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Compose! Screen

By jlt2624

jlt2624 Level 208 Scania I/L Arch Mage Compose Guild
Jan 03 2015 This is my late Christmas present for my beloved guild, drawn by the AMAZING @juni THIS IS BEAUTIFUL CUTE AND GORGEOUS TY

The members of Compose in this pic (starting from the bottom, clockwise) are BlueViolette (that's me xD), Unmoored (our lovely dcbunny leader Dave , @Foro ), QualityDoses (the always calm and chill Marc), ChronosZeroL (big fat troll/meanie Logan LOL), Whiplash9 (the nicest, most generous Sam), KamiSpirits (silly kpop loving David), KAlSOO (my awesome, sweetheart twinny Cary @fuwase ), fabbys (our fave G.I.R.L. and nx lover Kevin xD @potatolism), ArrowOfSolar (the very NICE, sweet John), xDustWalkerx - up in the tree (the mysterious, absent Xeo haha), SquatUp (the funny crazy clown/troll Eli) and AnimaJellal -the one lying down (our #1 troll/food guy/DDOS lovin Richard @ghostnappa )

Here's to another great year together! Let's make more amazing memories and have a lot more laughs!

All my love, Jen

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swords58 Level 221 Scania Night Lord
+1 hey ware am me
Jan 03 2015
zomgitbeandy Level 214 Scania Angelic Buster 4
+6 every guy looks the same

and it almost looks like @amersan's art...unless I'm confusing them with someone else[/quote]

What the hell dude LOL I can recognize juni's art a mile away amersan's is a completely different style.
Jan 03 2015
juni Level 210 Windia Corsair Memories Guild
+1 thanks for crediting! but aw i forgot i should have converted it to JPG for you so it'd be less blurry...sorry
[url=]slightly higher res[/url]
Jan 03 2015
iKanji Level 175 Windia Wild Hunter 4
Juni is god. I praise Juni. Juni is love, Juni is life.
Jan 04 2015
OldAura Level 200 Scania Battle Mage 4
It's like looking at the hene hoes outside the FM
Jan 04 2015

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