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Bromance by oneself Screen

By sakura3love

sakura3love Level 128 Chaos Angelic Buster 4
Apr 27 2011 They're Unrequiented and RetsuNomura (Both these chars belong to the same dood LOL), started in Jan earlier this year, his chars have changed heaps since then :'D
>Rejected the first time, cauuuuseee' I didn't add the avvies. Mrbasil, why'd you let some other people slip through those cracks then ? Hurrrrrrrr.

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bdah Level 220 Scania Hayato 4
Me likey Looks great
Apr 27 2011
MmmPotato Level 174 Bera Marksman
For a second there, I only saw the bottom-lip-lines and they had rose mustaches!
May 06 2011

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