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Broa - Last Level-Up at Coolies Screen

By narthus

narthus Level 205 Broa Demon Avenger 4
Jul 22 2015 Before SH, HoH, LHC, MP3, Aliens, Jesters, Himes, Skelegons, or Gobys, there were old Coolies. This is the place where KS wars grew more into a thing. Sure, there were a couple skirmishes at Yetis and lower maps, but FDT4 was the REAL situation to show off your Low-Dex steely sin. I could only really level up peaceably during late hours when there were 0 worries. This was my last level at Coolies before moving to the empty Lycanthrope maps.

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stillllish Level 208 Broa I/L Arch Mage
Many a ks war back in those days. Sometimes you had to pull out the reserves and activate a gelt chocolate.
Jul 25 2015
hardballer Level 201 Broa Bow Master
+1 I love it. I did this too, train there, and back then, I used to listen to the music of skills and backgrounds. It was so magical
Jul 28 2015

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