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Char039s IGN is a bunch of numbers

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808nine Level 66 Kradia Demon Slayer 3
First day back on an account since 2011, My mains ign is just a bunch of numbers. whats that about?
Posted: April 2018 Permalink


sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
+1 In October of 2015, they wiped in-game names from low-activity accounts. The cutoff was January 1st, 2013. Characters below level 200 on accounts with no activity before that date had their names freed.

Part of me agrees with their decision, because **so** many great names were owned by people who never left Maple Island 10+ years ago. I'd fully support a name wipe of super low-level accounts with low activity. But I feel like the cutoff date was way too recent.

Why not use 2010 as the marker, or even 2008? And level 200 is pretty extreme too, especially for those who played the game when it was harder. Whatever.

Now if you go to the player rankings, you'll see a ton of level 1 mules hogging names. And people sell IGNs now, lol. That all said, there are admittedly lots of names that are now being "used well." It makes me happy to search a name, and to see a lv200+ character pop up.

As for your name being a series of numbers? That really is awful. I can only hope that Nexon provided free name changes for the affected accounts as compensation. But if we're realistic, I don't know if I'd be surprised to hear that you had to buy a ~name change coupon~ from the cash shop or something like that. Even though they took your name away in the first place, lol. I'm actually curious what the case is. Let us know!
Apr 10 2018
saitama Level 170 Bera Luminous 4 See what games, anime & art saitama is intoSaitama
Logging into maple in 2018 lul
Apr 14 2018

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