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Hey guys!

So after about a year of intense studying and trying to make sure I have a future, i'm proud to say I have a future But regardless, over this summer I wanna play MS again. So I'll be unfunded and I was wondering of a good server and class to play that really doesn't take much mesos to do well? Merchanting in this game is actually pretty hard of all the other games I've played so it'd be nice if you guys could recommend a class that can shine really well without many mesos. As for server, I'm not looking for a super large one, but one that has a nice close tight knit community, also it'd be great if you guys would be willing to just add me on your BL and chat with me once in a while

Class? Why?
Server? Why?
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Thebastkid Level 166 Khaini Blade Master
I say Zero and Xenon are both pretty strong without funding. My Xenon is also a pretty good defense with a % boss buff and natural PDR. As for Zero I'm not so sure, but I continuously hear they are strong and fun, yet I don't have a personal experience.
As for a server I think your current server is not bad, but Broa and Bera are not bad options either.
May 10 2014
AdvancedSoda Level 134 Broa Mechanic 1
Agreed, xenon is one of the best non funded. And funded to look up grimorel on youtube and look at his xenon bossing vids, he's so godly oh mai gawsh!
Any ways.... Beam dance is such a fun skill.... Love it to death, fell in love with xenon when it first was announced, been playing it since gms got it
May 10 2014
Oh the character that I have and the world, that's just a random one that I found because I really liked that name haha. But yea, but is Xenon open to character creation?
May 10 2014
ColdMemories Level 162 Bera Phantom 4
paladin. you dont need much funds in the beggining, but when you do merch and fund yourself its one of the best classes out there
May 10 2014
zxsder10 Level 210 Bera Hero
You should come to Bera Its amazing
May 10 2014
13bukedDP Level 84 Scania Hermit
Come to Scania unless you want to play MS by yourself
May 10 2014
Bera? I'll think about it! And i'm not sure about Scania, I've heard many bad things about crashes, exploits, terrible economy from hackers? ... obviously if things have changed I dont know about it.

@ColdMemories from what I know, aren't paladins kind of a non-mobile class that spams one skill? I'm not too sure about that.
May 10 2014
ColdMemories Level 162 Bera Phantom 4
@uanaka: almost every job has flash jump now, thats mobile enough unlike you want fast paced jobs like archers or thieves. warriors are great classes and every class basically spam a skill.
May 10 2014
@ColdMemories Well in that case, that makes them all seem more balanced. But after doing some research, I heard that xenon's have been nerfed pretty badly? Are they still good enough to make up from that nerf? Also, what are some classes that have very good mobbing potential? From what I can remember Hero's can only hit like at most 5 mobs?
May 11 2014
ColdMemories Level 162 Bera Phantom 4
@uanaka: paladins are the best explorer warriors if you want to boss and mob. xenons are great if you want to fund it up to 35b. id say as a newbie you should go with paladin. str isnt too expensive atm, and since theif is way too expensive warrior should be great for beginners. unless you would like to make a mage or an archer.. tell me what job type you like and il give you possibilities
May 12 2014
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