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Charm guild pic :d (in chaos) Screen

By ImGod chaoscharmguild

Jul 04 2011 We were gettin ready for the pic and I took this and it's totally better than any other pic taken on this day.
One love guildies!

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a00323 Level 212 Bera Mercedes 4
The guy who said "smexiness" ruined the photo :[
Jul 04 2011
The guy who said "smexiness" ruined the photo :[[/quote]

totally agreed
Jul 04 2011
The girl doing f6 in the middle made everything better.
Jul 05 2011
the f6ing girl = guild leader
this pic was taken when everyone was caught off guard, because we were getting ready for the guild pic, and personally I think all things great, are spontaneous.
I guess I should have put that in the description to clarify.
Jul 05 2011
Pyronymous? Haha it's SnGaming.
Jul 08 2011
charles0012 Level 193 Windia Cannoneer 4
I.. am Swordologist..
I was 13
I am sorry
Dec 02 2015

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