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Cant Run MapleStory Under Virtual Machine

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Hi everyone =)
After the last maintenance check I tried running MapleStory and a window opened up that said that MapleStory can't run under a virtual machine. The window's title was "Themida". No idea what that is ..
I'm running MapleStory using VMWare Fusion on my Mac on my Windows XP virtual machine. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Is anyone running MapleStory successfully under a Windows 7 virtual machine? Thanks a lot.
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I'm using WinXp on a PC, Strange it does'nt work for me
Jul 08 2011
I'm using WinXp on a PC, Strange it does'nt work for me [/quote]
What exactly doesn't work? Maple in general? Manually patch Hack shield. Or were you referring to VM software?
Jul 08 2011
I'm really confused as to why Parallels v5 would work and not VMWare. Virtualization is virtualization.
Jul 08 2011
Just wanted to confirm that Maplestory **does** run on Bootcamp, since this seems to have been a big question for most people.
Jul 08 2011
What exactly doesn't work? Maple in general? Manually patch Hack shield. Or were you referring to VM software?[/quote]

Maple. I'm getting the exact same error as the TS. Themida, Virtual machine blah blah...
Jul 08 2011
so im guessing this is the end for MS players on virtual machines?
Jul 08 2011
The following registry edit works for VMware Workstation on PC. Not tested on Mac but it should work as well.
Turn on your VM and start up windows. Open regedit and find the following
HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Class/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000 DriverDesc
Change the DriverDesc's value to anything.

As with all registry edits, make backup/export, not responsible if you mess up, etc.
Jul 08 2011
christien Level 171 Broa Mercedes 4

Maplestory will work on Parallels v5 (not sure about any other version)
I just got it to work by first reinstalling the Parallels and then Maplestory

If you previously used any VMware program, you have to choose to NOT transfer infomation from the VMware into your Parallel
That step is crucial because the second time I reinstalled, it worked perfectly and I did not transfer VMware infomation
Although not transferring will cause you to redownload any application or program you previously had on VM, its worth the mapling

The game is actually horribly laggy, idk if its a Parallels problem or the game just lags 10x more now
Jul 08 2011
sorry guys this is permanent at least until nexon fixes it (wich i don't think they will bcuz they dnt rlly give it a F**K) so u have to start windows when turning on ur mac to play T,T
Jul 08 2011
This is what has been bugging me. First, Bootcamp's description is actually booting another operating system, not Virtualizing it. If this is true, it should work. However, in theory, it should still be virtual. This being said, if Bootcamp works, I don't get why Mac users seek to use VMWare. Also, if Bootcamp does work, then I need to find what people say does not exist: A way to simultaneously dual boot two windows operating systems at the same time on a PC.[/quote]

Well, my brother has Bootcamp on his mac, and its just like if you had 2 hard drive, 1 with Windows, other with Mac.
People don't use Bootcamp because you can get virus on Windows and on Mac you can't (and if you can they are minimal and you wouldn't notice) so they don't risk to get them and us virtual machines.
I think now everyone with virtual machines will have to use Bootcamp and if they don't want to get virus downloading MapleStory or even using internet then they can just download MapleStory on Mac and on the Bootcamp they choose on My PC the Mac HardDrive and run installer. (This work because I did it on my brother's mac (: )
Jul 08 2011
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