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CWKPQ or maplestory generally D.C?

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i only dc from cwkpq and stuff when my internet connection spontaneously fails

other than that, no dcs
Jan 29 2011
Yeahh I dc quite a bit in cwkpq. idk, maybe it's cooincedence.
Jan 29 2011
What exactly is cwkpq? I'm a noob.
Jan 29 2011
crimson wood keep pq, bosses drop Mark Of Narcian or some dog, it's a pendant that gives +5 all stats and 10 att.
Jan 29 2011
iamfull Level 137 Broa Phantom 4
During my last CWK PQ, a lot of people DCed during the PQ. I think its just that the PQ is glitchy right now. Hopefully Nexon finds the bug and fixes it.
Jan 29 2011
I have a lot of random d/cs, but even though I lagged horribly in my last cwkpq, I at least didn't d/c there.
Jan 29 2011
ItsHenri Level 183 Windia Night Lord
i run on vista and this helps me each time, dunno about you but you can try.

-just before entering, relog with graphics maxed
-when in the pq, when u get to the bat/fire stage. put graphics down one
-when ENTERING the boss stage, but down one again
-AFTER the bosses sare summoned, put graphics down one again.

this solved it for me. gl ><
Jan 29 2011
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