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Buccaneers are not at Full Power

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kingt2 Level 210 Khaini Shade 4
I wouldn't have noticed this if my friend hadn't told me about it, but it appears that when charged our skill damage is noticeably lower than when we aren't in charge. What this means is that we can't reach our full damage because being in charge first of all means we da BOSS, and secondly that our skills are supposedly increased when we are charged. For example on orange mushrooms, I will hit 6.1m max damage on crit, unbuffed and uncharged, but when charged, NOT USING STIMULATING CONVERSATION, my max crit damage will be 6.0m. It cant be our hypers btw, since the +1hit isn't affected meaning our hypers are working fine.

[url=]The difference I mentioned [/url]
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RubberDonkey Level 68 Scania Assassin
Nope...I hit like 200ks each hit with charge on with Bucc Blast, and only two thirds that much without it.[/quote]

bucc blast is working fine. It's octopunch that's mess up.
Dec 14 2013
its true. i seen it
Dec 14 2013
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