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Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

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smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
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[url=]Common Scams and How to Prevent Them[/url]
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Name: Item swap scam.

Intro:Someone appears to be giving you a GREAT deal.

The Situation: Someone trades you and asks you if you want to buy a 20 dex sauna, and its only 30 mill! You put up the money, but he asks you to retrade becasue hew wants 29,999,999 to avoid some tax. You retrade him and he puts up another purple glowing sauna. This time the sauna has 40 HP and some extra defence. You just bought a crappy sauna for 30 mill.

How to Prevent This: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS double check the item you are buying.
Aug 06 2009
Zachman456 Level 91 Elnido I/L Mage
Sounds like a guide for a scammer....

anybody with 2 thumbs and a moniter could read this and go and scam people
Aug 06 2009
hay i see this stuff all the time. and keep seeing it from the same people. but they never got banned. what the heck. great guide. i didnt know about some of these. thanks. peace. gregg
Aug 07 2009
That really helps
Aug 07 2009
- Not that i dont like the guide , its awesome!-
" The "Im Making A Viedo" Scam"
Simply , another drop scam...
Ur hanging out with friends in henesys when suddenly u get
a trade from some guy.
- opens trade
You: Hello
Scammer: Hi im making a video and i pay ppl 5mil to whoever helps me.
You: Oh yah! I wanna be on the internet. What is this vid about?
Scammer: Well u drop stuff and i turn the camera on. I record the items
You: okay ill follow u
So he leads u to Mayas house and tells u to stand next to the chest while hes at the bottom right , next to portal.
He says : Drop some items then pick them up
You: okay!
He says: Ill brb
He logs of ms. He comes back and says his camera is on.
He tells u to: Drop 5 ITEMS. No noob ones tho
So, you drop 5 items and stand there.
OMG. u find all of ur items floating to him! WTF?
You had dropped Red Heart Earrings, Ceciallias Earrnigs , Red Misty , And Brown Leather Ocean Hat! ( i need the hat to have a good range ) ( i dropped something else to, cant remember tho )
So u chase him out of the house when he logs off. Then you realize, u've been had.
To Prevent This -
Make sure this guy isnt a lvl 17 swordman with no clothes on..
And dont even follow him. I made a big mistake and i was really upset. This happened only yesterday
Aug 12 2009
sadly i got the half and half NX scam so i lost about 9m so a week later luckily a friend actually gifted me so now i trust her and she gave me for free Great friend!
Aug 14 2009
LOL The "I'm your friend from the past" scam... Someone tried that on my cousin today.

How it went down :

Scammer: Long time no see!
Cousin: Who are you?
Scammer: You don't remember me? We were like best friends a long time ago
Cousin: Okay, that's nice.
Scammer: Wanna do BPQ?
Cousin: Okay.
*Enters Monster Battle! Area*
Scammer: Hey, I'll play your character for you, I know how to be a bandit.
Me (Next to my cousin, noticing this is absolute scam) : That's nice that you know how to be a bandit. k I gotta go.
And So, I log off : Pathetic Scammers nowadays trying to get accounts.

The main reason why this was so pathetic was that the scammer said she was "hacked" a while ago and she said she "forgot her character's name" -_-

I was hacked three years ago, and I still remember every single character on that account. I made 3 since it was back* in the days.
Aug 14 2009
The " Buying Zhelm For Nx Scam"
This is a heartbreaking scam. Its sinful and very mean.
The Situation:
You(in the FM): B> ZHELM FOR NX@@@@
- you get a trade from this guy -
Scammer: Hi i have a zhelm but i need to get it karmad. How bout 3k nx for the zhelm and 3k nx for the karma.
You: Sure
Scammer: kk cc7
- go to cc7. u buy the item he put up in the MTS and u give him 6k nx for karma and zhelm , he goes to cash shop to get the karmas-
- you keep tracking him for about 3 minutes. Hes STILL in the cash shop-
You: oh mayb hes using the restroom or mayb hes looking for the scissors f3
- you are tracking him and hes still in the cs -
Suddenly u realize. U've been had
This sadly happened to me yesterday. And im younger than most ppl on MS so i was rlly upset. I lost 6 $ that my mom had to work for. (((
Aug 14 2009
very nice ima be on the look out

but you know that while
your telling people how to avoid scams
your teaching others to scam too
just saying im no scammer thats bad >:[
Aug 15 2009
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