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Coming back to Maple after 4 years, starting fresh

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justinjin Level 33 Bera Luminous 2
Hey guys, i decided to come back to maple to try it out and see whats new. I tried the reboot server, not a fan. Unfortunately, my old account info was forgotten so i felt it was perfect to start fresh, on a new server, as well as a job i never tried. I heard good things about Lumnious'. What end game gear should i save up for, anything new about the server i should know about other then reboot, what low level gears should i search for to help make my character stronger as he gets to end game gear. I tried looking for the common stuff from back in the day like specs, PAC's, SCG/WG's, Zakum Helms, owl masks, and so on but no results come in through the owl. If anyone could help me get back into things thatll be great! Looking for fellow friends on bera aswell, IGN: Misology. Thanks!
Posted: June 2017 Permalink


You know you're too old when you mention PACs, WGs and Zakum Helms.

Don't worry about end-game stuff until level 140+. Just level and aim to get gear for each subsequent series of levels (20, 30, 40, etc.). That should be easy since monsters of all kinds of levels will drop gear respective to those levels. Leveling nowadays is a breeze.

This guide is relevant. You can also ask specific questions in that subreddit.
Jun 05 2017
123abt Level 210 Windia Bishop Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art 123abt is into123abt
It's going to be a journey since you mentioned the old school godlies which are now all collectibles. Just play the game because there is so much info you need to catch up on. Telling you now wouldn't be much help because you still got a long way to go. Welcome back!
Jun 07 2017

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