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Cant remove stuff from MTS.

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NotSchitzo Level 170 Kradia Shadower
I've been Merching MTS since MTS came out basically, and now for the past couple of days I can't take stuff out of MTS on any of my characters, it says "Due to an unknown error, the request for MTS has failed."

Is this happening to anyone else?
Posted: September 2011 Permalink


Edatron Level 220 Kradia Kaiser 4
Let me check.

Edit: It's glitched at the moment. It kicks you out as soon as you clear the error message. Gotta wait 'till the next SC i guess.
Sep 19 2011
NotSchitzo Level 170 Kradia Shadower
MTS glitch..
you're ffed
you'l never be able to take out your stuffs again... (if you leave out the s it says you say f(ignore)ag.. lol basil censoring si sucha fail)
happend to my old main.. (which is why i stopped playing it)[/quote]

Well I just spent 461k nx buying GFA 100%s... and it's not just 1 account, it's all 13 of my accounts...
Sep 19 2011

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