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Class deciding help? Left for a long while

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sidleyhatesyou Level 120 Broa Wild Hunter 4
Hey sorry to ask you guys what class doesnt require tons of funding to do decent amounts of dmg and can actually level at a decent speed?

I already have a 160 demon whatever/jett/wild hunter 120 etc

MY gear used to be worth like a couple billion but I highly doubt it now

I heard a shadower are low fund friendly and can do good dmg but I dont really know

Side note, is this game even worth playing now? I have been away for long time
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


sidleyhatesyou Level 120 Broa Wild Hunter 4
@wall: lol all im mostly worried about is whats op and what doesnt cost tons of mesos to play

Also is the game dead ish yet or is it still fine
Dec 31 2015
zaresto Level 158 Windia Kaiser 4
@liquidjade: I found early Xenon leveling pretty nice, actually. Most of his moves cover a decent vertical and horizontal area so it isn't hard to hit multiple platforms of monsters in one attack.
Jan 01 2016
uwotm9 Level 121 Bera Beginner BIackbean Guild
if you have a problem deciding a class
go to main website and look for the list of all classes
then go to youtube and watch 1-2 mins video of every class
pick out the class you like
and play it
Jan 01 2016
slashnstab Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
Play like what you
Who knows, if the game is worth playing or not find out yourself.
Jan 01 2016

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