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Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

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smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
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BlazeSGMN Level 129 Bera Shadower
For the "Expesive Auto Buy Scam",I find it better if you spam click,as usual,but press "esc" to get rid of the "The store is full" window.This way,if you do get in (btw you'll have to pay attention and not accidentally leave the store by pressing "esc" you won't end up losing 20mil for a level 40 wand.
Nov 15 2009
Leech scam are so crazy now... lv 160s are scamming everyone, not to mention how easy it is to scam
Nov 15 2009
This guide is awesome it will definately help me in the future!
Nov 15 2009
Name of Scam:Gimme your account and i'll give you yours!
Introon't trade your accounts.
The Situation:Some high leveled people come and trade you (they target people that have godly equips) and say
High Level Person:"Hey, you want to trade accounts?"
You seeing that his level is very high, says
You:"Okay, whats your ID?"
HLPassword is (random)
Youassword is (12345678)
HLPin is (1234)
Youin is (1234)
You immediately logout and login to the high leveled person. When you get to the character selection page, you find that you got a hacked account/low leveled character. You got hacked.
How to prevent thison't trust people you don't know.
Nov 19 2009
Awww I Got Hacked On The "you can trust me scam" but he didnt to the trade thingy it was like u drop 5 godly items and better the drops better the items he gives and thier was like 2 other guys who did the same one of the other guys droped 5 genesis cards and got a scg and the other dropped 5 a scarab 2 cillibes and 1 illbies and 1 steelies he got a so he said a 10 atk wg i did the same thing and i got a green dana so i was thinking it was legit so the 2nd time i dropped a kuma,a 12 atk bwg,jugen wristband,and 2 illbies and he tooked them all and i lost everything T~T
Nov 21 2009
Leech Scam
High levels selling leech
A high levels spams S> LEECH 7 MPHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and you approach him. You ask him, and he says sure! I'll leech you. So you both go to a leeching area then you pay the leecher at least half. Then they d/c.
Try to find a reliable, trusted leecher before you attempt a leech.

The Henesys Hair Place Scam
Similar to the Kerning Hospital Scam
Someone spams DGING IN HENESYS HAIR PLACEEEEEEEE and you approach. Bored, you attempt to DG with him/her. They tell you to stand on top of the stairs, and they sit at the
Nov 23 2009
i love this guide
Nov 25 2009
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