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Cal 2 brahs, how df do you solve these questions?

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I have a rough idea on how to solve the second one, but I don't know if my method is correct. I used the shell method with the value (y+3) for the radius, dunno if this is correct. Help pls
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xerun45 Level 206 Windia Night Lord
Probably have enough time to do the first,

Take the derivative of y=x^4+1/32x^2, you get dy/dx=4x^3-(1/16x^3)

L(arc length)= integral (ds), ds=sqrt(1+dy/dx)^2
I then plugged in, integrated from 1 to 2, and my answer was 290.785, I'll be around later, let me know if you see anything wrong with it.
Dec 07 2017

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