Sad Mask
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Clearing mist Screen

By got2smilee

got2smilee Level 208 Windia Aran 4 Memories Guild See what games, anime & art got2smilee is intogot2smilee
Apr 18 2015 Hey guys! It's been over a year since I uploaded anything. x_X
It's finally getting warm where I live so I wanted to paint someplace warm and cozy in maple, and Herb Town it was!
Anyway, enjoy

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nindow Level 179 Scania Dark Knight
I really love you style, especially the way you made the background!
Apr 21 2015
aznstyles Level 210 Mardia Dark Knight
Looks great esp the background but something bout the face makes your character look like a girl, im not sure if that was what you were going for
Apr 24 2015

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