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Completed collection Screen

By GlitterPumas

GlitterPumas Level 150 Khaini Hayato 4
Mar 26 2013 I am finally done with my warrior's collection! After getting hacked in January and losing a couple of my items, I thought I had quit for good but I ended up coming back to finish my collection. Everything is not anviled, clean, and average without potential. I am still looking for a new bosshunter grieve without a socket but I am not too worry about that. Before anyone starts pointing out items I don't have.. I have a second character that holds onto my untradable items as well as many other characters with random stuff on them like the bosshunter gi items. The last item I need for my warrior collection is the stone shield which a friend of mine has who is willing to save it for me until I get the money so I am not pressured to make money any time soon. This collection for the most part consists of every item I could have ever wanted in Maplestory. And now it is time to casually collect

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mathias385 Level 73 KradiaEMS Phantom 3
Wow! Amazing Nice job.
Mar 26 2013
EasyEasyEasy Level 200 Khaini Night Lord
are some of those my former items
Mar 27 2013
Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
Japanese map?[/quote]
Not even rare.....
And guys, he said he has other chars, and this is just his warrior items/favorite items
Mar 27 2013

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