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Brushurt33th "fighting in style&quo Screen


BBD Level 122 Zenith Buccaneer
Sep 23 2010 So I always wanted to do this (draw my character) but never found any motivation to.
When I played my Mage his hair was too confusing and he had all one color.
But since I started playing my pirate and make him "fight in style", I love this character!

So something I drew on (with a touchpad). The background got it from my SS's from my xfire page and put all the ones that mean something to me (memories) in the background since I got my "fight in style" look.

Thanks to the Art Forum and spying there I got some motivation

This isn't something I do normally, this is my first time drawing a person/character.
Also first time doing digital drawing (makes life easy on computer than paper).
[i]I really mean it look at my last drawing about MPQ...[/i]
Last time I drawing seriously was back in year 2000.

I guess if many people like it I will draw more...

Also this is my Level 100 tribute for my Pirate

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O_o arent you from basil?

OT: this is cool, lol, he got a "DATASS" face[/quote]

Most people on Basil actually are from Basil.

Just saying.
Sep 23 2010
unkownstar09 Level 120 Bera Blade Recruit
Most people on Basil actually are from Basil.

Just saying.[/quote]

Look at bottom right of screen shot.
Sep 23 2010
nice i like it
and late gratz on lv90+
Sep 26 2010

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