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Cant access Beauty Salons save slots or Storage

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PiratePete Level 193 Windia Thunder Breaker 4
Has the beauty salon happened to anyone else?
I know the storage is an issue right now.
Posted: March 2015 Permalink


SayNo2Physics Level 221 Kradia Evan 10th Growth
Not just the storage, my bl, guild, everything is glitched
Mar 20 2015
ixkwonjiyong Level 221 Bera Blade Master
omg i can't believe this. i transfered all my items to my dual blade to train real quick and now i cant access storage...welp there goes 2x event.
maybe if we all complain about this we'll get another 2x event
Mar 20 2015
roflcopter79 Level 191 Scania Shadower
Is anyone able to play star planet games? I can't click the "Request Game" button.
Mar 20 2015
hangwithhung Level 190 Windia Demon Avenger 4 See what games, anime & art hangwithhung is intohangwithhung
BL, guild, and storage were glitched like crazy... at first I was thinking it was maybe a hacker or something but I noticed all my mesos were there. but yeah it seems to be happening to everyone; nexon somehow screwed something up. I honestly don't even understand how this happens...
Mar 20 2015
SkyLullabies Level 211 Mardia Dark Knight
The first time I logged in, I fixed my BL and guild problems by changing channel. But when I relogged to try and fix my salon, my BL and guild remained glitched despite my numerous channel changes. -single tear-
Mar 20 2015

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