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Buccs life is UNFAIR

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we suck at bossing

we suck at ksing/training

we suck at pvp (spam ds is boring and demo is even more slower)

we have the most expensive and rarest skillbook "Dragon Strike 20" (ds30, demo & st are expensive and rare too; merchants/scammers [are there any difference?] non stop abusing and overpricing our skillbooks)

we cant mine while super transformation... do nexon realice we are like 90% of the time using ST/T? Also we cant use Oak Barrel while st.. Oak barrel is awesome at pvp

Nobody wants SI or TL these days

we are forced to use Overalls... we dont even have male and female overalls...

to finish Crocell hat gives 12 DEX!

For people saying "just quit if u dont like it" If i dont like it i wouldnt complain.

EDIT: i already passed DS20 so stop pming pls, also being poor or not have nothing to do here, richs or poors have same skills... if u feel super overpowered coz u do like 500k per hit with demo its ok but u would hit much better with an average class like dk or sniper.

EDIT2: i dont use a crocell hat.. just feel bad for people that can't afford a better hat.

EDIT3: im not a bandwagon.. made this bucc before arans patch.
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the other day a guy on my alliance was selling DS20 for 150m so i told him to come to fm but when i went there another guy from my guild bought it for 170m... i was like "oh man i really needed it"... but my guild mate told me he needs it to so "ok", after 30 mins i went to fm looking for another DS20 and found my guild mate's mushy selling like 3 ds20 for 250m ea...
Aug 01 2011
lilallan Level 141 Broa Evan 9th Growth
just keep on hoping for a update buffing pirates
in the mean time try something different
Aug 01 2011
Nexon has apparently confirmed a pirate jump patch.
I'm sure you'll get your balance.
Aug 01 2011
redclaw202 Level 148 Scania Battle Mage 4
And I'm working on a bucc... I think you unmotivated me...
Aug 01 2011
lilallan Level 141 Broa Evan 9th Growth
Quit trollin[/quote]
follow the update buffing thingy pattern or the new class thingy one
our most recently one was bams,wh, and mechs the next one is cannon shooter>bowman(mercedes)>demonslayer(mage)>warrior>PIRATE or somthing like this
but u never know 100%
Aug 01 2011
Dude, if you don't got the funds don't make a bucc. I'm fine 250m ds 20 books. When you have 25k range clean as a bucc, bossing and training is extremely fun. I can hit from 150-250k demo's when fully buffed, and 250-450k ds's. Funding is a major factor.
Aug 01 2011
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