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Chaos Hilla Screen

By kiue

kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
Dec 20 2013 Dam... It was so hard until I remembered that hilla can be glitched. We glitched it in the first 10secs of the fight so we were finally able to kill it with that little time left... We are weak as hell but we still killed it. ~ Worst and boring-est 30min boss fight ever but still got a free kill =D

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kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
+5 how do you glitch her?
i wanna solo her too[/quote]

To glitch her you need to have a job that can rush. DB's are great. I dont know when to rush but when you rush at certain times, you can completely freeze her. I use to do this on my weak characters to actually have a chance to kill her. Thx to my bro's ice/L, he just randomly used it and she was frozen And i didnt notice it until he pointed it out... I cant believe i completely forgot hilla can be glitched.

but dont spread this info too much or Nexon might know this and fix it. trhen there goes the chance to ever kill her again

BTW: Once you glitch her, dont ever knock her back again. If she gets knocked back again, she will go back to her fighting state. That is why during the battle i made my bro take off the Rushing skill so she wont unglitch.

Hope this helps noobs that cant kill hillia cuz she is so hard...
Dec 21 2013
xkillo32 Level 166 Windia Blade Master
@kiue: o thanks
Dec 21 2013
Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
Wow thanks, I remember going in to try fighting her and in the first 2 seconds she put me in a cage so I just quit LOL.
Dec 21 2013
kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
@kiue whats your range?[/quote]

I dont remember my range when I did it
Jul 06 2014
Business Level 137 Broa Cannoneer 4
I dont remember my range when I did it [/quote]

ohh wow i didnt realize it was a upload from '13 lol
Jul 06 2014

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