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Can't move from Khiani to Broa

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kibs Level 175 Reboot Phantom 4
The World Leap event rules stated that when moving to a new world you had to move to the main world in an alliance. I wanted to move my mage from Khaini to Broa, but talking to the npc he didn't give me Broa as an option.

Is this broken or did Nexon just fail to mention you cannot move within alliances?

Also, it's giving me Scania as an option, when they had said you cannot move to scania.
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kibs Level 175 Reboot Phantom 4
Years ago Khaini was my main world, but in recent years I've been in Broa. I just want my old main to be with all my other chars.
Nov 13 2015
I honestly think Broa will die after this event. I've been in Broa since 2007 and the population just keeps decreasing
Nov 13 2015
samygxz85 Level 198 Yellonde Evan 10th Growth
yea, cant move, i hate that, i find it unfair. i play in yellonde since forever, and had a char in scania i might transfer for the link skill, but now i cant unless i wanna transfer it to bello where i have nothing and it really wouldnt be any useful there.
Nov 13 2015
parebear Level 30 Bera F/P Wizard
I am from Khaini, I want to move but not sure where to go.... Also Broa and Khaini are connected.... sooo yeah you are technically in Khaini...there is prob no way to get them all under the same world though.
Nov 13 2015
recording247 Level 230 Khaini Wild Hunter 4 Lift Guild
02 is broa id just replace 00 when you select scania and itll work
Nov 13 2015

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