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Coffee vs. Tea

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lukiie Level 202 Yellonde Buccaneer See what games, anime & art lukiie is intolukiie
What do you guys prefer? How do you like your coffee / what kind of tea's do you like?

My preference has evolved in recent years... I've gone from large double-double (2 cream / 2 sugars) to a small black - and more recently, just a small cold black (no cream no sugar) iced coffee... If I'm feeling sick though, I prefer a nice cup of mint tea *o*

I often get my coffee from Tim Hortons - then again, I don't really have a gauge on 'good' coffee. I can only tell if a cup of coffee is really terrible - otherwise, coffee's just coffee from branch to branch...
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lllllllllllllil Level 224 Scania F/P Arch Mage
Ice cap from Tim Hortons with a caramel shot or Caramel frap from starbucks... thats it.
Oct 22 2015
+1 green tea when its cold, iced when its hot
Oct 22 2015
sezbeth Level 177 Galicia Demon Avenger 4
Tea doesn't cost me an arm and a leg for mediocre quality at Starbucks.
Oct 22 2015
carlyxox Level 245 Windia Blade Master
coffee at starbucks tastes like ass so i always get a chai tea latte from starbucks or frappuccinos and get my coffee from mcdonalds or tim hortons
Oct 22 2015
xlikenoother Level 227 Bera Shadower
+1 Always make my own milk tea at home. Get one of those authentic bags from Taiwan that makes 3 litres and I just store it in the fridge.
Oct 22 2015
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