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Chaos zakum pwnt -.- Screen

By willenium3001

May 07 2011 I went on a run with a looter and he dc'd 1/4 left on 3rd.. I was wearing one but i thought hey why not just finish.. =_=

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LOL its almost dead! go revive and finish him once it for all xD

Grats btw
May 07 2011
Did you scream like you did in your vid Will? LMAO gg though[/quote]

oh man I WISH I could scream like that hahah.. instead I just did F7 irl heh
May 08 2011
Did you just do this on purpose to post on Basil?
May 08 2011
Who was that though? That was amazing, on par with Mr. Rocknroll. Still though...that sucks All that time and effort wasted[/quote]

Youtube this : Onyxia Wipe Animation (that's the original, I put it up at the start of the vid) its alright I just wheeled and finished it off and the helms sat there lmao

Did you just do this on purpose to post on Basil?[/quote]

No it actually happened.. I didn't spend over an hour in chaos zak and plan to have it at like no visible hp on last body and then just pray to get pot lock so I could make it look like I died accidentally and make this ss lol. It was a fml moment for me no joke. If I were to plan something out like this I would've probably made a video like my HT one to be honest heh.
May 08 2011

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