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Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

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smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
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[url=]Common Scams and How to Prevent Them[/url]
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that was a pretty good guide
Sep 02 2010
How about this one

You want to buy zhelm but dont want to go on a run. Someone offers to sell their zhelm for 50mil buy he tells you to gift karma since he does not have nx. After proceeding with gifting the karma, you find out the person has d/c or ran off.
Jan 15 2011
OK, heres a scam that I was victim to. IDK if its already been posted but here it is:

So this guy said "selling 12 weapon att pac 800mil." I thought, oh cheap! I traded him and he said "im laggin real bad, meet me c@@ fm@." He set up a store and I clicked on it and saw a 12 weapon att pac. I almost clicked it when he immediately shut the store down and said "oops." Right after, some random guy came in the fm area and said "ill buy the 12 att pac 1bill." The pac seller set up his store with a pac at 800mil. I saw it was 800mil and bought it real fast hoping that he wouldnt sell it to the random guy at 1bil. Right after, the seller said "have a nice day" and left. I looked at my pac and realized I had bought a 12 weapon DEF pac.

I know, similar to what was already said, but at the same time, a little different. I let my fingers move faster than my brain. You may wonder, if you have 800mil, shouldnt you be able to detect scams. My answer is yes, but I had been dying for a godly pac for a long time, and didnt want to lose my possibly only chance.
Feb 14 2011
I've been scammed 1x. xD. This guy ExtendedWing(Winida---Master Scammer of Khania) offered to teached me how to qlagg and scam. I accepted. He taught me and i had alot of trust cause it actually worked when i was testing with a victim. Then, he offered a dg to pracitce it more. i accept again. He said i need more presure and insited me of dropping my BlueWG(7ATK) and Clean Maple Claw (lv35). I did as told and he woudnt giv it back. After a while i tracked him down with the "/find charname" thing and i found him wooot....! I defamed him and he said he was gonna giv it back, but i defamed him so he refused, I got anotehr person to fame him and he ditched me again. After i can see him in the RAnkings, but not on winida every again... ALSO I'M HAPPY CAUSE I SCROLLED A WG TO 10 ON MY OWN THE 2nd TIME I TRYIED TO ATTEPT THIS~~~~!
Jul 08 2011
I provoked some idiots to drop their stuff by F3 and dropping pro equips at a safe place
They dropped it and i used tele+ up button
Does this mean i'm a scammer?
Dec 18 2011
Some ppl fake like a gm, they ask u for nx pride or nx gift, or evrn threaten delet ur acc
Feb 09 2012
I got BWG in drop game from a scammer who FAILED horribly
Jun 05 2012
sjcoolz Level 209 Khaini Kaiser 4
Dec 28 2015
kyleheii007 Level 250 Windia Night Lord
bundled items in fm shops. always double check and read full item description
Jan 12 2016
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