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Broa's finest vs chaos pink bean Video

By ZeroByDivide

ZeroByDivide Level 250 Broa Luminous 4
Dec 10 2013 25 man Broan CPB run, hosted by Kisekki. This run happened before the Red patch. Also, totems.

Guilds who participated: Aletheia Artifice Buffs Esculent Essence LostBlades Nimbus Radical Style TEASE

Songs used:
Naruto Shippuden - Girei (Pain's Theme Song)
Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away
FFXIV Fight Music - Shoden
Europe - The Final Countdown
Rocky Theme Song

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Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
+1 cool, another dray ripoff.
Dec 11 2013
xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
+1 lol totems, totems everywhere

and LOL at "s> resistance pots"
Dec 11 2013
cool, another dray ripoff.[/quote]

So what? Dray made amazing videos, and I'm sure he wouldnt be mad if someone used a similar style when making their own video. I personally love this video because it looks way more pro than just someone vidding and people standing still to BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM and just looking at the obviously high damage.
Dec 11 2013
Zeepje Level 214 Scania Bow Master
This was amazing!
Dec 11 2013
aznpoo123 Level 211 Broa Kanna 4
+1 dammit i wasnt there
Dec 12 2013
Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
why is everyone hurting from their rear over my simple comment. i never said dray's videos weren't awesome, nor did i say this one wasn't either.

i simply said " cool, another dray ripoff"

i mean family guy is a simpsons ripoff, and it's friggen awesome imo.

oh and @business, get a life, and don't tell people to shut up over the internet, you and i both know the internet doesn't work like that. i won't shut up because you don't like what i think.

good day to you all
Dec 12 2013

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