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Commerci bosses drop cubes?

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Undexme Level 246 Windia Night Lord Boundless Guild
Do commerci bosses drop cubes directly now? I've heard both yes and no from people. If they do, which bosses is it?

EDIT: Can confirm that they drop from solo routes. Got one just now from the giant octopus boss.
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Irmabby Level 209 Scania Night Lord
I picked up a meister cube from party voyages today.
Mar 13 2015
Undexme Level 246 Windia Night Lord Boundless Guild
All bosses used to drop master cubes and now drop them much more often. From what I've heard commerci has a high chance atm[/quote]

Which route/boss?
Mar 13 2015
RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
Yup, got one at herb town solo trade today, definitely think the drop rate is higher now
Mar 13 2015
xxmiguexx Level 212 Bera Corsair
I have gotten one meister cube today and and two master craftman cube yesterday, i do 3 run to lith harbor daily.
Mar 13 2015
brendanxd Level 218 Zenith Blade Master
i got two today one from the red squid and one from the blue dragon
Mar 13 2015
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