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Buddy list and guild erased?

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Forensics Level 186 Scania Bow Master
Logged on today to find my buddy list completely at zero, and guild disappeared. Anyone else have this happen? Hoping it's just a glitch...
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CheapMerchant Level 44 Windia Angelic Buster 2
It's a glitch. Happened to me and multiple others too.
Mar 20 2015
duckymucky Level 227 Scania Blade Master
Omg me too. Good thing I'm not the only one. T_T
Mar 20 2015
NecroBlox Level 114 Bera Bishop
You were dreaming about the guild and friends.
They never existed, my friend.
Mar 20 2015
streetfights Level 210 Bera Hero streetfights Guild
WAS about to recruit new members to guild but guild tab is broken. I am guildless lol good timing.
Mar 20 2015
Tarqi Level 196 Bera Dark Knight
Same for me, can't access storage, buddy list empty and guild not showing up
Mar 20 2015
CruciA Level 212 Bera Night Walker 4
Happening to me as well.
Mar 20 2015
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