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Bowmaster Mlc Thread

Bow Master Forum Talk about Hunter, Ranger and Bow Master

bumbertyr Level 250 Scania Bow Master
well it's time to get this rolling
i was reluctant to post here after the bashing i've seen on the other members however a post does need to be put here.
What changes do you think could be made to the bowmaster, skill changes stat changes. What in general do you think would make the class more fun

here are a couple things that other members have suggested already (written in my own words as a response)

Pheonix: I was thinking about suggesting it to be a mount after completing a quest for it

Platter: The kill switch is something i've been wanting as well.
For clarification, Kill Switch, also known as an emergency stop or e-stop

I can't comment on character cards at this time

Hurricane: hmm... how about upon hitting hurricane level 30 the fire effect is added?
Mortal blow: Since mortal blow doesn't work on bosses, i was going to suggest that you deal an extra 15-20% damage to boss level monsters under 20% hp at a 10% chance

Quiver: I'll suggest magic quiver being a toggle.

Arrow platter: stop the Armor break Change.

Sharp eyes: changes to hyper passives.
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hellonub132 Level 206 Scania Marksman
who r u?
Aug 25 2015
cxter Level 204 Windia Kanna 4
Aug 25 2015
elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
Not a BM main but general comments on your ideas. Please accept my criticism lightly.

Pheonix: Other than the mounting idea, I'm not sure about a mechanical change for BM/MM summons. You aren't really a summon-based job so whilst it may be interesting to have a unique summon.. I don't think it's necessary. As a status quo you already have Arrow Blaster to care about, I can't see great use in this skill.

Platter: All summons should be a non-dispellable buff that appear on a different line to your buffs, which you can right click to kill.

Character Cards: While we're at this.. 'Accuracy' needs a side effect other than it being related to whether you miss or hit a target (which is mostly controlled by level afaik). After 1k accuracy give 1% in Eresist ignore or %IDR sounds like a start.

Hurricane: As in like weapon mastery? where every 10 levels your attack swipe changes colour? Sounds interesting.

Mortal blow: Uhh... I would have to run down calculations but I'm not exactly sure if increasing base BM damage is required. Damage reduction mitigation however should be a key agenda for you guys. Instead make it increased %ID at a flat rate.

Quiver: ?As in not to use/activate it? Not really sure what this is for when you have enchanted quiver.

Arrow platter(stop Armor break change): Did BMBryan suggest this lel?

Sharp eyes: Just keep in mind, SE is a party buff. (Come to think of it are those added effects applied to party?)

P.S. I think as a community representative, you need to expect opposition and if you're fearing this then I'm not sure how you're going to collect the voices of your community. To my understanding your role is to collate the opinions of the community, summarise, reinterpret and present to the MLC in a more manageable format for submission to NexonNA/KR devs for consideration.
Aug 25 2015
hongfung Level 232 Galicia Mercedes 4
Does platter still activate DR? They should make it deal 1 damage instead of having it kill you when a boss dr's.
Aug 25 2015
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Phoenix - It doesn't really seem necessary. While I think a change to the bird summons would be interesting, particularly one that would allow it to detach from you and fly around the map like the bird it is, I don't really think it needs to be buffed.

Platter - Kill Switch is not a term I'm familiar with. Are you referring to how it activates DR? Because that should be changed.

Character Cards - Well not all character cards have to be good, the Hero/Mihile/DW cards are pretty useless. Regardless, giving a % accuracy card to BMs when accuracy does absolutely nothing in this game is annoying. I think % max crit damage would work thematically.

Hurricane - Elements don't really do anything in this game. The visual effect could be nice but that's up to preference.

Mortal Blow - yeah this skill's useless. I don't have any good suggestions for it though.

Quiver - yeah I think it should be toggleable.

Arrow Platter Armor Break - why? Wouldn't you rather have armor break working on your stronger Hurricane hits rather than your weaker Arrow Platter hits?

SE - Did you have any specifics in mind? "Change them" doesn't help much. They seem fine to me.
Aug 25 2015
nekama Level 205 Khaini Hero
No idea what a mlc is

I am not sure if this is just me, but I would like to be able to cancel out of Enchanted Quiver by clicking on it. Many times I overshoot pressing the key and end up being locked in Poison arrows for 40 seconds (I have buff duration up) when I really need to be on HP drain arrows, or being stuck on HP arrows, when I want to use magic arrow.

Mortal Blow, maybe increase the HP / MP regen to 10%?

The hyperskills seem fine as is, because you only get a couple points in passive skill buffs, and most of those are used up on Hurricane and Arrow Stream.

Wouldn't fire effect be a bad thing since all end game bosses are basically immune to elemental damage?
Aug 26 2015
neobowmaster Level 80 Khaini Mechanic 3
Does platter still activate DR? They should make it deal 1 damage instead of having it kill you when a boss dr's.[/quote]

In the recent KMS patches, Platter does not trigger DR anymore but it also does not trigger AFA.

On topic: For now I think the pressing issue to get the fact that arrow turret is not dealing any damage addressed as soon as possible.
On the other things it seems decent and as for the arrow platter kill switch, its not necessary since the only reason it would've been useful for is DR but arrow platter no longer triggers DR in the latest KMS patches so it really would not have any use, I would think.
Aug 26 2015
elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
So is my suggestion of ryudes bow and shadow partner off the table? [/quote]

That naming.. why? **Ishtar's** bow please.
Aug 26 2015
assmuppet Level 223 Windia Bow Master
So I posted this on the Maple subreddit when I saw the Bowmaster MLC there:

So I've been playing bowmaster most of my maple career. Since a little past beta I have been with bowmaster through thick and thin. I was trying to think of certain things that would really make gameplay better without setting us up for a nerf.
HP: This is a big one. At 223 I have a little more than 30k hp. I know some mages at lower levels that have higher hp than that, and they have mana guard. Most bosses do % dmg so this is not as pivotal for bossing as it used to be. That being said I think it's a little messed up.
Defense: If the HP thing is impossible I think a passive that raises our defense and magic defense stat cap would be beneficial. We're not quite mages or warriors, I think we belong somewhere in between. With that in mind bowmen should have a more middle range defense cap.
Hookshot: I think the reach of hookshot can and should be increased. Not only that but it should be converted into a pseudo mobbing skill hitting every mob you pass through, not just the one on the end.
Phoenix: I don't feel like phoenix really serves much of a purpose anymore. Instead of a weak attack and a stun effect maybe phoenix could have a stacking effect, where when it hits instead of it doing dmg it places a stacking debuff on the enemy. That way phoenix has a purpose and a motivation to keep it summoned.
Platter: I've been happy with platters move to an auxiliary skill. That being said I think there should be a kill switch mechanism. If I'm fighting a healing boss such as Pierre I would like to be able to kill it at will.
Hurricane: As a visual feature I would like hurricane to move back to the fire animation that it had before the dual hurricane hyper came out. It truly displays the fire elemental aspect of bowmasters. I also think hurricane should have more mobility like other classes hurricane skill. Hurricane was ours first why should we have an inflexible version?
Character Card: Our character card is accuracy. What does accuracy do? Pretty much a whole lot of nothing. Marksmen have a % crit character card. What do we get? Accuracy. At the very least make the character card worthwhile like + dex or % min crit. With our worthless character card bowmasters don't even get a chance to be in someones deck. Nobody will try out bowmasters until they're worth taking up a slot for. The only reason I have one is because I main it.

I thought about it for a bit and this is what I came up with. I think my ideas are pretty on point considering my long term experience with playing bowmasters. I didn't really mention damage because I think the reboot will help with a lot of the underlying weakness with medium funding issues that bowmasters are currently experiencing. (Even though I say that it's amazing how much you can fund a bowmaster and not cap. People see a select few super funded bowmasters and assume that bowmasters are overpowered because of it.) Anyways, I really did try to put some effort into this so I hope you at least give your thoughts on what I have said.

I had some question what I said so I also posted a follow up to clarify:

My warriors all have 50k+ hp by 210 let alone 223. I mentioned that it was not important for bossing in my post. That being said it's still useful for taking a hit or two with higher level mobs. Not only that but when fighting empress the person with the lowest hp is killed on someone attacking the damage reflect. It's rather frustrating when I die because of someone else's carelessness.

I think you misunderstood me about the defense thing. I have over triple the current defense cap yet I only have 9,999 defense because the cap is admittedly low. As is it with most classes non warrior based. I was pushing for the hp thing more than the defense anyways.
Phoenix, yeah you're right summons for most classes are useless. That being said look at WH mount. Just because something is currently useless doesn't mean it should stay that way. Truth be told I don't even bother using phoenix the extra dmg is negligible. I didn't say make it OP, just give it a slight debuff towards opposing mobs like 5% defense decrease 5% slow or something along those lines. It might as well not be a skill from my perspective, others may disagree. Do you remember spirit link from around v115 or so? They could also do something like that, but it only works while phoenix is summoned or something.
Character cards are meant to benefit people. Why keep a useless one around? If they want to make accuracy useful again that's fine, but accepting an outdated stat on a character card is silly just because it's the norm.
I really do like hearing your input. What are your thoughts on hurricane and hookshot?

I just posted this for those who don't frequent Reddit:

I just thought I would clarify some of the suggestions I presented so that other people could get a feel for them without any misunderstandings. @bumbertyr I'm glad you stepped up to the plate. I want to apologize for my criticism of you. You didn't respond so I thought you didn't care. With that in mind I hope you make us proud.

(So Basil wouldn't let me post my wall of text at first because of some kind of filter issue. Then I edited it in piece by piece and basil detects nothing. Seems like some bad coding to me. Normally I would have given up if it was that difficult to post.)

As an extra note I can understand why you can't comment on the character cards at the moment.
Aug 26 2015
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