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Bunny Screen

By idrinkoj

idrinkoj Level 127 Windia Phantom 4
Jun 06 2015 drawing of me by @QinusAxia
it's so pretty

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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
so naice
Jun 06 2015
HalloweenTown Level 157 Scania Beginner
What an adorable drawing! Celebrate with grilled seabass, squash risotto and a sticky toffee pudding![/quote]

If i wasnt dealing with being kicked out of my rental because its being sold, 2 jobs, losing my fiance, and a pile of other crap going on in my life, Id totally draw you with alot of food you got my vote on drawing you. Remind me to in a few months when this all blows over.
Jun 10 2015
HalloweenTown Level 157 Scania Beginner
@FriedClams: thanks, ill probably just go eat something and hope for the best.
Jun 10 2015

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