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Chaos zakum defeated in broa! Screen

By fp0718

fp0718 Level 155 Broa Mercedes 4
Aug 02 2010 Saw this while i was walking around training my DB to 36 for GFA quest :O never knew Broa could do it!

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I'm really interested in "All Skill Levels +2"...
Aug 02 2010
fp0718 Level 155 Broa Mercedes 4
hehehe i know it was a bit late but we were like the 4h server to take it down next ro bera windia ans scania i need that darn helm >
Aug 02 2010
hyperfreak Level 93 Windia Chief Bandit
^yup yup yup^
Aug 02 2010
fp0718 Level 155 Broa Mercedes 4
i know windiq did chaos ht but BROA got to PINK BEAN in 22 min alhough the BF Polices leader uploaded it you can see it they took out near 1/10 of pbs hp hehehe many died
Aug 02 2010
My theories on the skill bonus:

All Skill levels: +%d +2

Could mean that all skills that are calculated with a % get 2% more added; this could apply to skills and/or potential skills or both; also could be only for potential stats.

Hope someone clarifies that soon.
Aug 03 2010

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