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Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

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smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
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[url=]Common Scams and How to Prevent Them[/url]
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I got scammed out of a chaos scroll. 100m lesson right there. haha like the one about trust being overrated. so true..
Sep 03 2009
yomama1458 Level 149 Demethos Hero
nice guide...
ty for u
Sep 05 2009
Dont forget CuteButCheeeks scam.

He gets you to drop your items the fly hacks to it or vac hacks it before you can reloot.

Not a fan of scammers but he was a pretty funny guy though =P

Come back to windia CuteButCheeek if you ever read this D:<
Sep 05 2009
ive fallen for a trust scam.... thx for the guide (too late)
Sep 07 2009
boredom Level 167 Scania Dark Knight
guilds that do zrun, you usually pay the guild leader
Sep 08 2009
huevix Level 202 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Great guide!, i didnt knew about NX Store scam
Sep 08 2009
The Trade Win Scam

Intro: You don't want to grind and you can't afford leech, so you decide to cpq and try to find a party that will allow trade wins.You spam "JTW @@@@" and finally, someone invites you to a party.

The Situation: You divided the teams, and you're ready to trade wins. They decide they should win first, and to not start an argument, you agree with them. You get inside the pq and let them win. After you come out, you tell them it's your turn to win. They agree, and you get inside the pq again. Things are going well, your team is still winning by 50cp and there's only two minutes left, so you think you're going to win. Suddenly, they start to summon and buff monsters. In the end, your team loses and the scammers change channel. You've been had.

How to Prevent This: You can always look at the fame, or try to agree with them that you win first. o-O
Sep 12 2009
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