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ClipsNCurls Level 190 Windia Buccaneer
So my boyfriend and I made plans to hang today (its Friday so duh) and then he calls me saying he'd like today to study for exams instead. Fair enough, so we go ourways and then I call back hrs later to check in on him and apparently his friends showed up uninvited and they've been hanging for a few hrs now. Now he's saying its their fault for coming and but he's just as bad as saying yes to hanging. Like honestly I felt like he betrayed me. Guys am I overreacting or was this srsly unfair on my half?
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WowChowMein Level 226 Renegades Phantom 4 DarkRelic Guild
cut his jewel off for doing that. youre underreacting not over reacting. he a shady beetch.
Apr 11 2015
RovLa Level 157 Scania Dark Knight
how much hp he got he might not be soloable
Apr 11 2015
paiaknight Level 180 Scania Wild Hunter 4
hmm take a picture with another guy. you gotta make him chase for yo
Apr 11 2015
iDrinkOJ Level 127 Windia Phantom 4
flirt with other guys
that'll get his attention.
if he doesn't make you a priority then don't make him one either.
Apr 11 2015
betaboi101 Level 56 Broa Assassin Hanyu Guild
Tease him and say that you're really horny and make him regret not being with you rn. Trust me, if you want a guy to feel bad for doing something wrong, play the sex card
Apr 11 2015
CeroFX Level 139 Scania Blade Master
Logically speaking he basically rejected you but accepted his friends. Coming over "uninvited is no excuse, he still did the deed, and made the decision. To be fair he could have manned up and rejected them sticking to his plans, or invited you over and F studying, or make it up to you somehow, but it doesn't sound like he tried to consider your feelings These are the little things can add up in relationships and turn into major issues later on. I wouldn't break up with him over this, but do pay attention if this is a regular thing. Its give and take~
Apr 11 2015
SlashNStab Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
Your BasilID is similar to mine
Apr 11 2015
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