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Bring back old PQs

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Darklerty Level 187 Scania Marksman
I'm not that much of a hater for post-BB stuff, but if there was one thing I wanted, it's the old PQs!
C'mon, who actually ENJOYS the new PQs?

BTW, I'm talking about the fun and challenge aspect of the PQ, not the EXP. Now, they just spell out exactly what you need to do. For example, LPQ former stage 8 required a team of 6 with stuff like KMS or JMS style. LMPQ is another great example of actually requiring a little problem solving. Today's LPQ is guess and check and a math problem.

Oh, and in summary, Nexon sucks at revamping PQs.
Posted: April 2012 Permalink


Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
If you mean all the PQs like Romeo and Juliet too (10 stage jump quest) then fewer people will actually do them
Apr 08 2012
Glinda21 Level 181 Broa Zero Transcendent
But most of present day maplers would not even [i]smart enough[/i] to do LPQ.
OT: I agree with you 100%, I really miss the actual challenge in the PQ's
Apr 08 2012
Ravenpaw0 Level 125 Scania Marksman
I miss the team work that was needed.....
Apr 08 2012
slacker5050 Level 130 Windia Evan 9th Growth
i hate how there is like a limit to the amount of times you can do the pq's
Apr 08 2012

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