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Chaos queen hat

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SUREs Level 88 Scania F/P Mage
I made a thread a while back asking a few questions, and i'd like to answer some of my previous questions to inform you all!

'It says can be used to be a part of any set, so what's the full definition of this?

my first question is, can it be used in two different sets?
Secondly, do you get to choose which set you want this item to belong to?
And if you get to choose, can you unequip the hat and then choose another set? or once you pick let's say... RA set, is it forever a "RA" set effect item?


update! The chaos queen hat is PSOKable after use, it cannot be used in two or more sets, and it does not get stuck to one set, you are able to change it but you do not get to choose. it's a bit confusing, but more importantly, the set effect does NOT stay on one set once worn

update #2, the set effect taken seems to take the higher leveled ones. I equipped my empress set(lvl140) first, then the hat with no other items interfering with the set effect. The hat of course took the set effect of raven horn. Then i tried to wear my alien earring(lvl 180). Automatically, it changed from empress to alien. So i was wondering why it switched all of a sudden. Maybe earring has a higher priority in set effect. But then i took off the earrings, and it immediately switched back to empress. Then i decided to try on the japanese armor(lvl150) just to test. It then moved from empress to the japanese set. Then i wore the alien earring and again it switched to alien set. So i'm going to assume that the set effect takes the highest level possible of item set.
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RoyalMS Level 206 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art RoyalMS is intoRoyalMS
Could it be that it switches to the most recent equipped set piece? Try equipping empress after one of the other sets.
Jan 17 2014
xProHeal Level 215 Khaini Bishop See what games, anime & art xProHeal is intoJulian
There was a post some time ago asking a similar question and I think the is answer is what you put in your edits. The hats will only apply to the highest set possible and only count towards 1 set at a time.

@Kyo1135 Yes there are, the chaos root abyss hats. Not my SS. but here.

Edit: Also, I think there is a joker ring in KMS that can count towards any set.
Jan 17 2014
SUREs Level 88 Scania F/P Mage
That is intresting, why did I buy the RA Set [/quote]

Well if you were possibly doing RA set and 3 pieces of alien set, the hat wouldn't represent RA set any longer. But the RA hat stays within RA and the alien set stays with alien set. I have yet to test out 140 vs 140 set effects. As a side note, are there any other 140 sets that can be equipped by the same class? EX: empress x another? I know there is japanese X RA but i don't have RA items.
Jan 17 2014

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