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CWKPQ glitch? nexon'd.

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Sheckamaru Level 163 Bera Corsair
Last night, i CWKPQ'd twice.
First one failed, 2nd one was a sucess.
24 hours has passed and i still cant go in.
My friends, that pqed w/ me, (that didnt make it to bonus) can go in, however im glitched, apparently.
When i try to click in, it'd give me the "You can only go twice a day message."
Nexon'd again? ....
Posted: November 2010 Permalink


Try again tomorrow.
Nov 06 2010
Sammi Level 212 Scania Evan 10th Growth
Awww. So many PQ's getting glitched. -cough APQ cough-
Anyone know if APQ is unglitched yet?
Nov 06 2010

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