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Buccaneer > shade in future patch

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believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
^^ video of 9min cvell solo by buccaneer
Here is a summary of the future skill changes to buccaneers:

Octopunch: hits 10 lines when enraged. +1 from hyper skill = 11 lines when enraged

Nautilus strike: while on cooldown, this skill gives buccs TWO EXTRA LINES on all their attacks.
This means a *13-line octopunch*, and 14-line dragon strike

Mental clarity: changed to passive skill
Willow dodge: changed to passive skill

  • ** this means buccs will only have 4 active buffs(MW, SI, booster, vipercision)

Conclusion: buccs get 13 line octopunch. Compare that with shade's 9-line spirit claw, plus their slow attack speed? Theres no competition. Shades will be blown out of the water. Good job to all the buccs who stayed loyal to the class. Now it's finally paying off after 6 long years.
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cutemoomoo Level 200 Windia Blade Master
u linked the wrong video.. guess u meant to link this:
(new kms patch hasn't come to gms yet)

^ video in 2014, gms bera

although shade's split did get nerfed, the player wasn't fully capping in the video.

many people admit shade is pretty broken, however they aren't known for their attack speed, rather, shade is one of the few dps classes in maplestory with best mobility (fj, forward teleport, backstep) and utility (split, bind, revive, ward: notice how easy it is to solo cvellum deathless on a shade, and how casually they ignore those stunning rocks when ward is up), with the ability to turn a tense battle condition (e.g. cvellum) into a nearly ideal condition to max out their dps, which makes up for their lack of lines. Besides, Shade's attack speed isn't slow.

and their only active buff is MW.

the biggest problem for buccs imo is that octopunch is too short-ranged. It's like half to 2/3 of Spirit Claw's range
Feb 28 2016
believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
that 9:10 solo of cvellum was before the shade nerf. Back then shade had soul splitter at 30sec duration, 180sec CD. now it's 20sec duration, 210sec CD. This is a huge cut to shade's damage.

Shade actually has 3 active buffs, two of them must be casted manually(decent SI, decent SE). Buccs, on the other hand, if they cap with enough damage, can allot SI and booster to pet auto buff, and go their whole lives without ever buffing.
Feb 28 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
+1 @believemenot The fact that you account for decent Speed Infusion and decent Sharp Eyes as 'must have' buffs is absolutely astounding, considering your utter inability to look at anything but raw numbers and factor in things like mobility, funding, utility, etc.

As long as we're getting specific here, Buccaneers have at least 5 active buffs(You forgot Decent Sharp Eyes; how typical you'd forget a limitation a Buccaneer has, once again), still have worse mobility, still have problems with Typhoon Crush/Dice/Pirate's Revenge, Shade still has superior mobility and utility(In a party situation, that Soul Splitter is a huge damage increase for most party members) and Buccaneers are still far more prone to bosses with death counts, which will reset their Hypers and Charge, thus hampering their damage severely.

So once more, your anecdotal evidence, as someone else would say, is absolutely incorrect; all you've done is provide a singular, isolated example and tried to argue that 'better damage=better class'. For someone who has a Bishop, your lack of considering for anything but pure damage is absolutely mind-boggling, considering how many classes bring utility to the table that vastly increases the damage of other party members(Such as Soul Splitter), which cannot be replaced in many cases(Unlike Speed Infusion).
Feb 28 2016
dabronxenigma Level 232 Khaini Mechanic 4
Shade's fox fire activates four times along side spirit claw so i wouldn't say bucc is better hands down, just yet.
Feb 28 2016
mryumyum Level 142 Scania Paladin
You do know shade gets their enhanced spirit bond max in the same patch bucc gets this buff. 3 more lines every 3 seconds and soul tent every 30 seconds. Spirit claw is faster than octopunch at normal 6, so shade can match bucc's speed at 1 less speed than bucc. And pretty sure nautilus two lines only apply to skick, corkscrew,spiral, and octopunch. I do want bucc to be stronger than shade in the damage department since their utility sucks, but nexon doesn't know how to balance.
Feb 28 2016
believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
**THIRTEEN LINE OCTOPUNCH** That many lines will completely trump shades 9-line atk. Just look at the wall of numbers that bucc does in the video. There is literally no competition. In terms of DPS, bucc's octopunch(with all of its skill enhancements) is a faster skill than spirit claw.
Feb 28 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
+1 @believemenot Once more, you REALLY don't seem to understand the basics of how REALISTIC DAMAGE OUTPUT works. You really need to grasp that concept, because until then all your 'proof' appears good, but really... when Buccaneers are far more likely to die and far more prone to not capping as effectively(Much less dealing more damage with the same funding), it's an issue.

Not only that, but lines do not directly transfer to damage unless you're capping. I really think you need to grasp that kind of BASIC logic; you sound like the kind of person who goes "The fastest hitting class is the strongest!", whilst ignoring everything else that makes up MapleStory. Sure, you can beat a punching bag boss quicker, but for REAL bossing, damage isn't the sole component, and Buccaneers are severely lacking in tools which allow them to consistent deal their ideal damage in comparison to many other classes.
Feb 28 2016
believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
@tricks122. Yes it is true. Higher number of hits = higher damage. Look at the DPS chart. Every class that has ever been at the top of the charts in maple history hit high number of lines. Even in 06/07 when CORSAIR was the #1 DPM, it was due to their rapid fire. Right now top DPM is kaiser(ryude), wildhunter, shadower(midnight carnival), bowmaster - all classes with high hist per minute.

And as for "real bossing situations", good control can be acquired through practice and playing the class. If Shade didnt have their revive nor spirit ward, they would still be able to kill at the same efficiency, given the player has better control. Look at heros: they have none of the survivability mechanics shades do, yet they still manage to kill all bosses in fast time.

Cannoneer hits 15 lines but they have a much higher delay on their attack, so they can't be compared to bucc vs shade, who both have their main bossing atk at the same delay. Also, Yes it is true: cannoneers when they cap are stronger than shade and bucc. Look at the video I posted. The cannoneeer there solos cvell in like 5 minutes. Again: higher hits per minute = higher overall damage output.
Feb 28 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
+1 @believemenot See, this is where you're pretty much unable to grasp basic logic. Corsairs never actually topped the PRACTICAL damage output because they were difficult to control and play in comparison to Night Lords, and Rapid Fire actually did inferior damage in comparison to using their ship(Their ship wasn't maxed first because it was unreliable and Rapid Fire was more consistent). You really just don't get it; those classes are not only top damage because of their hits, but because of their utility and ability to live.

Good control only goes so far when your kit is bad. No, if Shade didn't have those skills they would NOT kill as efficiently because they could not take as many risks or avoid circumstances that they deemed unfavorable. You're acting like perfect control makes you immune to dying; it doesn't. Heroes have severe limitations and yes, they can kill bosses, but you're acting as if Hero is an ideal class because of it; Heroes have a FAR harder time than other classes and, on average, will take longer than classes with superior tools at their disposal.

I don't need a flawed video concept to prove basic deduction to me. You're so ignorant of basic mechanics that I just don't understand how you even manage to make these claims; they're so basic and show a huge detachment from any sense of logic involving the game. Lines matter, and so does utility; Heroes are not a good class because, even if it's POSSIBLE they can do all bosses, it is FAR more unlikely that their run is smooth(And many mechanics can instant kill even GOOD players, otherwise you need to hamper your damage to ensure you don't die, which reduces it heavily).

You might want to learn how the game works before you make brash claims that defy not only fact, but common sense.
Feb 28 2016
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