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ogbootysweat Level 81 Reboot Kanna 3
Howdy friends, I have been playing a few classes on the reboot server and buccaneer has been one of the classes I have enjoyed playing the most. I was just wonder how their training is in the late game maps, it seems okay in DIPQ but I dont think that is an accurate representation of how actual training maps are, and how would they be in meso farming. Also, how are they in party play, and would it be possible to cap or hit 30m lines in the reboot server see as there are no bonus potential lines.
Thanks for the help!
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helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
I don't play in reboot, so I don't know what the best meso-farming maps are, so I have no clue to whether buccs would be good in those maps.

As for late-game training, since most of the maps are flat anyway, Buccaneer Blast becomes an insanely good skill to fight with, as it has a pretty long range and can hit many mobs. (For smaller maps/parts Dragon Strike can prove pretty effective too).

Final part of your inquiry, whether or not you can hit 30m lines, depends entirely on what skill you want to cap on. If you're talking about Dragon-Strike, such a feat is relatively easy. However, if you're talking about something like Octopunch, I'd say it's pretty much impossible.
Jan 11 2016

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