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Buccaneer Keyboard Layouts

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powerbomb Level 148 Arcania I/L Arch Mage
So I got a new laptop recently and the keyboard makes it so that the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys can't be repeatedly used if the keys are pressed down which jacks up my keyboard layout. I've decided to try and change things up, so I'm looking for some ideas on how other buccs set-up their hotkeys.

So... put 'em up?
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


powerbomb Level 148 Arcania I/L Arch Mage
@wall: I think I'll try that out, it feels pretty comfortable. If anyone else has any suggestions or layouts, post 'em.
Dec 31 2015
solate Level 215 Windia Xenon 4
@wall I do the opposite.
octo punch D
Blast on F
Dragon strike on S
Rush on A
Other skills like hyper, ship, etc on QWER
buffs on numbers
Dec 31 2015
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
I have screenshots of my hotkeys on Basilmarket, but they use Control and Alt(Octopunch and Jump respectively). If you can I'd recommend getting a USB Keyboard for MapleStory; I use that and it circumvents the limitations on holding down certain keys, which is really helpful when playing on a laptop. Otherwise, you could probably cut one or two keys that I use for skills with little purpose in a practical sense(Such as Dragon Strike) and shift Jump and Octopunch over to them.

Another problem with laptops is that some of the keys Maple allows as hotkeys seem spread out; Insert, Home, End, etc, all seem to be pretty... awkward to use on a laptop. Hence my recommendation of a secondary keyboard whilst playing; otherwise it really seems to be a hassle just to fit skills for most classes, let alone Buccaneers, on the keyboard in a manner that allows proper flow(At least for me).
Jan 08 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
@helpingly Considering MapleStory only allows you to map movement controls to the arrow keys, I really can't handle a setup that doesn't use the six suggested hotkeys above the arrow keys in order to minimize what my left hands needs to do while playing; I also find it makes organizing my hotkeys unrelated to skills rather awkward, although I suppose someone who doesn't have a lot of requirements there(Mainly not using those options or using the mouse to select certain windows manually) could get by.

But that's probably because years of keeping a similar layout for pretty much all my classes had made me pretty accustomed to this sort of keyboard. Granted, there are exceptions(For example my Teleport for Mage based classes is always "A" ), but it's all about keeping things as familiar as possible for me, which allows me to easily use any character without having to re-remember my layout. Having any layout like the two posted above would drive me mad... hence suggesting the alternative, but whatever works for whoever's playing is always the ideal.
Jan 09 2016

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