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d0ublel0ser Level 207 Bera Bishop
Hey you! YEAH YOU! Looking for a dream guild? One filled with the most super nice, awesome-sauce people you'll ever meet? One where you set your alarm just to get on Maple in time to play with your guildies?? Well search no more! Like, legit, STOP...cause BattleCry is the guild for you!

What is BattleCry?
We are a guild dedicated to helping our members have fun while Mapling. We don't have a bajillion members on at any given time, we don't have a truckload of Lv.250's, and we definitely can't kill Lucid with two hands tied beneath our keyboards... but -A HUGE BUTT- we love to joke around with each other, we celebrate with one another, and we have experiences together- we have FUN. BattleCry may not be the biggest, most "pro", or most renowned guild, but we are a family. I'd also like to mention that in BattleCry, you are accepted for your personality rather than your pixels. Simply put, if you're the most funded, decked-out player in the Maple World but also a total jerk, you won't be receiving our guild invitation anytime soon. Here, we like you for who YOU are, and we don't judge you based on your avatar!

--NO LEVEL REQUIREMENT! Yep, you read right. Part of our goal is to help our members level up, so higher leveled players are especially encouraged to help out the lower levels. Everyone is welcomed-- from Maple veterans, to players just starting out.
--No fishy business (ie. hacking, scamming, initiating kill steals, or threatening other players).Be respectful AND respectable. Although there is no age requirement, most of our members are 21+, so a level of maturity is expected.
--Be as active as you can. We all have priorities outside of the game, and there definitely will be times when people need to be inactive for a while; however, what's the point of joining a gaming community where there is NO community? Please try to be on as much as you can.
--TALK TO US! I can't stress this point enough. We'd all like to get to know you as a person, but it'd be difficult to do so if you never utter a word. BattleCry is a judge-free zone and we value everyone's opinion, so don't hesitate to join in a convo--whether in-game or on our Discord server. We won't bite, I swear! ;D

Guild Activities:
We like to do things together which include, but are not limited to, a variety of party quests, group training sessions, and bosses (we have everything down but Lucid at the moment).

To apply to join BattleCry, please reply to the thread or private message the following information (lurkers will not be added, sorry!):
  • Name/nickname
  • IGN
  • Level and character's job
  • Previous guilds (if any)

Once everything's set, we will contact you in the game and add you to the guild. There will then be a 2-week trial period in which both you and the members can see if we're the right fit for you. Note that the majority of us play in North America (primarily PST) throughout the day.

Hope to hear from you all soon! Til then, peace and happy Mapling!
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repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
+1 @helpingly: Hey Steven! Glad to see you're still around.

OT: I know this thread is from a few days ago, but if you're still open to applications I would love to join. I'm beginning to play Maple more often and at the moment it's been pretty lonely with most of my buddy list and guild inactive. I'm keen on meeting the people who have transferred here from other worlds.

Name: Josh
IGN: Silversworn
Character: Level 221 Hayato
Previous Guilds: Adamance, Celebrity and Mission (may they all rest in peace).
Sep 22 2017
xlabyrinth Level 204 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
+1 Name: Josh
IGN: Fidelius
Character: Level 211 Demon Slayer
Previous guilds: Choco, Sushiology, Tantalus (Khaini). Transferred to Bera.
Sep 24 2017
toobadsosad Level 50 Broa Luminous 2
+1 Name: Eugene
IGN: Tsumeh
Character: 185 Shadower
Previous Guilds: Just xfered
Sep 24 2017
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