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Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

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smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
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[url=]Common Scams and How to Prevent Them[/url]
Posted: April 2009 Permalink


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smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
Are the guilds posted in SW tht sells Zakum Helmets are all legit?..(off topic) How much is a Zrun in Demethos?[/quote]

Usually. But if the seller's thread doesn't have any posts, or has unanswered negative posts, their legitimacy can be questioned.
Jul 26 2009
ive read the whole thing and now this will help me be a better maple story person thingy.
Jul 26 2009
**** This is a very good guide to avoid scams!
Nice Work!
Jul 28 2009
Your not all right. I like defame? So now im a scammer now?
Jul 29 2009
lol **you've been had.**XD
Aug 04 2009
I wish I knew about the too good to be true stuff, so much money lost :'(
Aug 04 2009
wow thanks a lot
i just realise dthat i've been scammed like three times
tyvm i won't make the same mistakes =D
Aug 04 2009
Aha, I read the whole thing~
This was pretty interesting.
Aug 04 2009
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