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Chaos scrolls can go die Screen

By AirshipSlice

AirshipSlice Level 193 Mardia Phantom 4
Jan 20 2013 I used 3 60% chaos scrolls. The first missed, the second took the +30mp, and the third took the +30hp. Made me sad...

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I was about to say did they even have attack? From the desc they dont seem like they did, so i'm asking you...why chaos?
Jan 21 2013
SeeMeTwice Level 200 Scania Blade Master
+6 I've had chaos scrolls give attack to an equip that didn't have attack, so I was trying. I know it's almost impossible rare to get, but worth a try.[/quote]

No, it **is** impossible to get. You cannot gain a stat that you didn't previously have with chaos scrolls of any kind.
You are a liar. You never got attack on an equip that didn't have attack.
Jan 21 2013

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