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Bye Bye Empress Gear

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iJoonyah Level 180 Broa Zero Transcendent
LOL They actually gave away the hacker's names.
Feb 14 2012
Azora Level 186 KradiaEMS Shadower
@teresa Yes and I'm really happy about this. Silly hackers who made benefit from exploiting Empress on a daily basis.

The news just made my day!

To anyone who decided buy the equips and spent tons, tons of money cubing them,
You knew the risk and you took it. You have no reason to be mad that the justice got served. Be happy Nexon didn't decide to permanent ban those who possesed the items.
Feb 14 2012
canerias Level 26 Broa
Finally, good job.

Plus now that the 32k weapons are also removed from the game, it is more likely that hackers wont be getting that gear that easily again.
Feb 14 2012
Sold all my gear to NPC . Time to move on , have fun guys
Feb 14 2012
Therefore, even if you are not caught using it from a GM in-game, **your time within the Maple World will end at once**

Holy crap! I can just imagine the European GM flying around with angelic wings and a scythe and outright murdering the people who took adavntage of that stuff!
Feb 14 2012
Good for all you noobs thinking they are pro wearing hacked items.

Look at all my non-empress gear, and q.q a bit.

Edit :

Items that have been deleted from the game:
- Raven Horn Armor
- Dragon Tail Armor
- Falcon Wing Armor

What about the.. err pirate empress armour?

Something like Tooth Skipper armour, is that still in the game ?
Feb 14 2012
MeFromEMS Level 172 KradiaEMS Evan 10th Growth
If they Remove Nexon Cubes i restart and many ppl tooooo :'(
Feb 14 2012
Juustis Level 200 KradiaEMS F/P Arch Mage
Me Gusta
Feb 14 2012
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