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Broa's first legit full empress kill Screen

By ViPrincess

ViPrincess Level 200 Broa Paladin
Jun 28 2012 Congratulations to Broa, we have the first legit empress kill in broa. (Video coming around too ^^) Guilds attended: iTEASE|Villains|Radical|Style|Clever|DigitalPixels|

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Congratz Mei and the others on your great achievement how did you guys do it? haha i hope i can be in the 2nd legit run
Jun 28 2012
ViPrincess Level 200 Broa Paladin
Thanks ge ge ^^ it was our second attempt, we managed to kill it with 3 minutes to spare(^^" talk about cutting it close..), everyone was so attentive and followed instructions well so everyone that went deserves a pat on the back, as well as Broa for finally being able to legitly kill empress~
Jun 28 2012
ContagiousSmile Level 201 Broa Bishop
It was a great run, thanks everyone for coming. Was fun

"OH MY GOD SHE'S NOT HEALING." << one of the best moments ever ;-;
Jun 28 2012
torch15 Level 184 Windia Mercedes 4
Who ended up getting the Empress card? I envy whoever nabbed that.
Jun 28 2012
Who ended up getting the Empress card? I envy whoever nabbed that.[/quote]
SuchAPerv did, Firts complete card set in broa, Legitly that is.
Jun 28 2012
Too bad the run was full of hackers.......... UGH! >______>
Jun 28 2012

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