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Buccaneer vs Chaos Vellum Video

By xaznninja

xaznninja Level 223 Scania Buccaneer
Dec 02 2015 With the Reboot update just around the corner I figured this would be my last chance to keep some records of my previous state. Next up on the list is Chaos Vellum. Definitely not the best run due to the 1 death, however I was lagging a bit due to Fraps and I managed to clear in a decent amount of time anyways.

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xaznninja Level 223 Scania Buccaneer
@nokiebex I feel like the buffs we obtained were evened out by the nerfs we also obtained. Typhoon Crush activating individually per line instead of only needing to activate once was a pretty big hit to our damage at high PDR bosses like Chaos Vellum. However, the Hyper Stat PDR helped bridge the gap a bit and I'm almost at the ideal amount of PDR needed for high PDR bosses. The attack range increase on Octopunch definitely helped a lot and I can take more risks compared to before. That being said...even though Spiral Assault gained the ability to cancel animations, I never want to use it. Rather, I try my best not to use it or I risk getting myself killed; Spiral Assault going on cooldown is a huge detriment when its our most reliable way to maneuver around while fighting Chaos Vellum. Overall I did get faster at killing Chaos Vellum but not by much. Expect to see a huge increase in damage though when our next balance update gets released in the next month or 2.
Mar 03 2016

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