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Chu Chu disaster

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Since a few days i can do my Chu Chu island daily, and its no fun.The place is over crowded, i cant find a single empty channel to do my dailys , and whats worse. Really nobody wants to party, some folks dont even respnd when i ask that.
I always party if someone enters a map where i am traning and asks me that. And its weird because partying benefits both, you get both faster exp, and i only need 200 monsters , so when i have done my daily i thank the kind parson who was sweet enough to party and move on. Takes no more then 5 minutes.

update: but today was everything different. The monsters i needed for my dailies where on maps that where available, and when an other player got on the map i was doing one off my dailies on he joined he when i offered a party, so..., there is still hope.
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