellin Forest Theme Dungeon
100-170Evolving World (Link 3) - NOT RECOMMENDED
115Golden Temple
125+Neo City Theme Dungeon
140+Dimension Invasion
140-165Temple of Time
150+Commerci Voyages
150-160Singapore: Mysterious Path 3
165+Second Drill Hall
179+Hall of Honor
190+Warrior Grounds
200+Visitor PQ

Evolving World

I recommend avoiding Evolving World now. Do PQs or solo MPE to 140 for maximum experience.

Evolving World provides a private, customizable training experience. You can determine how the background looks, what music plays, what the monsters look like, what the monsters drop, and how difficult they are. The EXP of monsters in Evolving World is based on a few factors: monster level, HP, party presence, and EXP cores.

When you enter Evolving World alone, the monsters inside will be the same level as you. For parties, the monster levels will be equal to the average level of all the players in your party. Monster level is capped at 160.

There are 9 Links in Evolving World. Link 3 is where you will be training. It has the highest spawn rate and the easiest to kill monsters. The machine in the middle of the map will periodically activate and attract all the monsters in the map.

The EXP received from killing monsters inside can be manipulated using various cores that you insert into the Evolving World machine before entering. Monster Level cores, Monster HP cores, and Party EXP cores directly affect the EXP you gain. Additionally, Monster Population cores will increase the spawn rate while inside, giving you even more EXP! You can obtain cores by either purchasing them from the core vendor in the Evolving World lobby, or by finding them while hunting inside. The best cores can only be found from monsters killed while hunting inside Evolving World. Keep an eye out for Monster HP X20, Monster Population 100%, and Party EXP cores.

When solo training in Link 3, I recommend having HS. Run a second computer with a HS mule, find a friend who is willing to HS you, or even hire someone to give you HS while you train. For this to work you keep the HS mule outside of the Link 1 to Link 3 portal and periodically go out to rebuff when HS runs out. The machine in the middle of the map will activate twice before you need to rebuff HS. With 2X, a HS mule, 20X HP core, and Monster Level +7 core, you can receive over 100k EXP per kill solo training past level 160. This is absolutely the best EXP in the game and I highly recommend it.

When party training in Link 3, you want to try to recruit a Kanna and Bishop. Kanna will have more effect on EXP gained than Bishop, so prioritize accordingly.

Be sure to save your evolving coins for the core expansions! You need to buy them from the core vendor. The first core expansion costs 150 and the second costs 200. When you buy the first core expansion and complete the quest, you will receive three more circle core slots. The second core expansion will open the unique core slot in the middle. Unique cores only drop from Evolving World monsters and are very rare, so this shouldn't be your number one priority.

Dimension Invasion

Dimension Invasion is a party quest that becomes available once you have reached level 140. However, unlike other party quests, you can enter DI alone. In DI, you must clear six stages. Depending on how well you did during the PQ, you may be granted access to one of three bonus stages. Like other party quests, monster levels inside DI will be equal to the average level of your party. If you enter alone, they will be the same level as you. Monsters in DI cap out at level 180.

For clearing Dimension Invasion, you will receive a Normal Dimension Box. Completing a bonus stage awards an extra box. Normal Dimension Boxes contain Dimension Glove Fragments and potions. The bonus stage boxes contain HQ Dimension Glove Fragments, Elite Heliseum, Nova Equipment, or glove ATT scrolls.

There are also medals associated with this PQ:
  • Dimensional Defender: Medal - REQ LVL: 140, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +5, Weapon/Magic ATT +2. Awarded for completing DI 10 times.
  • Dimension Master: Medal - REQ LVL: 140, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +7, Weapon/Magic ATT +4. Awarded for completing DI 100 more times after receiving the first medal.
  • By Land, Sea, and Air: Medal - REQ LVL: 140, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +4, Weapon/Magic ATT +3. Awarded for completing each of the bonus stages at least once. You must receive the second medal before this one.

Stage 1
You must defeat 7 waves of 3 Bloodfangs and 30 Skeleknights. The Bloodfangs have extremely high HP. Save them for last so that you can focus your firepower on them. A good strategy is to use Drill Salvo and HAU when they're off cooldown while firing mounted WAB.

Stage 2
You must defeat Hilla's Trojan Horse, a miniboss. This miniboss is stationary and will not move around during the fight. When you see a purple animation, he will summon a number of Skeleknights that must be defeated before you can attack him again. It's best to unmount and use WAB for maximum 1v1 damage. HAU and Drill Salvo will help you clear the minions, but you can mount and use WAB too.

Stage 3
You must defeat 9 waves of 30 monsters, and a final 10th stage of 90 monsters. Each wave will spawn at one of the portals that appears during this stage. Stay on the bottom and watch your spawn meter. If the spawn meter is filling and you don't see any monsters, climb up to the top-left platform and take out any Skeleknights that have spawned. Chances are you'll only need to use mounted WAB here with a little WHR.

Stage 4
Climb to the top left platform as fast as possible and stay there. Gargoyles will fly across the map and drop bombs that can instantly kill you. You cannot attack them. This stage gives you a chance to rest for a few seconds. As soon as the spawn meter disappears and reappears, jump down from your platform and prepare for stage 5.

Stage 5
You must defeat 7 waves of 18 Gargoyles and 2 Gargoyle Knights. These monsters fly, but they will chase you if you're standing on the ground. Don't jump around too much as they will scatter to different platforms! If you fail to defeat an entire wave quickly enough, another one will spawn. I recommend staying in the bottom left corner and using the same strategy as you did in stage 1.

Stage 6
You must defeat a protective totem before the spawn meter maxes out. Every couple of seconds, a wave of Skeleknights will spawn. There are 7 waves, but to be able to attack them you need to defeat the totem first.

The totem has a lot of HP, but there's an easy way to beat it if you're unfunded. It is not classified as a boss, so it can be killed by instant death effects. If you put your WH character card into your character card deck, you can spam WAB and kill it by chance. Otherwise, you can just use the same strategy as you did in stage 2.

Bonus Stage: Hilla's Dark Soul (clear in under 10 minutes)
If there is more than 49:59 remaining on the clock, you will encounter this bonus stage at a 100% rate. Unfortunately, this stage is extremely hard to beat without an insane amount of funds. Blackheart will occasionally cast DR and heal himself. At 50% HP, he will split into many miniature Blackhearts. After they are defeated he will reappear for the rest of the fight.

Bonus Stage: Hilla and Magnus' Soldiers (clear in under 20 minutes)
This bonus stage appears randomly if you have more than 39:59 remaining. For this stage, Magnus' Spectres will spawn on the left side of the map and Hilla's Bloodfangs on the right. If these two groups of monsters collide in the center, they will die and you will not receive any experience. You can either wait this stage out or try to kill the monsters for massive experience. Instant death effects work here.

Bonus Stage: Magnus' Soldiers (clear after 20 minutes)
This bonus stage appears randomly after 20 minutes. It's like the Hilla and Magnus' soldiers bonus stage, except instead of two groups of enemies there is only one that spawns in the center. You must kill them to proceed. Instant death effects work here.

Notable Equipment

Level 30

Wild Beak. Secondary weapon.

Level 50

Bugeyed Frog Hat. Common, tradable hat that comes with 5 ATK.
Mini Pumpkin Pointy Hat. Common, tradable hat that comes with 8 ATK.
Spiderweb Pointy Hat. Common, tradable hat that comes with 10 ATK.

Level 60

Wild Crow. Secondary weapon.

Purple Senior Cap. Farmable. Epic on reveal. When picked up, you will always receive one for your class.
Purple Senior Suit. Farmable. Epic on reveal. When picked up, you will always receive one for your class.
Purple Senior Gloves. Farmable. Epic on reveal. When picked up, you will always receive one for your class.
Purple Senior Boots. Farmable. Epic on reveal. When picked up, you will always receive one for your class.

Level 80

These are all farmable from Treeglow, Victor, or Velderoth. They are Superior quality and come with weapon attack.
Elite Heliseum Bowman Cape.
Elite Heliseum Bowman Belt.
Elite Heliseum Bowman Boots.

Level 100

Wild Heron. Secondary weapon.

Level 110

These are all farmable from Treeglow, Victor, or Velderoth. They are Superior quality and come with weapon attack.
Nova Charon Cloak.
Nova Charon Belt.
Nova Charon Boots.

Level 120

Cracked Gollux Ring.
Cracked Gollux Earrings.
Cracked Engraved Gollux Pendant.
Cracked Engraved Gollux Belt.

Level 123

These are all tradable after equipping. Each has higher weapon attack than crossbows of similar level.
Horoscope Crossbow.
Toy Machine Gun.
Wild Hunter Crossbow.

Level 127

VIP Crossbow. Tradable after equipping. Available from Visitor PQ, which is accessible at level 200.

Level 130

Solid Gollux Ring.
Solid Gollux Earrings.
Solid Engraved Gollux Pendant.
Solid Engraved Gollux Belt.

Level 135

Loveless Black Beauty.

Level 140

Falcon Wing Heavy Crossbow.
Falcon Wing Sentinel Cap.
Falcon Wing Sentinel Cape.
Falcon Wing Sentinel Shoulder.
Falcon Wing Sentinel Suit.
Falcon Wing Sentinel Gloves.
Falcon Wing Sentinel Boots.

This is the second best accessory set in the game.
Reinforced Gollux Ring.
Reinforced Gollux Earrings.
Reinforced Engraved Gollux Pendant.
Reinforced Engraved Gollux Belt.

Level 150

Easy to obtain since v.152 - Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple.
[item=Oyamatsumi's Mind Expansion Bow].
[item=Oyamatsumi's Helm].
[item=Oyamatsumi's Cape].
[item=Oyamatsumi's Armor].
[item=Oyamatsumi's Belt].
[item=Oyamatsumi's Gloves].
[item=Oyamatsumi's Shoes].

Ideal end-game equipment when paired with Tyrants.
Fafnir Windwing Shooter.
Highness Ranger Beret.
Eagle Eye Ranger Cowl.
Trixter Ranger Pants.

Tyrant Charon Cloak.
Tyrant Charon Belt.
Tyrant Charon Boots.

This is the best accessory set in the game.
Superior Gollux Ring.
Superior Gollux Earrings.
Superior Engraved Gollux Pendant.
Superior Engraved Gollux Belt.

Level 160

Terminus Bolter.

This set technically has the most potential in the game, but realistically, perfecting the armor is too expensive and impractical even if you can afford it.
Sweetwater Crossbow.
Sweetwater Hat.
Sweetwater Cape.
Sweetwater Suit.
Sweetwater Gloves.
Sweetwater Shoes.

Despite the names, these items are not part of the Sweetwater set.
Sweetwater Glasses. Tier 4 potentialable accessory.
Sweetwater Tattoo. Tier 4 potentialable accessory.

Level 180

Rare Alien Fragment Helmet.


These are random, unorganized tidbits of information that may eventually make their way into other sections of the guide and be further elaborated on.

Wild Hunter Gameplay Mechanics

Wild Hunters differ from other classes in a few ways. The most noticeable difference is that Wild Hunters can attack while moving, meaning their overall mobility is quite high.

It is also worth noting that their attacks work a bit differently from other classes. Specifically, Wild Hunter attacks are not locked to a specific target as soon as you press the skill key. This means that you can do cool things like press the skill button while facing one direction, turn around, and then launch projectiles in the other direction. This also means you can press a skill key, jump, and launch the projectiles mid-air to hit monsters on a higher platform, something other bowmen cannot do. Note that this only applies to projectile attacks, not attacks that use your jaguar to attack, like Swipe. It also does not work for attacks that only launch projectiles while standing on the ground only (Wild Arrow Blast).

Finally, one mechanic that new WHs seem to struggle with is that projectile attacks originate from atop your jaguar. This means that when you use a skill like Triple Shot, you can't be too close to a short monster or the attack will miss. This also allows you to jump and hit monsters on higher platforms than other bowmen.


A number of Wild Hunter skills may be casted freely in midair. This section does not pertain to those skills.

Jumpcasting is a mechanic that has been around ever since the beginning of MapleStory. It's simple: for skills that require you to be on the ground, you can press the jump key and the skill key at the exact same moment and your character will jump while using the skill. Normally, you wouldn't be able to do this. If you don't press the keys simultaneously, you'll either do one or the other; not both. This means that you can stay in motion even while using skills that would otherwise pause movement for a second! If you have enough jump stat, you can finish a skill before you land. Following is a list of skills that jumpcasting works with and what it means for you.

Jaguar Rider
Jumpcasted Jaguar Rider is interesting. Normally, when you use Jaguar Rider, your character pauses and a rather long animation of you mounting a jaguar begins. The animation locks you in place, and it does not allow you to use skills until it completes. If you jumpcast this skill, the (de)mounting animation does not play. No more long mount/unmount sequences!

Jaguar Rawr
You stay in motion while jumpcasting this skill.

Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild locks you in place when you use it on the ground. With enough jump stat, you can negate the lockdown time by jumpcasting. This allows you to keep your momentum.

Jumpcasting Dash'n'Slash lets you avoid the "dash" effect of the skill. Instead of moving towards, you will stay in place (the velocity of your jump).

Feline Berserk
The effects of jumpcasting Feline Berserk are the same as jumpcasting Call of the Wild.

You stay in motion while jumpcasting this skill.

Hunting Assistant Unit

Sonic Roar
You stay in motion while jumpcasting this skill.

Wild Arrow Blast
This skill allows you to move freely. Jumpcasting will not work at all - WAB fires arrows only when you are on the ground.

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